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Russia Asks CIA: Why Did Hillary Clinton Just Buy $137 Million Worth Of Illegal Arms?

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A stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that the Security Council (SC), this morning, authorized the sending to the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of an emergency communiqué requesting an immediate explanation as to why Hillary Clinton’s money laundering organization, known as the Clinton Foundation, this past week, purchased over $137 million of illegal arms and ammunition—and whose destination is to be the United States, with delivery being marked as “mid-November 2016”. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, SVR analysts began expressing “urgent concern” earlier this year when the main “elements/factions” of the feared Viktor Bout’s international arms smuggling crime organization began arriving in the Republic of Albania—that is the only Muslim nation in Europe.

Viktor Bout, this report explains, is most popularly known in the West as the “Lord of War” for his workings with the CIA to smuggle illegal weapons throughout the world to further the maniacal interests of the United States—until 2011 when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had him jailed.

Though a citizen of the Federation, this report continues, the SVR had no “complaint/concern” with Hillary Clinton having Bout jailed for 25 years as it was an internal matter of the CIA—but whose intelligence analysts expressed “worry/confusion” this past May (2016) when US Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin said he should have had a reduced sentence—and that led, yesterday, to Bout “suddenly/magically” being transferred out of maximum security to the “country club atmosphere” of the general ward of the US Federal Prison he’s been confined to.

CIA illegal arms smuggler Viktor Bout

CIA illegal arms smuggler Viktor Bout

Coinciding with Bout’s “mysterious/magical” prison transfer yesterday, this report notes, was Hillary Clinton’s money laundering Clinton Foundation transferring $137.7 million to the Socialist Party of Albania (SPA) controlled by that nations Prime Minister Edi Rama—who is not only the head of the Xhakja Clan (known in the West as the Albanian Mafia) but who was, also, and shockingly, put into power by the Obama-Clinton regime over the protests of the Albanian people who did not want a “mafia government” controlling them.

Hillary Clinton (left) and Albanian Xhakja Clan mafia crime leader Edi Rama (right)

Hillary Clinton (left) and Albanian Xhakja Clan mafia crime leader Edi Rama (right)

With Hillary Clinton’s international arms merchant Prime Minister Rama having turned the entire Balkan region into one of the world’s largest areas for arms smuggling that now threatens its very security, this report warns, she has been aided in this effort by what many are calling her “puppet master”—the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros that recently released, and shocking, secret emails show him ordering Hillary Clinton to install this mafia criminal as the leader of Albania.

To fully understand why Hillary Clinton made this massive arms purchase, and no doubt was aided in doing so by the CIA’s arms smuggler Viktor Bout, SVR analysts in this report explain, is her adherence to George Soros’s radical vision of open borders—and that he singlehandedly began implementing by creating the European refugee crisis that will, likewise, engulf the United States should Hillary Clinton become president, and as exactly as her secret emails reveals she plans on doing.

Also, this report continues, and as the Federation knows all to well, the Soros-Clinton “master plan” to take down a nation begins with the establishment of what are called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to act as a “shadow government” ready to take power once the established order is thrown into chaos by massive protests—and why, in 2013, President Putin banned them from operating in Russia.

In the United States, however, this report grimly states, the American people have no defense against these “shadow government” NGO’s—and that SVR intelligence assests have documented in this report as being the “receiving parties” of Hillary Clinton’s massive arms purchase and include the George Soros created NGO’s called: Open Society Foundations, Media Matters, American Institute for Social Justice, The New America Foundation, The Migration Policy Institute, Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, and the Democracy Alliance—every single one of which stands violently opposed to the US Constitution and the American people.

Once these weapons are in the hands of Hillary Clinton’s “new revolutionaries”, this report continues, they will then be used to unleash a “terror wave” across America protesting Donald Trump’s landslide victory—thus enabling President Obama to declare martial law to disarm all of these people, and once doing so, allow the US Electors to place Hillary Clinton in power. [Note: American presidents are NOT elected by the voting of citizens, but by the vote of the Electors selected from each of that nations 50 States.]

This report sadly concludes, though, by noting that the massive vote fraud already being committed by Hillary Clinton’s “new revolutionaries” throughout the United States, and that led this past week to former US Congressman Joe Walsh stunningly stating “If Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket”—a reference to one of the darkest times in American history when that nation’s ordinary citizens banded together to fight the British Empire for their freedom—should strike fear into all Americans of what Hillary Clinton’s “new revolutionaries” are doing right now—and if not, nothing will.


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  • Rick

    ok. shocked first thought. then WHAT?, then ok maybe a little far-fetched, but too many facts to get wrong and then WHAT????

