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Dems now push for Democrat Party to reshape as Hardcore Communism

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Earlier this week, we saw the globalist Wolf Blitzer implying that the communist Bernie Sanders could have beat Trump.

Now Robert Reich, economist and former Secretary of Labor, writes for Huffington Post pushing for a new communist Democratic Party:

We need a people’s party – a party capable of organizing and mobilizing Americans in opposition to Donald Trump’s Republican party, which is about to take over all three branches of the U.S. government. We need a New Democratic Party that will fight against intolerance and widening inequality.

There had been hints of the political earthquake to come. Trump had won the Republican primaries, after all. More tellingly, Clinton had been challenged in the Democratic primaries by the unlikeliest of candidates – a 74-year-old Jewish senator from Vermont who described himself as a democratic socialist and who was not even a Democrat.

Nor do the major indicators show the linkages many Americans see between wealth and power, stagnant or declining real wages, soaring CEO pay, and the undermining of democracy by big money.

They stood by as corporations hammered trade unions, the backbone of the white working class – failing to reform labor laws to impose meaningful penalties on companies that violate them, or help workers form unions with simple up-or-down votes. Partly as a result, union membership sank from 22% of all workers when Bill Clinton was elected president to less than 12% today, and the working class lost bargaining leverage to get a share of the economy’s gains.

The power structure is shocked by the outcome of the 2016 election because it has cut itself off from the lives of most Americans. Perhaps it also doesn’t wish to understand, because that would mean acknowledging its role in enabling the presidency of Donald Trump.

Jonathan Tasini repeats the same sentiment for CNN:

We can now launch a difficult but urgent mission — shaking the Democratic Party down to its foundation, ejecting the failed Bill/Hillary Clinton economic and global worldview and standing up for a set of populist, sound economic and foreign policy principles that could earn majority support.

Bill Clinton’s broader economic agenda was even more corrosive. During Clinton’s so-called “good economy,” the decline of organized labor continued. The president, and his secretary of labor, Robert Reich, did very little to arrest the decline.

There is so much more: A planet dying because for years fossil fuel interests were coddled. Welfare reform. Mass incarceration of people of color, which had both racial and economic consequences. The praise of the Clinton years, and red-faced defense by its leader, was always couched in contrast to the Reagan and two Bush Administrations. Great.

Fast forward to the 2016 election. There is no doubt in my mind that Bernie Sanders would have defeated Trump. His authenticity would have pierced through Trump’s fraudulent appeal. His concise, point-by-point evisceration of a failed economic model and aggressive, blundering foreign policy was entirely understandable to voters.

As one of Sen. Sanders’ national surrogates, I went to dozens of his rallies. At each one, he took to the stage, a big sheaf of papers in his hands, and, treating people as adults not just backdrops for TV ads, he conducted a seminar on America and the globe. People are quite familiar with Sanders’ economic agenda, including higher taxes on the wealthy, expanding Social Security and a single-payer Medicare for All system. All of which were sound economically, not to mention morally urgent.

First, the Clinton machine must be rooted out of the party. A quarter of a century is enough time to understand that its ideology has failed the American people.

Second, the Democratic National Committee has to be turned inside out.

Third, we need to run targeted primary contests broadly and across the board to replace elected officials who don’t want to see a more open, vibrant and inclusive party.

You will find this same sentiment all throughout the media. Even Shawn King (writing for the Mort Zuckerman) is saying it. It is the new narrative: “we should have picked Bernie and gone with full-communism.”

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7 Responses to " Dems now push for Democrat Party to reshape as Hardcore Communism "

  1. whatifs says:

    communist HA and yet still better then a shedevil

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  2. rh2 says:

    Bernie Sanders is a pathetic joke who wouldn’t have done any better against the Patriot Donald Trump than the corrupt Saudi Stooge Hillary Clinton. Bernie should just pack up his cockeyed politics and disappear from public life permanently.

    Bye, Bye, Bernie, you had a nice run with no talent whatsoever, but the jig is up now. Time to retire, old boy!

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  3. Joe Worsham says:

    I see this as valid. We see the goof ball snow flakes and and anti-white racists raging in the streets now, and they are promising more and it will become violent. The entire MSM is pimping this crapola now. They are losing to the alt media and the left cucks are still funded by globalist trash like Soros are now looking for a new leader. The first a–hole who sounds like a Stalin will be their new god. It is coming, so prepare for the rivers of blood they are promising .

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  4. Flax Seed says:

    Bernie Sanders – The 40 Year Old Freeloader
    Never had a steady paycheck until he got one from Big Gov

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    • mark hauser says:

      Exactly. The guy is basically a glorified blogger.

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  5. SGTSTEDENKO2 says:

    Come to Miami and riot I NEED to dope my scope.

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    • Zenyatta says:

      I have to say it’s patriots like you who give me hope. Thank you for your service, your courage and most of all thank you for the sacrifices. Something the left is clueless about.

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