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Russia Tells Citizens ‘Nuclear War With The West Could Happen Soon’

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As tensions rise in the middle East, an official TV channels in Russia has issued a chilling warning that war with the West could be imminent. Russia is now as we speak training 40 million of its civilian population for emergency evacuations and building new bunkers like crazy. Hillary is continuing to threaten Russia with war. Even at the DNC convention war with Russia was part of their celebration. US Army chief Mark Milley is calling for war with Russia. U.S. State Department Spokesman John Kirby is also threatening Russia with war. Putin tried to warn you, we, the EU Times tried to warn you multiple times. We told you back in August that this isn’t a game! Putin issued a dire warning to America and to its own army saying that if Hillary Clinton is elected US president it’s nuclear war.

Now, according to a Metro article, Vladimir Putin warned its citizens to get ready for “nuclear war with the West because it could happen soon”.

Zvezda, a nationwide TV service run by the country’s Ministry of Defense, said last week, ‘Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.’

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday proposed a law suspending a Moscow-Washington agreement to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium.

Officials said on Friday that underground shelters had been built which could house 12 million people – enough for the entire population of Moscow.

Russia has clashed with the Western powers over its policy in Syria – where it’s accused of bombing civilians – and the U.S suspended negotiations with the country yesterday.

Unfortunately it looks like it’s too late now. It appears that the tensions are slipping out of control. Nuclear war and the apocalypse is imminent.

Hillary is leading the polls by 5%. They used to call Trump the teflon candidate but it looks like Hillary is because no matter how much stuff is leaked and exposed about her, she is somehow still preferred by the dumb down stupid Americans who can’t point a single other country on a world map besides America.

It looks like the witch is going to win. Pray to God, go out and vote for Trump on November 8th and maybe we’ll turn things around, if not, may God help us all.

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4 Responses to " Russia Tells Citizens ‘Nuclear War With The West Could Happen Soon’ "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    The U.S. govt lost the moral highground and if you lose the moral highground you lose everything.
    Thats why they are so angry at Russia, Russia has become the old U.S. while the U.S. became the Soviet-Union.
    One can only hope that the U.S. military will stop the satanic wahabbi U.S. govt if not Russia will, they wont wait till you kick their door open.

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  2. Danuta Ewiak says:

    Unfortunately, the World War 3 is inevitable, like death, though not now. Let me remind here a fragment of an ancient vision: “And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that Hitler will attack also the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end. In the beginning there were no signs of such the ending of this war]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [hostility towards Christians]; and will act [it means activity in the international arena]; and turned back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Russian troops returned to their country]. At the appointed time [he] will return back.” (Daniel 11:28, 29a) The return of Russia in this context also means the breakup of the European Union and NATO. Then many countries of the former Eastern block will return to Russia’s zone of influence. Russian troops will be stationed here again.

    “And [the king of the north] will enter into the south [this can be Georgia], but it will not be as the former [2008 – Georgia] or as the latter [now Ukraine], for the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [USA, in the beginning without Britain] will come against him, and he will be dejected, and will go back.” (Daniel 11:29b, 30a)

    What will induce the “king of the north” to enter into the south? Jesus said: “For nation will rise against nation”, as in 2008, and then will be U.S. intervention and global nuclear war. As Jesus foretold, it will be “the beginning of birth pains”. (Matthew 24:7, 8; Revelation 6:4)

    In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt. Great Britain then took the role of “the king of the south”. Around the same time, Russia expanded its influence in the region, which previously belonged to Seleucus I Nicator, and took the role of “the king of the north”. (Daniel 11:27)

    All the details of this vision are being fulfilled from the time of ancient Persia, in chronological order. It is true that this vision is variously interpreted. As one can see, it has a lot of details. Therefore the insightful person is able to detect any error or sophistry. (Daniel 12:10)

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  3. skreamer says:

    Well stop talking about it you fucking pussies and do something about it for once!……FAGS!
    “makes like a chicken and struts around”
    US vs Russia since 1947 threat of WW3….go fuck yourselves “YAWNS” you little Vril lizard fucks …soon we well be playing with your bones!
    The greatest moment of anyone’s life would be the moment they smash a Vril lizard to death!
    A true honor to behold!

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  4. skreamer says:

    I found out this website is owned by some skinhead!
    Suddenly everything explains itself!
    I call massive bullshit on this one yet again!
    There aint going to be any WW3…..it would interfere with their profits!

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