    • NoNewsHere

      Well, then it will be time to ‘belly up to the bar’, boys & girls…

  • Sam Houston

    Time to rock and roll this party. Read your Declaration of Independence. It is the Law.

    • Susan

      The Constitution is the law, not the Declaration.

    • “Patriot’s” Bane

      Tap dancing Putin on a Cracker….it’s off to remedial Civics class for you. SMH.

  • Byrond2

    Well we know that Hillary and Obama won’t accept a Trump presidency, but at the same time we know that they need Trump as a competitor to have a chance at winning. In any case, this story makes sense. Sad but true.

  • Carlos RedAlert++

    how long were the prison sentences of these criminals stuffing ballot boxes?

  • Les Deplorables Suckerberg

    In reality this story is not too far fetched if true, I wouldn’t put anything past this current government and the grand puppet master Soros

  • Priscilla

    This article is confusing. First, it says Clinton Foundation/Hillary bought $137.7 million worth of illegal arms destined to the US. But then it says that Clinton Foundation/Hillary transferred yesterday 137.7 million to Albania. Why the exact amount for two totally different operations?

    • scooter 777

      ummm albania is where the illegal arms came from…same transaction good lord

      • Grandy

        Glad she’s (Priscilla) isn’t in charge of the treasure? lol

    • DAVNRA

      I know, I know it was a blonde moment… Hair color has been known to raise IQ’s…

    • “Patriot’s” Bane

      Because this is stupid article written for stupid people. Don’t be that person.

  • Ahmed Abbassi Hijama

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    ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!

    • skreamer

      There’s no such thing as Allah! Wake up you brain washed moron!
      You sand monkeys are so dumb! Allah going to make it rain fire is he?…On America…is he?….America, a country full of Muslims? So what your saying is Allah is going to kill Muslims?
      Well its about fucking time!

      • Funny how the Dune Coons have not progressed from AD 600.

      • Bobby

        Skreamer IMO you could be wrong, There is every possibility that whatever they choose to call him Satan does exist.

        • Carolinamama47

          Yep… for sure, because his sister, HRC is alive and running our beloved country out of business…

    • idontknow

      Aloha Snackbar to you too fella…

    • Islamo fruitcake back at ya!

    • Cackling Cankles

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    • NavyBlue1962

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      • Remember to grease your bullets with pig fat.

    • Donald Howard

      You backward goat rapers really do not know who you are going to be dealing with, you are under the mistaken opinion that we the American people are as feckless as our politicians. As for being a waste of lives, what have you primitive screw heads ever contributed that is of any value what so ever. Your only purpose is abusing and raping women, children, animal cruelty, hate, murder and misery.

      • patriotism-matters

        1So let US ALL gear up, train up, man / woman up and standby to SUPPORT & DEFEND the US Constitution and our AMERICAN CULTURE.

        Or as Ronnie Ray gun said. We’ll be spending our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children about a time way back in American history, when men and women were free.

    • Bob TheBuilder

      Allah is a FAKE GOD, you Muslims are all in a PEDOPHILE CULT.

    • Angelgreg

      Mohammad is a cocksucker

    • lizard4445

      Good wins in the end! Take your #Evil crap, and shove it!

    • Laci Hart

      Wrong, it’s call revolution, we know the score, and we have done it before, ask the Britz? and who is behind the seen, waiting to make sure American people win? Russia. and any Islam worshiping Muslims left in America will be slaves, dead, or on the run. Take back to your master. you underestimate American’s we have the true God and you can not tie his hands.

      • “Patriot’s” Bane

        Gods are imaginary. Get used to it.

    • Duke Carter

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    • Jennifer Bryce

      COWARDS All of you and that filth you call god.

  • skreamer

    The AMERICAN POLITICAL TIMES! is what this site should be called!
    A pro Trump, Anti Hillary news site!
    Shows again the one sided view of the skinhead who owns this website!
    A real news service would be ripping apart all these clone/puppets and not sucking Trumps balls.
    Americans have the choice of several children rapist/murderers to select for their president!
    You select the one that has your same racist views!
    Then they give you the person they chose to be president 10 years ago!
    Then you keep working like a good little slave because you have the illusion of choice!
    Voting only encourages them!

    • Why didn’t your mommy love you?

      • skreamer

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          • skreamer

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            It might effect the equilibrium of the universe and make Hillary president!
            You idiot! If Hillary becomes president now, we know its your fault!
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    • Whitey

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      • skreamer

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    • Rebel

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      • skreamer

        Your obviously another stupid American!…..So stupid you cant read properly……….where does it say i support Hillary you in brain dead redneck…. re-read what i wrote very slowly so you understand it!
        Quote: A real news service would be ripping apart all these clone/puppets!
        So stupid you don’t understand English….that’s why your a Trump supporter!

