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David Duke wins Louisiana Senate Debate in Landslide despite BLM Riots

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The liberal media is going bat$hit crazy over David Duke participating in the Louisiana senate debate. BLM held a massive riot, attacked police officers and vandalized their cars in retaliation.

David Duke is a former Imperial grand dragon, wizard, sorcerer, magician cyclops of the knights of KKK and whatever you want to call him but what the bat$hit media is always conveniently forgetting to mention about him is that he is also a former Republican State Representative from 1989 to 1992 who reformed the party.

According to an online poll hosted by FOX 8, the channel which hosted the debate, David Duke won the debate in a landslide. 92% of the respondents voted for David Duke but could this poll be accurate? Certainly NOT! David Duke has a lot of national support among his wizard circles while no one heard of the other 5 candidates outside of Louisiana. So his supporters rushed in to vote, but does he have any real authentic support in Louisiana? Yes, he has at least 5% state-wide support since he participated in the debate because you need at least 5 points in Louisiana state polls in order to qualify for the debates.

David Duke is associated with the devil across America so people naturally avoid admitting to support him in public polls so it is only logical to assume that his actual numbers may be more than double. This is a phenomenon now known as “the shy voter”. Donald Trump suffers with the same phenomenon. When you see his polls out there. Those are only the known voters. There are many more voters who avoid publicly admitting that they support Donald Trump out of fear of repercussions from tolerant lefties.

If you have no idea who David Duke is, MSNBC of all TV stations out there did a quite fair description of him. He is a cutting edge politician whose ideas were stolen by establishment politicians, even top Democrats such as Bill Clinton, which then claimed as their own ideas. Chris Hayes described David Duke as “The Duke Effect”, admitting that his ideas and policies were stolen by other politicians, such as: repealing affirmative action programs, stricter public housing guidelines, eliminating minority set-asides, welfare.

Philip Bump who was the guest at “All In With Chris Hayes” said that Duke’s fight from 1991 over welfare which evolved into a centrist position for Bill Clinton.

Chris Hayes said “He’s leading the edge over of the kind of political discourse that takes the country in a certain direction, not single-handedly.”

The former KKK wizard/magician/dragon/knight/snake/sorcerer, alright let’s be fair to him… the former Representative was definitely the most dominant figure in the debate and he stood his ground after Ted Cruz slandered him saying that he scammed his supporters.

John Neely Kennedy who is a former Democrat and who looks like and even sounds like he’s Ted Cruz’s lost twin brother, accused David Duke of being a convicted felon who went to prison for: “lying to his supporters, he swindled them out of their money and took that money and used it for his gambling addiction”.

Duke wanted to respond and the moderator granted him 15 seconds which is definitely not enough for ANY of the candidates to rebuke an attack but, after just 12 seconds the moderator interrupted Duke and jumped in to help Ted Cruz! Sorry, John Neely Kennedy!

The moderator interrupted Duke and supported John Neely Cruz’s accusations. After that, a full scandal broke out during the debate. The moderator saw that he was not going to back down so he finally decided to let him answer. Duke waved some papers in the air and said that he was audited and he actually overpaid his taxes by $6000 and that he was targeted because of his extreme political views.

We measured his second response time which he earned after being interrupted in the first place and it was a 40 seconds answer. Definitely over the allocated 15 seconds but the moderator preferred to create a scandal worth of 1 minute and 22 seconds instead of letting him answer the first time. Definitely some bias there, BUT after this incident/fight/scandal, the moderator was very fair and unbiased.

His supporters think that the moderator was also biased because of asking Duke about Trump’s pus*y tape and why he condemn “The CNN Jews”. Well the question was definitely legitimate since David Duke does spend a lot of time focusing on “The Jews” which is the reason he never gained any serious traction. Not because that “The Jews” don’t have any power, on the contrary, they do own CNN actually, from top to bottom, but because the average American doesn’t know and doesn’t care about that. The average American cares about paying lower taxes, having a strong military and a strong border and David Duke should focus more on those things if he really cares about what white people want/need and if he wants to achieve more in his political career.

