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Why Should Bernie Sanders Socialists Vote Donald Trump?

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The following story is an urgent, honest, unbiased and safe-space approved appeal to all former Bernie Sanders socialist supporters who are either disappointed with the entire presidential process this year or are now following Hillary Clinton. The following story is an EXPLANATION of why should all socialist warriors out there support Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

No links and sources will be included in this story so that you won’t get distracted by them. All the info is out, if you wanna fact-check a claim that we make in this story, simply Google-it out. Just make sure you visit other sources too, not just snopes which is heavily biased and tends to render stories “True” or “False” according to the establishment narrative.

We begin by reminding everyone that Hillary Clinton stole the nomination away from Bernie Sanders which we all found out about through the DC Leaks. Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned after she was booed off stage by Bernie voters. Hillary stole the nomination and its a fact. She was heavily booed during her DNC nomination or better said coronation. During her DNC coronation, Bernie delegates who protested the queen had their lights shut off and their voices silenced by noise-suppressing machines.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton despite having his wife Jane, begging Bernie not to endorse Hillary, according to one Wikileaks Podesta email.

People of all political spectrums invented a couple of conspiracies about why Bernie endorsed her because no one could understand. It didn’t make any sense. Its like Trump endorsing Jeb Bush! The conspiracies varied from Bernie being bribed with a $600.000 house to being punched in the face. While he did buy a new $600.000 house, no one can provide evidence that he bought that house with bribe money from Hillary Clinton. Maybe he bought it with his own money of which he received plenty in donations from his supporters during the primaries. Its his money now so he can do whatever he wants with them.

As for being punched in the face and threatened by Hillary’s goons, it impossible, I sincerely doubt Bernie wouldn’t say anything! Though he didn’t say anything when the nomination was stolen from him either, who knows? We’re not gonna give credence to the theory without factual evidence though so lets move on.

So why did Bernie Sanders endorse a corrupt establishment woman who is virtually against everything he stands for? We may never know BUT we do know that there may very well be a secret deal which we don’t know about just like we didn’t know Bernie’s wife Jane “BEGGING” him NOT to endorse Hillary Clinton.

What did Bernie stood for and are these things found in Hillary Clinton?

Well starters Bernie Sanders was 100% AGAINST big donor money from special interests, lobbyists, Super PACs, Big Pharma, big banks and we do know that he didn’t take any money from them. He condemned Wall Street and rich greedy corporations who want control over their candidates through big donations. Bernie condemned Hillary as being a stooge of Wall Street and Big Pharma during the primary debates more than once.

It is factual that Donald Trump is also against those things and he also didn’t take any money from anyone. All the money he raised was just like Bernie Sanders, grassroots donations from the people. Additionally being rich himself, he also invested tens of millions of dollars out of his own pocket. So just like Bernie, he’s not bought and paid for by anyone, he’s a free spirit.

Trump is rich indeed, a billionaire, something Bernie couldn’t stand. Bernie is a socialist and a egalitarian, the problem is that in all socialist/communist countries in the world there are still rich people, not everyone is equal unfortunately. In theory it sounds great to have everyone earn a $5000 monthly salary and with no more discrepancies among people but in practice, in Venezuela they have the prosperous elite who is living lavish lives. Those people don’t know what hunger is, they are drinking their champagnes, driving their expensive cars, wearing expensive dresses. Yes indeed its disappointing but its exactly what’s happening there and we even published a story about that a while ago. You can search it on our website. The same thing is happening in North Korea where that fat pig Kim Jong Un is living a lavish life with internet, computers, cars, luxury food and so on while the people were forced to eat dogs and grass in some years of famine. If everyone is equal he should have eaten dogs and grass along with the people and suffer with them. Same happens in China, Cuba and every other socialist country. There is still an elite, the ruling elite which you never get rid of. Even former USSR had its lavish luxurious elite. Look it up!

Now we don’t wanna argue here that socialism is dysfunctional because it has many positive aspects about it and here in Europe believe us, we know better than you Americans what socialism is. We Europeans invented it, in Germany to be exact.