        • Laci Hart

          You would be right, about Republicans and Democrats, but this time, you are wrong, Trump is a rough that slipped in, and they want him out, he was never to have won. He was a joke, and they tough he would never make it to the top. look ate the surroundings, He doesn’t have Republican backing, media backing, Democrat backing, all he has is the people backing him, because a lot of people know what I just told you. He is a rough. I don’t know if he can do it, but at least he’s trying, Did you ever think that it just so happen the wiki leak drops, and Anom is backing him? they know this is the only chance to stop the one world order. this is it!!

          • skreamer

            Unfortunately Trump is one of them! Trumps actually a blood relation of Hillary! This is all set out to mislead the people as usual!
            As much as i wish what you were saying is true……They all work for the NWO illuminazis!
            Their world is a stage and they are the actors!

    • Charlie

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      • skreamer

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        • Charlie

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          • skreamer

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    • SPON

      Finally a news organization being truthful

    • SPON

      You r nuttier than Killry

  • Bonnie Wilson

    Crazy.. … comments …

  • RUSSIAN VOTERS were stuffing envelopes for Putin.

  • She’s going to steal the election. Then hire terrorists to pose as “musket” bearing patriots, senselessly killing and blowing people up at random. Then call in UN “peacekepers” to escalate a real civil war.

    • Laci Hart

      Nope that’s where Russia’s comes in, because they know if Hillary wins then they have to go to war with the USA, they are no more for a globalisation or i say New world order then us Americans (people) want it. that’s why (they) the US have surrounded Russia’s borders. Putin has said there is no NO way they are going to allow Russia to become a one world order. so this is like life threatening here, It’s do or die for America.

  • Bob TheBuilder


  • patriotism-matters

    So let US ALL gear up, train up, man / woman up and standby to SUPPORT & DEFEND the US Constitution and our AMERICAN CULTURE.

    Or as Ronnie Ray gun said. We’ll be spending our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children about a time way back in American history, when men and women were free.

    • Greg Martin

      Sorry to burst your bubble PM but we lost our “freedom” when the FED was allowed to control the slaves by the IRS and bankers

      • patriotism-matters

        Don’t be sorry. The fact that you have an opinion albeit incorrect reveals you still have it. It is given by our creator and can only be given away. Not taken away.

    • Full Freedom for Women

      And buy amno. Stock up

      • patriotism-matters

        Gear! Without federal ears.

  • REE42

    Have these people no soul? I think they have all sold them to Satan, himself. I bet they even smell bad, they are so rotten.

  • Gregg K

    I trust Russia and Mr. Putin much more than I trust the Clintonistas.

    • “Patriot’s” Bane

      Of course you do. Traitor.

      • Xia Tianhun

        Better than supporting a criminal like Hillary and her lick spittle ilk like yourself.

      • Laci Hart

        Russia is more truthful then Hillary and obama on the Isis matter they are arming and backing Isis, when Russia and Syria’s leader Asad are fighting Isis, did you ever think why they are so mad at Russia, and are quick to blame Russia, and why they are fighting with Russia? Because if they get control of Syria then there is another base to box Russia in. We or should i say Obama, Hillary and the UN is trying to force Rissa into the new world Oder. If we elect Hillary we will be part of the new world order. “Globalisation” as they call, No longer America as we know her, ran by a world Government. thank about the when you go vote.

        • “Patriot’s” Bane

          You need a fresh new conspiracy theory – NWO is getting old.

      • margarida


      • Sierra Dawson

        Months later looking at this, shows he won by 27-0…..we all know how you demorats enjoy looking at the popular vote. But he would have won the electoral votes over a treasonous POS like you anyway.

  • Roseann

    yer free rides almost over

  • Chris McKenna

    fuck allah and all his towelhead followers.

  • Steve Vidra

    Did anyone ever think that the 72 virgins might all be guys

    • Lauren Coyle

      LOL I have a actually, that’s what you get when you’re dealing with the devil!

    • Sean Tuttle

      Or goats?

    • Bruce Parker

      No, They’re RAISINS! Tbe original text of the Koran was misinterpreted, instead of Virgins, the word used was Raisins!…..Enjoy your $1.99/worth of Raisins Achmed!

  • tunes4u2

    What is sad to me is that some are still slow enough to believe this BS from a bogus blog. Shame on you. Folks there are fact checking sites and some have won pulitzer prizes for their honest assessments of the facts.

    • ATrober

      CF money is all over the world and that’s proven.

