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Wikileaks exposes Clinton colluding with Google

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David Seaman a top-knotch former Huffington Post investigative reporter and he is having trouble with his YouTube channel as some others who oppose Clinton are.

This leak has just been discovered by David and so far we have not seen anyone else reported about this new WikiLeaks email.

The collusion dates all the way back in 2014 when John Podesta emailed this to Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Wikileaks ID 3740):

Robby is in Australia. Back the 23rd. We could arrange a call before or wait and do a meeting shortly after return. Cheryl Mills is in town and I think it would be good for you two to talk. Her office is in Bethesda but probably could come down this afternoon. Up for that?

In less then an hour Eric replied this to John (Wikileaks ID 2790):

thank you !!! i’ll plan to see robby when he is back in dc Cheryl would be great to see; I have a meeting with President from 11 to 1145 and free after that all afternoon any time in the afternoon that is convenient for her is good for me I’m in 2101 Constitution at the National Academy of Sciences building thank you !!! my cell phone 650-224-**** and email is ****midt@google.com this email !

In case you didn’t know, Robby Mook is Hillary’s current Campaign Manager while Cheryl Mills was Hillary’s campaign adviser and counselor back in 2008 and worked at the Clinton Foundation. Perhaps they were meeting to pre-plan how the search giant is going to help Hillary’s campaign which was just 1 year away from starting.

Julian Assange has announced recently he is soon to reveal secret data on Google. Yes, your everyday search engine is much more than a search engine. Google has just bought every drone company they could get their hands on.

They are powerful beyond what most know, and they work hand in hand with the United States military. Also, the Google CEO Eric Schmidt supports Hillary Clinton for President.

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