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Russia, China, Iran Hold Large Military Parades to Warn "US Schizophrenics"

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Amid growing tensions of all-out nuclear war between USA and Russia, China and Iran over bogus reasons such as “hacking the DNC”, Syria and the South China Sea conflict, the 3 allied eastern countries have held large military parades to showcase samples of their military arsenal to the “SCHIZOPHRENICS from America” such as Mark Milley, Richard Blumenthal, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. All of them have something in common: They are all Democrats and they’re all pushing for World War 3.

Back in 2015 China celebrated 70 years since the end of the World War 2 with one of the largest military parades in China’s history, inviting allied countries to bring military battalions to parade in Beijing. Among the attendees, there was of course Vladimir Putin with a Russian division parading in Beijing as can be seen at minute 40:44 and 47:13 in the video below.

Countries who also joined the parade in China include Cuba, Venezuela, Belarus, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Pakistan and others, none of which support the US and its NATO alliance.

In case war erupts between NATO and the eastern bloc, there won’t be any winner. It spells apocalypse for the entire planet. The entire eastern bloc is supporting Donald Trump and asking for the American people to vote for Donald Trump in order to have world peace. Russia has urged Americans more than once to vote for Trump to avoid nuclear war, Serbia’s incumbent party supporters held a huge rally in support of Trump and to protest against Joe Biden’s visit in Belgrade, Egypt’s leaders secretly met with Donald Trump and endorsed his candidacy while blasted Clinton, despite previously opposing Trump due to threats of pulling jobs from China back to America, Beijing communist leadership has also officially endorsed Donald Trump.

Iran isn’t too happy about Donald Trump though due to his hawkish support of Israel and opposing the trade deal where America gave $150 billion to Iran plus another $1.7 billion in cash as ransom money. Iran probably prefers Hillary Clinton because she was the Secretary of State who paid Iran all that money. That doesn’t mean Iran is not scared of a nuclear war with America though. Iran supports Assad’s government in Syria, opposes Saudi Arabian funded ISIS and is perfectly aware that America can attack Iran anytime under both president Hillary or Trump. Iran’s showcase of weaponry is not political at all since it didn’t endorse anyone. Its purpose is only to avoid war and make no mistake about it, in case Russia or China gets attacked, Iran will jump in to help them out. Iran didn’t participate in Beijing’s parade but its own Tehran parade was indeed one of its largest ever, meant to remind the American schizophrenics that Iran is not Iraq. Its army is much larger, stronger, disciplined, advanced and sophisticated.

North Korea also celebrated 70 years with a grand parade. Even though it didn’t participate in Beijing either, like Iran, North Korea is also an ally of the eastern bloc which would jump in a heartbeat to help them in case war erupts.

But no, despite all of this, the US schizophrenics believe that only their planes can fly, only their missiles will hit targets, only their bullets kill, only their tanks roll and only their nukes can make a big boom-boom wile America’s “enemies” only have fireworks for weapons. None of these nations threatened war with America, they just want to be left alone but you see, schizophrenics can’t do that. Russia has just completed its work on a new hypersonic stealth nuke known as RS-28 Sarmat capable of wiping a state as big as Texas entirely, how exactly would anyone dodge such a monster?

Even though officially China has only 260 nukes, spy satellite images from 2011 reveal that China secretly has at least 3000 nukes. Now in 2016 they may have even more than 3000. Russia has 7300 nukes. America has 6970 nukes. So what exactly is America’s advantage? Why does it want war so badly? For Hillary? To enthrone her? Is it worth it? What does America have that these other countries don’t? Drones?? Even Iran has drones, let alone China and Russia. Lasers?? Russia just finalized its laser weapon capable of destroying US space satellites in a matter of seconds, it was even confirmed by US general John Hyten back in March 2016, so what exactly is America counting on? UFOs? Space Aliens? What’s with the superiority complex? Or is it just pure schizophrenia as the Russians said it?

The schizophrenics need to know that these countries are allied and will help each-other in case of war despite not having an alliance organization such as NATO with a signed treaty. Furthermore these countries are not Afghanistan nor Iraq. Watch the following videos, terrify yourself then call your local warmongering politician and ask them to vehemently oppose such a war and stop the anti-Russia rhetoric before it slips out of control.

Russian Parade 2016, warning to America:

Iran Parade 2016, warning to America:

North Korea Parade 2016:

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