      Go to Wikileaks for backup on proof of what is fact and not. This is shaping up to be a Soros-HRC-Obama-CF&co repeat of the European muslim immigration crisis.

      HRC isn’t running for POTUS, she’s running for Queen of the World. And, there’s absolutely zero question about it with her 40-year track record, selling out her country is of no consequence to getting that title. None at all.

  • ATrober

    This will lead to an armed uprising short of HRC being prosecuted, Soros put in custody, and I’d dare say Obama better be put in jail, too, b/c it is proven by any doubt whatsoever he has committed treason along with HRC. Zero doubt.

    This is how wars start. And, we’re close. First, the USA citizens are more in the dark than foreign governments as to what HRC’s emails contained. HRC leaked, and probably sold, classified SAP information around the world. And, the info therein has many foreign governments very ticked off right now.

    HRC is really rather stupid. Careless with SAP material to a recent clue, revealing the 4-minute call-to-launch time for nuke launch.

    This has the potential to get very out-of-hand and the FBI knows more than anyone and are keeping a lid on it it is so bad. (Comey still needs to be jailed for abdicating law enforcement, though).

    The doo doo that has not hit the fan up to this point is by far more than already hit it.

  • Buronic

    All delegates that Trump wins better vote Trump if he legally wins..why? because the Military will force them to..there are several divisions on hand ready to back Trump..

    • joeschmo8675309

      Several divisions? Which ones? Don’t make me laugh. It’s too early in the morning.

      • Deplorable Trailhead

        Go ahead and laugh.

      • Full Freedom for Women

        Giving that away would be the way Obama has run the country. Some things shouldn’t be known until they must be known if they are to be effective.

    • “Patriot’s” Bane

      The primaries and conventions were over last summer. What delegates are you speaking of?

      • Regina Phalange

        He meant members of the electoral college, but I understood what he meant. People are afraid the electoral college might go against the voters’ wishes. I don’t think this is a threat in light of everything that is happening now.

  • Angelgreg

    My God can kick your god’s ass!!!

    • Tina Harrah

      Our God, is his God. HE just doesn’t realize it yet. By the time he does it will be too late. There’s only one God. SORRY Ahmed you’d better open your eyes before God opens them for you!

      • “Patriot’s” Bane

        god is imaginary. Sorry.

  • Laci Hart

    You must want more wars in the middle east…Why?

    • Tina Harrah

      Why? Because Hillary will let him in or she is claiming she will.

  • MorryMarkovitz

    Could you please repeat that, Ahmed?

  • Edward Boattail

    The nation is as divided as pre-civil war with much worse economics. Read “From President to Dictator in 24 Hours.” If this nation doesn’t find common ground, we’re headed for a civil war. The war will be between Washington corruption and anti-establishment. The problem is that the Washington’s corruption is supported by the populous. Thus, the division of the nation.

    • Bill Blackstone

      That’s OK. We support the Constitution. The military supports the Constitution. 75 million multi gun owners support the Constitution. We will be fighting the UN. ISIS. Mexico Iran Turkey and the rest of the Muslim nations. It will be our victory that purges the atheist. Purges the BLM. Purges liberals and all the other evil that lurks in our country. We will again stand on the top tare of nations after the dust settles. It’s God’s plan. It’s in God’s hands.

      • shropster

        Don’t be too sure about the US Army. They wear the flag on their uniform with the starry field in the wrong quadrant. If they give notice don’t respect the flag, what makes you think that they will respect the Constitution? As the most astute politician of the 20th century, FDR, has said, “nothing in politics happens by accident.

        • Full Freedom for Women

          The flags backwards are not a sign of disrespect. I researched it. It is so that when they are marching the flags look like they are waving.

      • Rahul Varshney

        it is the neo-liberals, not classical/textbook/rational liberals, who are the problem. Neo-liberalism is code for Rothchild, and Rothschild is an anti-semitic, anti-Jewish, pro-zionist criminal network.

        • …how can you be anti-Semitic, and pro-Zionist?

          Oh, and by the way, being “Anti-Semitic” and “Anti-Jewish” are the same thing.

          You scare me…

  • sapfly

    You folks better arm up!!!

    • Remmie

      Nah, Hilliary just wants to protect women, and the bumbling president just wants his vine covered cottage beside the road/sarc

  • Greg Martin

    There are 3 bedrooms available in Cuenca Ecuador for those who need , want to check it out short or long term.

  • Rikard Kilgaren

    This is a MUST READ for EVERYONE!!!!!!

  • Lainy

    Why hasn’t she been arrested, she is a private citizen, any other citizin buying guns in this quantity would be in prison! Where is the worthless Justice Dept. and the worthless FBI??

