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Did Hillary Clinton actually win the Popular Vote?

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Many Democrats and the mainstream media are now pushing the idea that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote as if mattered. We remind everyone else that Donald Trump won the Electoral map in a landslide, with 306 electors. When confronted by this many Democrats reply “bbbbut Hillary won the popular vote!”.

Well did she? No not quite, there have been numerous cases of widespread voter fraud across the country and yes the elections were rigged just as recent leaked files revealed Soros planned to rig the elections. And he did… but the landslide was so big he couldn’t steal it entirely.

Besides millions of illegals who shouldn’t even be in the country were allowed by Obama himself to vote. Not only he allowed them to vote he promised to give them citizenship if they vote. In a normal country not only they would be banned from voting but if they did the votes would be void.

Democrats are also pushing the idea that Donald Trump won just because Hillary Clinton herself is flawed. Oh really!? According to a post-election study, Donald Trump would have beaten Barack Obama in 2012! This is not about your candidate being this and that, this is about Donald Trump himself being exactly what the people wanted.

Hillary only “won” the popular vote by 600k votes. Surely more than 600k illegally voted for her out of the dozens of millions of illegal aliens in the country. But again she didn’t “win” anything. Donald Trump won in a landslide and so did the entire Republican party both in the congress and in the senate.

They even accused Trump of “not accepting the results”…. ohh gee now look who is out there in the streets destroying public and private property and creating chaos? Guess who is refusing to accept the election results. Democrats! What a bunch of hypocrites!

So stop being sore losers and go home, stop protesting!

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  1. Abe says:

    Hillary rigged the vote. Trump won by a landslide!

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