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Trump Campaign in Full Collapse, The Media Finally Won, We Endorse Clinton!

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The media has finally managed to destroy Donald Trump’s presidential bid! Trump will not be able to recover his poll numbers after this! Its simply, the end of his campaign! AGAIN! Again? Yes again! Because the media has been rubbing its hands for a Trump implosion/destruction since June 2015. But this time they finally managed to end Trump’s campaign because it is exactly their duty to choose and elect the president through constant brainwashing, not the Americans duty. After this story, the EU Times is now officially endorsing Hillary Clinton for US President!

Thanks to the honest New York Times which always pays its taxes (unlike Donald Trump) who illegally released Trump’s tax returns, we have now learned the unbelievable! Trump didn’t pay any taxes after suffering a major $1 billion loss in 1995! OK! We’re all going to switch sides and support Hillary Clinton! She paid all her taxes, see for yourself, click here.

Unlike Trump who is literally Hitler, Hillary Clinton is a fair non-racist candidate, she always helps black people everywhere in the world. She always stands up to the black community. Back in 2010, she helped the black Haitians ravaged by the earthquake, she raised billions of dollars which were used to help the poor Haitians (see point 9). The Clinton Foundation gave 10% of those billions raised from American donors, destined to reach Haitians. The rest of 90% umm… whatever! Doesn’t matter!

So anyway Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation truly love black people and for that there is even more proof. How about this one? The Clinton Foundation is sending perfectly fine, watered-down AIDS drugs to black people in Africa. Out of pure love for those “super predators”. It is estimated that people die at least twice as fast due to those watered down drugs. Isn’t this sufficient proof? They are putting them out of their misery, for free! From Hillary With Love! Bill Clinton loves black people so much he doesn’t even want to meet with his black son and shake his hand, that’s all he asks for.

All issues aside here’s why we’re endorsing Hillary Clinton! When we made our presidential choice all the way back in June 2015 out of 18 candidates, we chose regarding to their personal lives, how much taxes they pay, what they told some Miss Whatever a bunch of years ago, their reply to some Muslim gold-star family and a bunch of other things such as what they eat, how they sneeze, how they dance and sing, yes folks, we’re electing a Hollywood star, not the president.

The media tells us that these are the things that matter and we should reject Donald Trump and we should rightfully do so if we are retarded because we can’t think for ourselves.

So what is it that drove all of us to Trump in the first place? Let’s see…

  • His stance on illegal immigration
  • Building a Wall with Mexico and having Mexico pay for the Wall
  • Ending and deporting Syrian Muslim refugees brought by Obama
  • Ending Obamacare and helping the Vets
  • Bringing American companies and jobs back from China and Mexico by charging them a 35% tax if they build their products abroad, their China-built product prices would be so high, no one would buy their products, they wouldn’t be able to compete with similar American made products, therefore, it would basically force them to move back to America
  • He would bring back those 4 Trillion dollars stuck abroad (or more) by offering a small tax on them
  • Protection of Christianity and churches
  • Upholding the constitution and the 2nd Amendment which is under siege
  • Being friends with Russia rather than starting WW3 like Hillary would
  • Not being owned, controlled and paid for by lobbyists, elitists and special interests

And a bunch of other meaningless things! None of the above matter now! You see? Trump is exposed now, he said something about some Miss Whatever! He also paid no taxes! He’s busted!

We’re suddenly going to vote for Hillary Clinton and want endless numbers of illegal Mexicans and Muslims and loose all jobs to China, sponsor Iran, etc all because he paid no taxes! Yup, Trump is busted! All this time we only supported Trump because we thought he paid his taxes plus extra bonuses, he praised spoiled brats like Rosie O’Donnell and Alicia Machado! But now you see? The media exposed Trump! Thank you New York Times! This is definitely going to make us change our minds!

Isn’t it funny how the media always thinks “Ohh we’ve got him this time!”?? No you didn’t fools, clowns, buffoons, morons! You see, we’re not voting for Trump for any of the stuff you put out, we couldn’t care less! We’re voting for Trump because we want to end illegal immigration and bring back our jobs. No wonder only 29% trust the media these days.

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2 Responses to " Trump Campaign in Full Collapse, The Media Finally Won, We Endorse Clinton! "

  1. valleygirl1981 says:

    His campaign has not collapsed. She gained a couple of points in the polls. It is still a tight race. He was took the high road, and she took advantage of that at the debate. Why did we trust her? Hillary has no scruples, no conscience and definitely no class. Everything she accuses Trump of are all of her actions – she did the very things and I cannot believe Democrats cannot see through this. Yes, Democrats are not bright people, and we have too many Third World citizens in the U.S.A. that will vote with her just so they won’t get deported.

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    • LarryNC says:

      Valleygirl1981, I think they are just being facetious. Great post. I completely agree with you about Hitlery Klinton.

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