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Utah's Evan McMullin Endorses Hillary Clinton, Says His Only Goal is to STOP TRUMP

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This is what we expected all along.

The #NeverTrump independent candidate Evan McMullin is working to eliminate Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton.

The #NeverTrump Republican candidate last week told reporters all Republicans are racist.

The #NeverTrump movement hopes McMullin will steal enough votes from Trump for Hillary to win Utah.

McMullin told reporters this week his goal is to take down Trump.

McMullin: What we’re trying to do is earn enough electoral votes is to block Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump… If not they then we will be happy to have prevented someone who I believe is a true authoritarian from taking power in the United States and that’s Donald Trump.

Now what is it will all those Democrats saying “Trump is dangerous”? Dangerous to what? To their nest of corruption of course. Sure he is dangerous to that, they will go to jail most likely. Evan McMullin who looks like an E.T. with that ugly bold head of his used a different wording though, which is basically the same. He said he doesn’t want a “true authoritarian to take power in the US”. Umm sure he doesn’t, he doesn’t like the authority, the rule of law. Nope, he likes the rule of jungle where everybody can be corrupt in peace and be left alone.

According to his Wikipedia page, he is a former CIA operative who also worked at Goldman Sachs.

Those Democrats are so despicable. Its as if the USA fell in the hands of the organized Mafia.

Its obvious now this douchebag is a Hillary plant. Perhaps Republicans should have done something similar in California. Have some paid SJW agent trying to steal California away from the Democrats.

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