So here’s why Donald Trump is a true socialist who cares for the people, just like Bernie Sanders which you should support and vote for this year:

  • Anti-Special Interests, Lobbyists, Donors, Big Money
  • Anti-big corporations, he immediately opposed AT&T – Time Warner acquisition
  • Anti-TPP, Anti-NAFTA
  • Cuts government spending
  • Lower Taxes for the poor
  • During the primary debates, Trump also opposed massive Big Pharma vaccinations of children, after everyone piled on him, he didn’t back down but he didn’t talk about it anymore. Vaccinations hurt countless black children, turned them Autistic or ADHD. Who would want that?
  • Trump promised socialist free education paid by the government for those who cannot afford it, anywhere they choose, private, public, magnet, anywhere
  • A somewhat socialist health care, he said that under his administration “we won’t have people dying on our streets if they can’t afford a doctor”
  • Anti-wars (he did oppose the Iraq war before it started in 2003 in an interview with Neil Cavuto but even if he didn’t, he strongly opposed the war in 2004 and he opposed the Libya war, he also opposes the current Syria war and of course the big one, the Russian-war)
  • He opposes a World War 3 with Russia, Hillary on the other hand calls for a war with Russia in almost all of her speeches, even Gill Stein is very critical of Hillary Clinton lately, accusing her of wanting to start WW3 with Russia while praising Donald Trump for wanting peace with Russia
  • Religious liberty is also guaranteed under Trump
  • Like Bernie, Trump also supports the 2nd Amendment and the right to own a gun
  • Like Sanders, Trump wants to bring back all those jobs who went to foreign countries, Bernie said the exact same thing, these people are a lot more similar than different
  • Foreign countries have already endorsed Trump and he’s not even president: Russia, China, India, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Serbia, Haiti, North Korea, Hungary, Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, Estonia and more! Notice how all those communist and former-communist countries have endorsed Donald Trump like Russia, China North Korea, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic. Notice how black countries and Asian countries and the Jewish state endorsed Trump! Are you sure you want to believe the media when it tells you “Trump is racist”?? And if he’s a pure capitalist how come all these communist states endorsed Trump?
  • Trump supports gays. Jewish gay activist and flamboyant Milo Yiannopoulos is not just a Trump supporter, he’s a strong and quite frankly obsessed Trump supporter. He even bathed in pig blood to show his support. Kind of disgusting and no one asked him to do that but its his choice… During the Orlando attacks, Hillary sided with the Muslim terrorist while Trump sided with the gay community! Transgender Caitlyn Jenner tested Trump’s real gay openness by using his bathroom and she said she approves of Trump as being truly opened on LGBT and he would make a good president
  • Hillary is playing the women card so she will attack him on anything she can get her hands on regarding women. If there’s nothing she’ll just invent something like she did in the case of Alicia Machado who was recently found in the Wikileaks emails. Clinton was conspiring to use her against Trump since 2015. The women who accused Trump of groping have all been debunked and also shown in the Wikileaks as premeditated “swiftboating” attacks on Trump but ignoring all the Hillary noise, we know for a fact Trump was among the first men in the world to hire women and pay them equally or even more in his company. Now if that’s not inclusive then what is?
  • Despite supporting the 2nd amendment, Bernie wanted gun control, well guess what, Trump also said numerous times that he also believes in gun control and that known criminals, convicted felons and schizophrenics should NOT be allowed to own a gun. Indeed a gun is not a toy, and dangerous or mentally deranged people should not be allowed to own one.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Trump loves black people and there are plenty of black people in Trump’s team, EVEN MORE than there are in Hillary’s team actually. TOP people such as Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Katrina Pierson, Omorosa, Don King, James David Manning, Darrell Scott, Mark Burns and many more black pastors. Even black power activist Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan endorsed Donald Trump while he totally blasted Hillary Clinton. Trump has also enjoyed the support of Azealia Banks a black power woman rapper. She hates white people with a passion and guess what, she endorsed Trump. Black Power activist Clarence Mason Weaver criticized Black Lives Matter Group and endorsed Donald Trump. Prominent black panther leader Quanell X is also on Trump’s side. Dr. Alveda King is also on Trump’s side! Do you have any idea who she is? She’s one and only, Martin Luther King Jr.’s NIECE! For God’s sake even Barack Obama’s own brother Malik Obama is on Trump’s side what more do you want? That must say something. Do you think a KKK member or something would want to be surrounded by all these black people? Trump is not a racist, the media is pushing the lie with one single purpose: to alienate YOU, the former Bernie supporters away from Trump and go to Hillary instead. We now know for a fact thanks to Wikileaks that the media is in Hillary’s pocket and she does whatever she wants with the media. Bernie Sanders’s former National Racial Justice Director Tezlyn Figaro has also SOMEWHAT endorse Trump (not a full endorsement though). She called on all Bernie Sanders people to stay home on election day but if you do go out to vote, DO NOT VOTE for Hillary. Well while she didn’t specifically said “I endorse Trump” she surely is more friendly to Trump than to Hillary Clinton. Both Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson praised Donald Trump in the past for his inclusiveness of black people but now they criticize him because its political, they were already Democrats. What could they do? Jump ship and join GOP? Who does that? Not even NeverTrumpers such as Paul Ryan who is a sellout, would do that. So its understandable that they no longer support Trump now. It’s red vs blue (party colors). Its not racial, they already said that he’s the best for including black people in his companies.
  • Mexicans. Trump just loves his taco bowl, and his Mexicans too. Legal ones to be specific. Now here’s perhaps the number one issue with the Bernie voters and why they think Trump is racist. Trump vowed to build a wall with Mexico in order to stop the illegal flow of drugs and immigrants. This may sound as “racist” to people who are over-sensitive to any king of racial talk. Well let’s talk about it openly. Trump said that he will deport illegals. So did Obama. Did you know that Obama deported more illegal Mexicans than any other president? Does that make Obama racist too? You have to understand one thing: in communist/socialist countries, the rule of law is much more heavily enforced than in capitalist societies. You wouldn’t see a single illegal immigrant running around, freely raping people, doing whatever the hell he wants. In North Korea many try to defect and escape to China. When Chinese get them they immediately deport them back to North Korea, once back, they are locked up and beaten, tortured for leaving the country. Have you seen any illegal immigration in North Korea? China? Venezuela? Cuba? Former soviet states: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Poland, East Germany, Vietnam???? Have you??? Are you people even sure that you are socialists? If Stalin would have caught a single illegal migrant he would have ripped his legs off. Communist leaders are authoritarian dictators who strongly oppose all types of immigration, including LEGAL! There is neither LEGAL nor ILLEGAL immigration in communist countries. Trump loves Mexicans. In fact Hillary accused Trump during the debates of hiring (legal) Mexicans at his Florida hotels instead of Americans. Yes Trump opposes illegal immigrants and he would deport the dangerous ones. Not sure if he would really enforce the deportation of the non-aggressive illegal immigrants. But remember true socialists value rule of law not chaos. There is no illegal immigrants in socialist countries! What some of you SJWs want is pure chaos not real socialism. Despite all of this, Trump is actually doing quite well with Latino voters, he’s at 33% according to the Los Angeles USC poll. Hillary leads, she’s at 54% but if Trump simply hated Latinos and not just the process of illegal immigration, then why would 33% of all Latinos support him? You’re not gonna be racist and call them “stupid” now, are you? Again, its about the LAW not about their race!