Aside for the 1 minute scandal there was also a funny moment during the debate, when they were talking about Social Security which is seen in the video below, at exactly minute 40 when Democrat candidate Foster Campbell is seen writing down something on some paper, not paying any attention to the debate. 10 seconds later, David Duke is seen waking him up. Foster is then seen looking around disoriented, clearly not paying any attention. The question had to be asked again.

There was also a Democrat woman candidate on stage which was virtually like a Hillary Clinton clone: “vote for me because I’m a woman not for the snake next to me, David Duke.” Just like Hillary Clinton she works for Goldman Sachs and is funded by them with lots of cash.

Aside from everything else David Duke was a spectacular watch and if people can be opened minded about him he would win in a landslide actually because he was the strongest Trump supporter on the scene!

Trump needs a team of people who strongly support him, such as Jeff Sessions, strong loyalist people. He will need his team in order to drain the swamp and clean the system, otherwise he will just run into barriers and be unable to deliver any of his promises. Duke always came out in Trump’s defense when other fled like flees. He even defended Trump with his pus*y tape. Not once has he refuted or denied Donald Trump. It appears that Duke would make a perfect Trump loyalist.

Donald Trump strongly disavowed David Duke but even being disavowed by the Republican leader, David pursued his own quest to win the senate and vehemently outlined his strong support for the nominee.

Trump has Jews in his family, his daughter Ivanka is Jewish, his son Erick is also Jewish by marriage and he has Jewish members in his staff allover such as Michael Cohen and he’s a strong supporter of Israel and a good friend of Netanyahu. Now Trump doesn’t have to agree with Duke’s beliefs about Jews and frankly it doesn’t matter. It’s not like David would have any power to do anything as a Senator. In the senate, the power is collective, through voting thus he’s powerless on his own with his own ideas. However if he’s such a strong Trump supporter, then whenever Trump will ask for some law to be passed through Congress and Senate, Duke will deliver by voting in its favor. This is exactly the kind of people Trump needs in order to drain the swamp, obedient loyalists. Otherwise Trump will not be able to destroy the corrupt Washington octopus. Besides David stressed during the debate that he is not against all Jews, he’s just against powerful billionaires who control the narrative such as the people working at CNN or major Hillary Clinton puppet master George Soros.

David Duke is definitely the best choice for Louisiana but if you still can’t vote for him because of his past, then hopefully John Fleming would win since he was also a good supporter of Donald Trump. According to this article, “toxic Trump” is only supported for real by David Duke and John Fleming:

Each is on record supporting Trump’s candidacy. But except for Fleming, Maness and Duke (who seem eager to embrace Trump), don’t ask them why. Because Trump is so toxic, these “leaders” must be grateful Louisiana is not a battleground state. They would surely hate to face a decision about whether to campaign with Trump if he showed up for rallies.

Rob Maness didn’t participate in the debate because he is irrelevant, he’s below 5 percent and would thus be a waste of votes. It’s only between Fleming and Duke now. You wouldn’t want to vote for another scumbag RINO who thinks Trump is “toxic” and who would “hate to campaign with Trump”, now would you? Louisiana is a true red state, the choice is clear! Show the middle finger to establishment and vote for the candidate you thought supports Trump the most. Whatever you do don’t vote for a Democrat, or that “leading” Charles Boustany. He’s an Arab from Lebanon!!! And despite being married, he had been the client of 3 prostitutes who were later murdered. The choice is clear, its either David Duke or John Fleming!

BLM (Black Lives Matter) thugs who are at least JUST AS BAD AS the KKK, or even worse for killing cops and holding violent rallies allover the country, held a violent protest outside the Dillard University where the debate took place, to oppose David Duke’s right to run as a Senator. The thugs attacked cops and police cars resulting in at least 6 arrests. David Duke needed a police escort in order to exist the building safely.

So here’s the debate:

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