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Disgusting Celebrities Unleash Vulgar Attacks on Trump

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Ohh God the horror! Trump is so evil for talking dirty and being horny on some pu**y tape 12 years ago so let’s show the world how pure and divine we are by using the same language.

Liberals are such disgusting animals. No brains, no empathy, no logic, average 70 IQs, zero political knowledge but who cares? They are famous, they think they get a pass on whatever they do because of that.

They are truly the filth of the earth! Many Americans are struggling with their health plans, jobs, debt, foreclosures and everything but these privileged filthy human wastes are coming to lecture you, to tell you that you are a scumbag redneck for wanting change.

They are privileged wastes, remember that! They are not going through what you’re going, they are tweeting hate from their multi-million dollar mansions while you’re struggling to put food on the table.

They have ruined America. You think America’s $20 Trillion debt is a joke? Who is going to pay it? Will these celebrity wastes pay your debt when the economy implodes? What happens when America will reach Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation rates? You think Hillary will fix the economy? First of all she doesn’t want to fix anything and second she wouldn’t even know how to even if she wanted.

Open your eyes America, this is your last chance to stop your country from transforming into Brazil > Venezuela > Zimbabwe and finally North Korea. It would be a slow painful process but you have the power to put an end to it by voting for Trump today!

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