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Secret Service BANNED PHONES during 2nd Debate to "prevent triggering Hillary SEIZURE"

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PIX 11 news anchor Kirstin Cole announced Monday that the Secret Service banned flash photography from Sunday night’s presidential debate hall at Washington University in St. Louis over fears it could “inspire Hillary’s seizure disorder.”

It has been rumored that Hillary Clinton has a seizure disorder, possibly Parkinson’s Disease which can be triggered by flashes.

Last night the Secret Service took attendees phones before going into the debate. Now we know why…

Kirstin Cole said: “This is why it was banned apparently because the Secret Service did not trust people to disable the flashes on their cameras and they were afraid it would inspire Hillary’s seizure disorder.”

Other reports admitted on Monday that the Secret Service told reporters not to use a flashes.

“For those of you who watched to the bitter, bitter end of this, did you catch this?” Cole posed to the audience. “The comeback of the cardboard camera. Holy 80s drive me to the photo map, Batman.”

“We thought it was a Secret Service thing, banning the cell phones.”

This isn’t just a claim. A man named Ken Bone who attended the 2nd debate and even asked a question to both candidates about their “energy policies” has also confirmed the following:

“We were not allowed to have any electronic devices with us and we were sequestered at the debate venue from about 8:00 AM until the debate was over at 10:00, so we didn’t have access to our phones, or anything like that.”

Watch the video and see for yourself!

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