    • shropster

      In her pocket, next to their balls.

    • Remmie

      If the president and Attorney General are complicit progressive communists where would you expect them to be?

  • Alan

    All the examples are not just voter fraud but they are conspiracy. That is not a theory when more than one person acts criminal but also shares in committing the crimes against us all as Americans.

    • uptheante99


    • Correct, sir.

  • Charles Gov

    Could this be what we think it is…..Obama’s and Hillary’s final attempt to remove the 2nd amendment by force and confiscate all the guns in the country ?? What else could it be ??

  • Full Freedom for Women

    All I know is that our next POTUS won’t be Hillary. I’m hoping for a peaceful revolution but the feel of the country is that it’s going to happen either way. Seriously considering sending my daughters to a safer place for a while. Imagine sending daughters away from US to safety? What has the world come to?

  • Walter S

    You have to be retarded if you believe this article. Here is why….the clinton foundation has been audited since 1998 by big name LLP and if the clinton foundation was caught procuring weapons not made in america (by law with a few exceptions), the auditing firm would go under due to conspiring with a client (that means PWC with 200 thousand employees wwould be out of a job now). If pwc does catch something illegal, they have to report it and prohibit tthemselves from auditing further with a public announcement.

    Any accountant knows that this is fake. This article was meant forr the uneducated.

    • Are you sure?

      I don’t trust anything I read on the internet or see on TV. However the auditing firm has done a very poor job of tracking the billions of illegal bribes and stolen money the foundation has funneled into the Clinton’s account.

      • Walter S

        If an auditing firm found suspicious, they have to quit the project immediately. They signed their name in blood and that’s due to sarbox 2002. What PWC and others do is check the procedures in place and check big size money transfers. They aint stupid to jeopardize their firm for one client.

        • At this point, do you really believe anyone with a brain believes the those who are “watching the watchers” are any less corrupt/or in league with those who have already corrupted the system, or are a corrupt part of the system, and that they are no less working against this nation and the interests of the American people? Your carefully worded answers remind me of the parsing of words that the Clinton’s have been using all along, and I don’t believe YOU any more than I would ever, in a million years, believe ANYTHING that they say. In short, I have no confidence in you, the system, certain not the Clinton’s (EVER!), or anything that comes out of Washington. We’ve been lied to so profoundly for so long, why should I believe anything anymore?

          • Georgann Casey


        • blzrbill

          Liberal scumbag. How has she gotten away with everything else.

          • Walter S

            Not a liberal scumbag, phallc face. Just a proud honest American. Disabled vet too.

        • Jim Trent

          You still sound idiotic. Yeah, because big companies have never done anything illegal and tried to hide it. Are you really that stupid?

          • Walter S

            Jim, are you that stupppid? Do you even know how Enron, Worldcom,and others were able to hide assets 16 years ago? It’s called Special Vehicle which Enron was able to sell things off their books to another entity which they owned. FASB put out an order to examine those. Moreover, they now have strict rules of market valuation. The clinton foundation isn’t selling shht. Moreover, now these days, auditors are forced to sign their name in blood so if something happens which they miss, they jeopardize their entire firm. PWC is jeopardizing their 200,000 employees right now by auditing the Clinton Foundation.

          • me2

            Didn’t the Clinton foundation amend their tax returns for the last five years prior to HRC declaring her bid for the Presidency? One year… fine. Five years??? Doesn’t that strike you as fishy? Hiding something? Maybe still hiding something?

        • Marion Drake-Calev

          Walter, auditing firms make mistakes all of the time, either by choice or by bribe… look at the Bernie Madoff scandal. So this audit position is hardly a defense for the Clinton Foundation.

          • Walter S

            Marion, hate to wreck your day (and it’s apparent you’re not in finance/accounting):

            Bernie used only one auditing firm: Friehling & Horowitiz, a strip mall company with only 3 employees. They went kaput of course afterward.

            Yes, you’re right auditing firms can make mistakes. That’s why they check all material sized invoices and payments. They also follow procedures to look at red flags a lot of which came after SARBOX 2002 which makes PWC liable for the welfare of 200,000 employees. PWC has a reputation at stake for signing up with the Clinton Foundation. You remember Arthur Anderson LLP? 72,000 employees lost their job overnight because of Enron. My colleagues who were never near Enron at all lost their jobs just because their other colleagues were shredding paper. But we all agree auditing has become more stringent and auditors now have a bigger, bigger responsibility since SARBOX 2002.

            As for Bernie’s auditor…if you are investing your retirement in a company whose auditor has only 3 employees, you’re an idiot.

