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7 Step Plan On How Trump Must Purge America

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Trump won but now he is faces his biggest challenge. He promised to “drain the swamp”. HOW? One may ask, well that’s where we come in and write a 7 step plan which if implemented, should help Donald Trump to actually drain the swamp and end all the corruption in Washington.

Step 1 – Before absolutely everything else, Donald Trump must surround himself with powerful loyalists such as General Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, Ben Carson, Roger Stone, Jeff Sessions, his own sons (Erik and Donald Jr.) and other people who have been with him since day 1. He must stop Paul Ryan from being reelected as the Speaker of the House at all costs and he must support congressman Steve King or Paul Nehlen to take the position. Steve King in particular is a tough guy who stands his ground against illegal immigration just like Trump. These guys would be 1 billion times better than Paul Ryan who flip-flopped way too often. Trump needs people which will not betray him. Unless Paul Ryan secretly helped Trump with something of which the public doesn’t know, he should never support him as House Speaker!

Step 2 – After his loyalist team is ready, he must start building that wall and start massive deportations of South Americans and Muslims. There are 11 million illegals OFFICIALLY in the US, unofficially there may be more than 20 million. Furthermore, a percentage (we don’t know how much) of those legal migrants, have obtained their citizenship illegally through Obama’s amnesties. Remember those 1800 people which were supposed to be deported but received citizenship instead (by mistake)? There may be millions of them. These people are actively used by George Soros as his personal soldiers. They are like his private army. Whenever he wants something done, he just pays his army and send them to riot in the streets. Before going further, Trump needs to decimate Soros’s private army. These same people are also putting California in jeopardy of being permanently lost by the US as now they are calling for “Calexit”. California is also permanently removed from the electoral map as a Republican option because of that. Trump’s voter base would not oppose since the deportations are a campaign promise. Everybody knew and basically wanted this when they voted for Trump. So he should definitely do this at this early stage.

Step 3 – MOST of the mainstream media must be nationalized and sold to the highest bidder on Trump’s terms to obey the constitution and freedom of speech. This should be an easy task since they have been caught red handed and exposed by Wikileaks for colluding with the DNC. This is unacceptable and they must pay a heavy price for that. Papers like the New York Times tried to frame and fake Donald Trump numerous times. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Huffington Post have all been caught colluding with the DNC. Heck even Bret Baier from FOX News has been caught colluding with Clinton on one occasion during a town hall event. Now that Trump won, look at what they are doing, they are openly agitating Soros’s army to riot even more. CNN’s own cameraman has been caught inciting to violence, pretending to be a protester. The media needs to be stripped away from the globalists who currently own it. There are plenty of illegalities to charge them with. Something needs to be done with the mainstream media before continuing with the purge because its a propaganda tool which will be used to heavily indoctrinate the American people against Donald Trump in whatever he does next.

Step 4 – Now that the Soros army has been decimated, the wall is built, the border is secure and the media is no longer biased, Trump must appoint new directors such as replacing FBI director James Comey then restart investigating the Clintons. If Obama pardons her before he goes out, Trump must issue an executive order to cancel his pardon. What if this sick witch has killed people like Vince Foster? Is anyone telling me that a simple signature from Obama will wash all her crimes including murder away? OUT OF THE QUESTION, its just a paper, rip it off and cancel it! She needs to be prosecuted. Obama himself needs to be sent to trial. Was he really born in the US? Also the Bushes may be guilty of horrendous crimes as well such as 9/11. They should also be investigated. Also George Soros is Rothschild’s front man. Russia has already issued an international arrest warrant on the Rothschilds and George Soros. The new FBI director must arrest Soros and his bosses, the Rothschilds. Either prosecute them in America or send them to Russia. Confiscate their wealth. It is estimated that the Rothschilds own at least $500 TRILLION. No human on earth should own such vast sums of money while millions of people world-wide starve to death and struggle to put a piece of bread on the table. It is one thing for a government to own 500 trillion dollars, but a single family? Seriously? What have they ever invented? The car? Airplane? Have they really contributed to humanity with anything whatsoever? NO! They earned their money through usury, banks, scams, ponzi schemes. World’s biggest fraudsters, and even if they earned their money fairly, shouldn’t there be a cap or something? Like 1 trillion per family!?!? Surely 1 trillion is more than enough. Imagine that, if the US confiscates their wealth, America could easily pay the national $20 trillion debt and use the rest of $480 trillion to have each and every single American live like kings. Take from the rich, give to the poor. It’s just a single family, it would be pure socialism, Bernie Sanders should applaud this but he won’t because he’s a traitor.

