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Trump Trolls Dems With ClintonKaine.com Website Similar to Drudge

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Donald Trump has trolled Hillary Clinton by buying the domain ClintonKaine.com and turning it into a Drudge Report-style website reporting all the negative aspects of the Clinton campaign.

Apparently, the Trump campaign now owns www.clintonkaine.com, which greets unsuspecting visitors with a bevy of stories bashing the Democratic nominees.

An RNC official told the Daily Caller that the website allow voters to “learn about Secretary Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine’s failed records from their decades in politics.”

“Upon launch, ClintonKaine.com is heavily focused on Kaine’s disastrous tenure in Virginia politics to coincide with the upcoming vice presidential debate,” the official explained. “The site will continue to be updated with the latest news about both Secretary Clinton and Sen. Kaine.”

On Monday, the website’s lede article directed to a story from Politico detailing insults Clinton recently launched at Bernie Sanders supporters.

Conservative readers will recognize the website bears an obvious resemblance to Matt Drudge’s “Drudge Report.”

This isn’t the first time the Trump campaign has bought web domains to troll opponents.

During the Republican primary, Trump acquired the rights to www.jebbush.com, which — after the youngest Bush dropped out of the race in February — redirected visitors to a YouTube video of Trump’s South Carolina primary victory speech. (VIDEO: ‘JebBush.com’ Now Redirects To Trump’s SC Victory Speech)


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