            Any other question?

    • djdan

      so I guess the 6 billion dollars she “lost” was fake too?

      • Walter S

        6 billion in lost isnt lost and it has nothing to do with the foundation. the foundation is a charity. It’s contracts signed for 6 billion which our foreign affairs office called the dept of state know whom we paid but the contracts was difficult to find. Yes we did know whom we paid so it’s not lost. Moreover by law we would be paying mostly american contractors or europeans for the work.

        I can tell you we did accidently buy chinese made weapons and procure iranian boots but thats the dept of defense and bush was in office then. There was a congressional investigation on an american contractor in 2009 who bought chinese weapons to supply the afghans and iraqi soldiers. I happened to have caught the situation when i opened a box of weapons and there were simplified chinese writinngs on the crate and i happen to know a bit if defense dept laws we have to abide by. Do i blame the middle management for signing the contracts and do i blame bush and rumsfield? Only the middle management who signed the contract.

        • Oh, I just feel so much better that you explained that! The Six Billion Dollars ($6,000,000,000!) isn’t LOST…they just can’t “find the proper paperwork.” Well, that means that they just don’t know where the money is…which means…Oh! That means it’s lost!!!

          • Walter S

            Robert, ugh. did you not even read my comment or are you having problems learning English since you’re an immigrant?

          • DeplorableDebra


          • Walter S

            Telling you like it is. your’e just uncomfortable with the truth from a disabled vet who passed assault weapons to afghans and audited the heck out of our misused funds due to lack of oversight or laziness of fellow officers who rather watch foxnews and nfl back at the fob instead of being concerned with taxpayer money turned financially successful business person who worked with auditors and we just finished an audit.

            Lol. telling you like it is.

        • Jim Trent

          You’re an idiot. I should tell all the companies I owe money to that I paid them and the money isn’t lost. I just can’t find the proof I paid them. I sure hope you don’t control any money, especially other people’s money. If so I am betting that you will be one of those that poof all their money is gone and no idea what happened to it.

          • Walter S

            Jim, you’re lost and confused, kid.

          • lygamnt

            Hillary, Huma, Mills All under criminal investigation by FBI. I will never vote for anyone that is a known criminal. Your sticking up for a person that wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. While Trump helps our troops, the family of one of the Americans held in Iran and hundreds of other acts of kindness for Americans of all walks of life.

        • KawiRider503

          “Couldn’t find the paperwork” because there wasn’t any, and who in the hell doesn’t keep up with a 6 BILLION dollar contract.

          • Walter S

            1) i dunno. Im sure clinton would caught it if she knew when the paperwork problem for the 6 billion occurred between 2004-2011….though it probably be impossible until 2009 when she was able to run the state dept since bush, rice, and powell were working when it all started.
            2) i have worked with the state dept and DoD around that time of Bush and you know what? A lot of us were using personal emails. soldiers, state employees, etc etc. And yes, there were suspicious or questionable actions by my conservative employees (i know since watching foxnews with them in a kbr facility boots on ground) when they put an order to buy chinese made weapons and how we bought iranian made soap and uniforms. In all honesty, they likely didnt know they were violating us code.

    • So, Walter S…why is your photo of a hoodwinked (blindfolded) man throwing the Nazi Party salute? Is that some sort of not-so-subtle hint as to where your true loyalties lie, and what your aspirations for the nation really are? In that context, I am fascinated by your passionate defense of such an obviously and completely corrupt individual as HRC (not to mention her sleaze-bag husband) given that they’ve been playing these games for well over thirty years in Arkansas, and then while doing the “Potomac Two Step.” Please…why don’t you quit before you make a complete ass of yourself–you’re defending indefensible people, who are part of an obviously indefensible cartel of completely corrupt people who are pursuing completely corrupt ends. Certain things are just obvious, and this is one of them.

    • timithos

      What was it? 6 Billion unaccounted for…missing from the state department? cough cough

      • Walter S

        You have english comprehension problem, immigrant? Trump and yourself need to find some esl classes. The 6 billion that was spent in 2004-2011 (clinton started work in 2009) had paperwork problem but the auditors knew where the money went.


      • Robert Harold Knapman

        went to pay for “aids medication”….

    • djdan

      Walter, you are the only one on this post who doesn’t know what is really going on. You should leave this post, and realize that what you are saying is total horse shit. Wake up, open your eyes, and see the truth about the Scandalous, criminal activities of the Clintons. You are brain washed by the liberal media and need to take look with your own eyes.

