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American Revolution Has Now Begun, May Last Entire Decade

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A sobering new Security Council (SC) analytical report on the US presidential election states that a new American Revolution has begun which today’s popular vote is just the beginning of; and that could fully last up to an entire decade, especially if this election is stolen from Donald Trump. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, Federation intelligence analysts in their “deciphering/uncovering” what the current US presidential election is really all about have heavily relied on “outliers” [a thing situated away or detached from the main body or system] such as artificial intelligence (AI) models, social media trends and psychological analysis of the American electorate.

This report notes that the Security Councils use of these “outliers” to both understand and explain what is occurring during this US presidential election provides the only proven scientific evidence of what is occurring as the so called polling data used by the American propaganda media has been proven to be nothing more than a manipulation device used to keep people from voting for or supporting the anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump.

Examples of this being true, this report explains, lie in too many examples to fully cite—but includes the once respected Monmouth University poll found manipulating data to favor Hillary Clinton, news networks NBC and CBS found manipulating polling data to show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump when she was actually losing, and CNN manipulating their poll data to favor Hillary Clinton too.

Unlike manipulated polling data showing Hillary Clinton will win this election, however, this report continues, the objective and independent scientific “outliers” used by Security Council research analysts show not only Donald Trump winning—but winning in a landslide victory.

Evidence proving this assertion of a Donald Trump US presidential win, this report notes, lies first with artificial intelligence analysis—that includes the MogIA supercomputer showing Trump winning in landslide and showing he is more popular than President Obama, and a just released AI computer simulation showing Trump winning with 289 electoral votes compared to Clinton’s 249.

Social media trend lines in this election, likewise, proves a Donald Trump landslide win in this election, this report continues, as his Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-YouTube “presence” dwarfs Hillary Clinton’s by a staggering 74 million—and that is further validated by the over 700,000 Americans who have come to his campaign rallies, as opposed to the barely 60,000 that have attended Hillary Clinton’s.

Most fascinating though of the “outliers” used in this Security Council report is the psychological analysis of the American electorate conducted by a virtually unknown US political project called “We Need Smith”—whose scientifically conducted studies shockingly proved that anyone from a liberal Democrat, to a conservative Republican was able to win the US presidency as long as they promised to destroy the corrupt political system currently ruling America.

The “We Need Smith” project, this report explains, is named after a popular US Great Depression era movie called Mr. Smith Goes To Washington about a newly appointed United States Senator who fights against a corrupt political system—and that during this present US presidential election only Donald Trump and US Senator Bernie Sanders fit the mold of.

Critical to note about the “We Need Smith” project too, this report continues, is that it was co-founded by the legendary American pollster Patrick Caddell—who almost singlehandedly was responsible for putting President Jimmy Carter in office in 1976, but also presided over Carter’s unprecedented defeat in 1980 at the hands of the US establishments most hated candidate Ronald Reagan.

Seeking to understand how President Carter could go from victory to defeat in just 4 years, this report details, Patrick Caddell spent the past nearly 4 decades examining it—and coming to the scientific conclusion that the conventional wisdom that America is absolutely divided into warring tribes is simply not true, they are all just tired of being lied to.

In fact, this report continues, Caddell’s research proved that the American political battleground is no longer over ideology but instead is all about insurgency—and with a staggering 84% of the American public believing that the elites live by a different set of rules and laws than ordinary people do, anyone running against them is assured victory.

Interestingly to note too, this report says, is Caddell’s scientific analyses showing that the hatred of the American people towards their elites comes from both the left and right—and as evidenced by the equal explosive political movements known as Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party insurgencies.

This report grimly concludes, however, with a warning that Soviet Communist leader Joseph Stalin’s attributed statement—“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”—may, indeed, be active in the present US presidential election after newly released secret documents revealed that Hillary Clinton’s main supporter, multi-billionaire George Soros, has not only been manipulating the entire American election system, but one of his companies is, also, providing vote county software to 16 States (they’ve since denied)—and that should Donald Trump have this election stolen from him the people of that nation will most surely revolt.


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2 Responses to " American Revolution Has Now Begun, May Last Entire Decade "

  1. Bob Mac says:

    I think those FEMA concentration camps may be put to good use after all. Hats off to Jesse Ventura for exposing the truth.

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  2. whatifs says:

    Hillary with her billions could not buy the nation. Soros did not either. Together they did not.
    The US Constitutional Process worked.
    If the rioters think their petition will change minds of the Electoral College they know nothing of US beginnings. Anarchy is jailed not given power.
    Money lost this election pure and simple.
    This election was as much against the Democrats as the entrenched Republicans who set the monied elections wheel turning. Neither party has cared about it’s people. Trump got that. He picked up the fallen baton of Ike’s fix the home-front first and Johnson’s fix the people’s need baton.

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