Step 5 – Now that the big mafia has been destroyed, Trump can finally pick on the little flees of Washington DC and continue with the purge. Included in this big purge, Trump should also aim at banning electronic voting forever to avoid any future election frauds. People must be included on voting lists of the nearest polling place and made to vote only locally where they appear on the list, receive a paper ballot and sign on the list next to their name, they should only vote using their ID. If they are not home, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote, to avoid voter fraud. People should only vote at their nearest polling place where they are already on the list. Voter fraud is a big issue in America which also needs to be taken care of. Some people are doing multiple voting. He must also issue term limits for congress and senate and issue unlimited terms for the presidency so that he can have a third, fourth and as many as needed terms now that America has finally found the cleaner that it was looking for. After all this is what Vladimir Putin did in Russia. He’s now on his 3rd term and after that will finish, he will have his 4th term and so on. He’s not a king! There are still fair elections there, its just that the people prefer him over anyone else and he removed he term limit.

Step 6 – Trump could and should do exactly what the Democrats did to the Republicans for years. Guess what he should do. He should increase the potential Republican voting base by bringing millions of Christian nationalist immigrants from West and East Europe. Not only he would strengthen the Republican voting bloc for years to come but he would save those people who are having a hard time living in hell-hole countries like Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Sweden, Norway, etc. Europe is no longer Europe. Europe is a hellhole. Besides, Donald Trump promised to bring Europeans to America. These days it is extremely hard and even impossible for Europeans to immigrate to America. This would also give them a new life. He should of course only bring nationalists with proven histories and only people who can prove that they love America. No socialists and no liberals. California and New York in particular should be stuffed with millions of European nationalists to change that 55 electoral state into Republican forever and make it impossible for Democrats to ever win again. Hit them back at their own game Trump! They stuffed California for years with illegal Mexicans who always vote for Democrats, its time to hit them back with the same method.

Step 7 – Although this is not necessarily part of the purge, Trump should pardon Julian Assange for the help he offered with the Podesta emails and bring him to America. He should face a real trial by an unbiased judge and if proven guilty of rape then he should serve but only for rape, not for treason as Obama would have charged him. If proven NOT guilty, not only should he be cleared but those women who falsely accused him should be locked up. False rape/sexual assault accusations should be punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Women need to learn not to falsely accuse men of rape anymore. If the accusations are real then God forbid please do punish them by the full extent of the law, rape is a severe crime but false accusations are unacceptable. And finally Trump should seek new alliances such as Russia and should always avoid being dragged into foreign wars for other countries or people’s interests.

IF he encounters any opposition from Washington traitors/insiders while the purge is on, Trump must enact Martial Law and order the army to arrest them for treason. As harsh as it may sound there is no other way to clean the big corrupt globalist octopus without these measures. If he doesn’t do anything from the above then it was all in vain and it means that it was all just rhetoric and lies.

If Donald Trump would do this, he would truly Make America Great Again!

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3 Responses to " 7 Step Plan On How Trump Must Purge America "

  1. rh2 says:

    Excellent plan for Trump to follow. In a perfect world, he might be able to carry out all of the recommendations, but since we don’t live in one even if only a few key ones were implemented by Trump, it would be a big improvement over the corrupt sleaze of the past three presidential terms ( Obama/Busch).

    Going after Soros and the Rothschild family is a must. They are enemies of Humanity and have to be stopped. Also, bringing in White, Christian immigrants would be a big plus for the US ( maintain a Caucasian majority), instead of Muslims and other undesirable breeders whose goal would be to change the country beyond recognition. As well, kick the UN off US soil. Let that anti-White, anti-Western collection of Turds set up shop somewhere else!

    President Trump will have his work cut out for him, but there’s no doubt he’s up to the task of restoring some sanity to to-day’s messed-up, twisted national and global political landscape.

    Go Trump, drain the swamp!

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  2. Joe Worsham says:

    I agree with most of the plan except for one thing. Nationalizing the media is a bad idea.If Trump could do that, that would be socialism and it would set an example for a democrat president or other in the future. They could also nationalize every conservative outlet like Breitbart, Alex Jones, and Drudge using those same rules. Possibly they could be forced to breeak up under monopoly laws seeing the left MSM is owned by six entitie, yhat collude to stiffle competition..

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    • AlexanderGoodenov says:

      Apparently there was some issue with Russian media in the USA.

      By the same token, why should Carlos Slim own any of the NYT?

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