Donald Trump is NOT perfect. You may disagree with some of his stances, but remember many lies have been told about him by the big web of mainstream media controlled by Soros, Hilary and other elitists. Yes there have been spars between Trump and Bernie. Back and forths but then again he also had the same episodes with Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, John McCain and lots of other people. He even contradicted with his own Vice President Mike Pence on some issues. That’s what people do, they have different opinions on some issues, they contradict, they agree on others. It doesn’t mean there is absolutely no common ground between Trump and Bernie.

There is a lot of common ground between Trump and Bernie, there are also differences which haven’t been listed here but you wouldn’t want Hillary in. If you elect Hillary you are literally electing the fat guy from this video below. Hillary has already shown her true colors in her secret speeches calling all of you Bernie Sanders supporters “buckets of losers”, “basement dwellers” and various other terms. She hates YOU just as much as she hates the “deplorable” Trump supporters.

Remember the ZEITGEIST movies guys? That is true socialism! Do not fall for Hillary. She’s working for big powerful people such as George Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, etc. She is an insider, she is the enemy from those Zeitgeist movies! Do not let her in!

Indeed, the GOP establishment is right when it says that “Trump is not a true conservative”! Trump is a socialist-conservative actually. In many ways he is a socialist just like Bernie Sanders and in other ways he’s a conservative just like Ted Cruz for example.

Be the true socialists that you say you are and vote for Donald Trump, prevent the big fat $$$$$-Hillary-$$$$$ from becoming the president whose royal highness can’t hold a big bank speech without getting paid a couple of millions of buck$! The soldiers and tanks rolling around you see in the video below are exactly Hillary’s troops. She is desperate to go to war with Russia. Can you imagine how many millions or even billions would die if that would happen? Prevent her, don’t vote for her! The hooded-faceless man you see in this video portrayed as the EVIL guy, is Trump. His image has been turned into “evil” by the media, but in fact he is the good guy. He’s here to break the chains, end the wars, take care of the little guy and destroy the big fat rich banker guy! Now the same Hillary Clinton insider who stole Bernie Sanders, is trying to steal it from Donald Trump. Despite in light of the Project Veritas videos, Hillary’s media claims its a conspiracy theory. Yes its a conspiracy alright, but not a theory! Honestly, we here at EU Times support Donald Trump and there’s no secret about it! We never supported Bernie Sanders, BUT if Trump would have lost and if the final choice would have been between Bernie Sanders VS Hillary Clinton, we would support Bernie in no time. Hillary is simply the rich fat guy in the video below! We can’t elect her!

This generation has to put it right! Trump is not just making promises that he knows he never keeps! There’s too many establishment men, too many insiders making too many promises, this is the land of confusion!

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