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CEO threatens to kill Donald Trump, Banker Wants ISIS to Behead Melania

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CEO Threatens to ASSASSINATE TRUMP With Sniper Rifle at White House

CEO Matt Harrigan threatened to kill Donald Trump with a sniper rifle today online.

Matt Harrigan at Packetsled.

Matt Harrigan is the CEO of PacketSled and Critical Assets is calling for an assassination. Call the police, FBI, and the Secret Service! RIGHT NOW!

Via Reddit The Donald:

Harrigan wants Trump dead.

Harrigan talked about using a sniper rifle.

He tells Trump supporters to “F*ck off!”

Harrigan later posted an apology on Facebook:

My recent facebook comment was intended to be a joke, in the context of a larger conversation, and only privately shared as such. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not engage in this form of rhetoric with any level of seriousness and the comment most certainly does not represent my real personal views in any regard. I apologize if anything that I said was either taken seriously, was offensive, or caused any legitimate concern. Best Regards, Matt Harrigan

Correction: Harrigan is not a national board member of the OWASP foundation.

SICK BASTARD Senior Banker Calls for ISIS to Rape and Decapitate Melania Trump

Don King, a senior banker with BNP Paribas, posted a threat for ISIS to rape and behead Melania Trump.

Could you even imagine if someone posted this tweet about Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton?

How disgusting.

We’ve all seen how ISIS treats Christians, Yazidis and enemies.

This man is seriously deranged.

Redstate Watcher has more on Don King here.

King later said his Twitter account was hacked. Yeah right!

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