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CNN biased journalist calls for media to "destroy Trump" then receives award

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CNN’s Christiane Amanpour received the Burton Benjamin Memorial Award from her liberal colleagues for her work in the cause of press freedom at the International Press Freedom Awards. Your job as a journalist would normally be to neutrally present all candidates of all political colors but since you call for Trump destruction and already take sides then you are a perfect target and quite honestly Trump it too nice of a nice guy. You’re lucky I’m not Trump cause I would nationalize the entire media and throw all of you in jail with life imprisonment terms for brainwashing the population. Those evil bastards who are directors and owners, those who took bribes from Hillary, as exposed by Wikileaks I would even order their execution. You liberal journalists are giving yourselves way too much importance.

What happened to media neutrality Christiane Amanpour??? Well in case you wanna get involved into politics in such a way then perhaps Trump and those like him would be right to throw you in jail and have the key thrown away.

Amanpour is a committed leftist. During her acceptance speech Amanpour compared Donald Trump to the Iranian Ayatollahs and Turkish hardliner President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Amanpour railed against Republican president-elect Donald Trump and called on liberal media to defeat him.


A recent poll found only 6% of Americans trust the far left media. Amanpour is not helping the cause.

In her prepared remarks Christiane Amanpour issued a call to arms against Trump.
The Daily Wire reported, via Free Republic:

Amanpour began with alarmism, framing Trump as a dictator-in-progress:

“I never thought in a million years that I would be standing up here after all the times I participated in this ceremony, appealing really, for the freedom and the safety of American journalists at home… Those bits from Donald Trump that were in that video basically show us and remind us of the peril that we face…

As you’ve seen tonight, that is how it goes with authoritarians around the world, like Sisi, like Erdogan, like Putin, like the Ayatollahs, like Duterte in the Philippines, and all of those people…. First, the media is accused of inciting, then sympathizing, then associating, and then suddenly they find themselves accused of being full-fledged terrorists and subversives, and then they end up in handcuffs, in cages, in kangaroo courts, in prisons, and then who knows what?”

The news media, said Amanpour, must be vigilant and unified in defending its pretense of integrity while opposing Trump. A “safe and free press,” she inadvertently implied, was predicated on ideological uniformity among its reporters, journalists, and pundits:

“Don’t stand for being called or labeled ‘lying’ or ‘crooked’ or ‘failing.’ We have to stand up together, because divided we will fall.”

She also lamented the rise of digital platforms facilitating the free transmission of information in the absence of journalistic curation and filtering:

“We have to accept that we have had our lunch handed to us by the very same social media that we have so slavishly been devoted to. The winning candidate did a very savvy end run around us and used it to go straight to the people. Combined with the most incredible development ever, which is the tsunami of fake news, AKA lies.”

Amanpour fretted over the diminishing power of left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media in controlling the dissemination of information and over shaping public opinion:

“So I feel that right now we face an existential crisis. A real threat to the very relevance and usefulness of our profession. Now, more than ever, I genuinely believe that we need to recommit to real reporting across a real nation and a real world in which journalism and democracy are in mortal peril.

Never equate victim and aggressor. Never create a false moral or factual equivalence. Because then, if you do, particularly in situations like that, you are party and accomplice to the most unspeakable crimes and consequences.

So I believe in being truthful, not neutral. And I believe we must stop banalizing the truth. We have to be prepared to fight, especially hard, right now, for the truth, because this is a world where the Oxford English dictionary just last week announced its word for 2016, and that is, ‘post-truth’.”


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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Christiane Amanpour is the worst kind of presstitue she would suck dick and throw inocent girls in the hands of rapist cannibal headchopping wahhabi jihadists just so that she could stay in the reflector light for a minute more, disgusting excuse of a Human being.

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