    • DeplorableDebra

      Walter, no highly regarded auditors have ever looked at the Clinton Foundation

      • Robert Harold Knapman

        Just a bunch of Huma’s college friends

  • glendaleburbank

    The good news: Gun sales and possession by law abiding Americans is at a record all-time high in this country. That means: Patriots are “armed to the teeth” with guns and ammo….just in case. So yes, the story is true: There is an American waiting behind every blade of grass with a gun. This is indeed A REVOLUTION in every sense of the word. Change is coming…and Trump WILL indeed be leading that change. Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Amen and keep praying for justice.

  • Remmie

    Actually this would fit very nicely with the typical communist insurgency game plan. And as for the accountants going to jail for not catching on to the foreign gun buying,the Clinton Cartel has been laundering money for years, have multiple offshore accounts and many cronies who want a communist totalitarian America. Maybe we can get some good Dragunov battle fieldpick ups,not to mention a lot of AK’s. The Russians did not fare well against the Afghanis defending their homeland and I don’t believe Hilliary’s Hellions will fare any better against Americans once the snowflakes are weeded out.Gotta love stories like this! What a political PAW story it would make.

  • blzrbill

    lately killary has been on a rant about how we need to put women on a pedestal and denouncing Mr Trump for things he may or not have said or done to a bunch of liberal bimbos years ago. i have just one question. how many men did you see stuffing ballot boxes in this video?

  • The Bohemian Romantic

    said with a huge dose of sarcasm, I’m sure!

  • Wayne Frazzini

    It seems like somebody must be making this stuff up… BUT, when you consider the #Clinton’s, #Soros and the #NWO it’s all very believable.

    Someone’s idea of a joke on Trumsters??

    • Troubleshooter

      So, making up the PICTURE was a helluva trick, since it’s NOT Photoshopped. ‘Splain it for an ol’ Navy Gunner’s Mate, wouldja?

  • FFS

    OK, Who is stupid enough to believe this?

    • Wesley

      Because we have no way to verify and know, it would be stupid and foolish not to be prepared JUST IN CASE!!!! Worse things have been done and I damn sure don’t trust that bitch Clinton. She’s willing to kill whoever she has to in order to gain the coveted position of POTUS. And since you don’t know either, shut the fuck up and let everybody make up their own minds.

      • FFS

        There is a very easy way to know if this it true or not, its called common sense!
        But you do your doomsday prepping. Hey, remember when you nutters said Obama was planning martial law? what ever happened with that?

        • Brenda Gress

          He’s not out yet…..He can still do it.. Duh

        • lygamnt

          Actually that’s exactly what this article says Obama will do. Read the 2011 NDAA. Look at the amount of weapons and ammo bought for the Social Security admin. IRS USPS and EPA. Hollow point ammo is not used as the Obama Admin says for target practice and cannot be used in war. So why did they by it. It may not happen, but I like shooting so I will stock up on ammo and food. Be prepared is not something you should mock but take to heart.

          • DeplorableDebra

            bought up the hollow points to keep them out of citizen hands

          • lygamnt

            I 100% agree.

  • Kovax

    Why did this election fraud have place in Russian schools: Russian flag on one video and Russian national emblem on a ballot box on another?

  • Dalton

    Is there any evidence of the report?

  • Del

    That video is from Russia.

  • Leonard Wayne

    Nothing suspicious here, ladies and gentleman. Nothing at all.According to Hillary, She’s an amazing piece of a&& so I’m sure she is worth it.Never answered the question asking if she had spoken to Huma about laptop contents. Easy straight forward question, but she ducked it.

    AND she lied about the letter going only to Republicsns (later amended to “at first”). The letter was delivered to both sides of the House.

    Hillary, if you have nothing to hide, then answer the questions. Hillary, if you have nothing to hide, quit trying to “spin” stuff to your advantage.

    Very simple, be honest and upfront, if you can do that!She knows what they have on her . Trying her best to get people to vote early so they don’t see what she did; knows she’s going to lose a ton of votes when people finds out what she’s done!Gun sales and possession by law abiding Americans is at a record all-time high in this country. That means: Patriots are “armed to the teeth” with guns and ammo….just in case. So yes, the old saying is true: There is an American waiting behind every blade of grass with a gun. This is indeed A REVOLUTION in every sense of the word. Change is coming…and Trump WILL indeed be leading that change. Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Amen and keep praying for justice.

    • ✓ᵈᵉᵖᶫᵒʳᵃᵇᶫᵉ KeatonBuster

      The 2nd American Revolution is underway.

  • Palma Menno Rice

    Shared to Facebook. Democrats Stuffing the Ballot Boxes!! Nothing new – But on a Much Larger Scale this Time!!

  • David Hinson


  • Ahmed Abbassi Hijama


    ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!

