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Donald Trump must stop Calexist immediately

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California in particular is worst state in America. The millions of Mexicans who invaded California throughout the years are now calling for “Calexit”

After illegally invading that state, they now call for it to secede so they can later unite it with Mexico. These people must think the Americans are stupid. This is the definition of classical conquering.

Mexico getting its hands on Silicon Valley and Hollywood for free? IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

According to Wikipedia, there are only 38% whites living in California as of 2015 after decades of ongoing invasion. Due to the that the state is permanently locked as a blue Democrat state. Republicans can sit on their tongues and eat their own eyeballs and that state will never go red in the current condition it is. The same thing is also happening in New York, Florida and now even Texas. The Democrats were trying to permanently block the Republicans from ever be elected again. Donald Trump must pay them back with the same coin by doing exactly what the Democrats did to the Republicans for years. He should increase the potential Republican voting base by bringing millions of Christian nationalist immigrants from West and East Europe. Not only he would strengthen the Republican voting bloc for years to come but he would save those people who are having a hard time living in hell-hole countries like Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Sweden, Norway, etc. Europe is no longer Europe. Europe is a hellhole. Besides, Donald Trump promised to bring Europeans to America. These days, it is extremely hard and even impossible for Europeans to immigrate to America. This would also give them a new life. He should of course only bring nationalists with proven histories and only people who can prove that they love America. No socialists and no liberals. California in particular should be stuffed with millions of European nationalists to change that 55 electoral state into Republican forever and make it impossible for Democrats to ever win another presidential election.

This makes the road for Republicans extremely difficult since California holds the larges number of electors, 55. Non-Hispanic whites decreased from about 76.3 – 78% of the state’s population in 1970 to 38.0% in 2015 making them a minority in their own country. Its not like they committed suicide, they are still there but the number of migrants surpassed them, making them a minority now.

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Do you see this image here? These “Californians” are the Soros army, most of them are Mexicans! Click on the image to enlarge it. LATimes photo

According to a census from 2010 when California had 37.2 million population in total (in 2015 it had 39.1 million) only 15.7 million are white and 2.6 million black. The rest is South American, mostly illegals. Most of those who are legal, are illegally legal. They’ve got their citizenship through Obama’s amnesties. These people will always vote Democrat, riot and demand free stuff. They need to be deported immediately or America will lose California forever which would be a shame! America must not allow Calexist. Imagine losing Hollywood and Silicon Valley! Besides this isn’t the European Union, this is a country! You can’t just immigrate to a foreign nation, then demand secession, then later demand unification with your country of origin. If that’s the case then lets send a few million to Canada then demand secession, then unite Canada with America to get a single large country. Nice way to conquer Canada right?

You think this is a joke? Have a look! The media is telling you however that “Americans are calling to secession”. No! These are South American invaders, mostly Mexicans! They need to get deported, all of them! Both LEGAL and ILLEGAL because most “legals” obtained their citizenship illegally.

So who is fomenting this? Go to minute 1:33

We know for a fact that most of these riots are planned and paid for by globalist billionaire George Soros. He too needs to be arrested along with his entire family and have his entire fortune seized and nationalized into the US federal budget. America could use his money, after all its dead broke! The bastard is already old, 83 years old to be exact and he may not live for much longer but still he should face justice for all the riots, calls to assassinations and violence he is provoking.

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