    • David Brunt

      You Muslims never learn. How many times have you tried but been defeated. This time around you will be wipe off the face of the earth because Lord Jesus the king of king will rule the earth. Muslim scums will be burning in hell with there master the devil.

    • baldwrench

      You are all losers. we have you out manned and out gunned with many veterans to direct the Patriots.

      • baldwrench

        This is a holy war, we will have the support our Lord in heaven.

    • woodcutterron

      Yea . . .good luck with that . . .yawn.

    • lygamnt

      I will donate pay Moslems nothing but Pork and .556 lead slugs.

    • John Wright

      Php 2:5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:
      Php 2:6 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:
      Php 2:7 But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:
      Php 2:8 And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.
      Php 2:9 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:
      Php 2:10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
      Php 2:11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

      • Robert Harold Knapman

        Php 2:12 That men with diapers upon thy head shall pucker their lips and place them upon the ass of the Almighty Lord

    • dentabill

      mohammad was a pig-humping pedophile. islam is the practice of rabid dogs.

      • Robert Harold Knapman

        radical islam

        • mauna

          Radical, terrorists, they all follow the same Koran. No difference in them. The Koran tells them to kill all Infidels. An Infidel is someone who is NOT a muslim and does not follow Islam. Why are they in America which is a Christian nation? To take over from within. Obama and Hillary helped them tremendously in that respect. Hillary’s “Huma Abedin” is from a terrorist family and should have her security clearance revoked. Every department under Obama has a muslim either over it or in it. Even our defense department.

    • Sierra Dawson

      Have some bacon and calm down, your camel will be fixed in an hour or so.


      Mr Ahmed ,this is the DAYCARE calling ,your WIFE had an accident playing with the other kids .

    • Robert Harold Knapman

      Eati-mah shee-itah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Mull

    What they do not understand is they will start a civil war that will in turn become a revolution….. Mark my words that is what will happen….

  • baldwrench

    Now we know the approximate time of the Islamic uprising. Hillary bought 137 million in arms marked U.S. Mid November 2016. No doubt they are being delivered to the Islamist to begin their take over. Be prepared America, this war will be on our turf. Lock and Load.

    • Jack Frost ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Good……we can grab the guns and add illegal sale of weapons and violations of Federal Firearms Laws to Pedophila, Collusion, Obstruction of Justice, Bribery and then add the RICO charges……….can we say 1000 yr sentences………??

    • ✓ᵈᵉᵖᶫᵒʳᵃᵇᶫᵉ KeatonBuster

      A plausible plan, but it will never get off the ground. Intercept the weapons, lock up the corrupt criminals. It appears there are possibly more good guys in the government that are fighting the fight than we thought.

  • woodcutterron

    And if you buy this . . .you’ll buy this little piece of Jesus’ cross that looks coincidentally like half a toothpick! Come on folks, Hillary sucks, but . . .really?

  • Ben Silverstein

    NO Ahmed! Jews will dominate the world!!!!!! Soros owns Hillary and the entire electronic voting system. Rothschild has at least $500 Trillion. You stupid goyim Muslims wouldn’t be able to count all that money in 10 lifetimes. We can buy the entire planet with that money if we want to. We have nukes, we can wipe Iran, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan and any other Muslim country if we want to. You will all bow down to Jews not to Muslims! Keep dreaming Muslim boy! We already decide who is president anywhere in the world and we have already decided its Hillary! Hillary appears to be a friend of Muslims but she’s not, Hillary herself is Jewish, her daughter is Jewish, Huma is a Mossad agent, if given the order Hillary will wipe all you Muslims in a matter of minutes! We have the power, we have the money.
    America loves us no matter what we do, if we say: slay all Muslims, you will be slain in minutes. Trump also loves us but Hillary would make a better pawn so you know…

    You will not dominate anything you Muslim fuck, we will! Repeat after me: JEWS WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD!! Because we are the chosen people, read the Talmud if you don’t believe me! SHALOM!

    • Georgia Livingstone

      Guess you had it all wrong Dufus. Trump won the election. Guess he rigged it or maybe Soros owns both of them. Ooooo. New conspiracy! Idiots!

      • Robert Harold Knapman

        the election simply entertainment for Soros…

        • mauna

          Soros gave $500,000 to a democrat district attorney, Kim Ogg, to get her elected, and he did. Soros also gave $500,000 to each of five Judges and got them elected also. Soros wants to infiltrate the judicial system, and he is making pretty good strides. Soros needs to be arrested for treason. He is also behind the riots going on right now – Black Lives Matter is one group.

    • Leonard Bagdol

      Ben Silverstein, I love Israel and its people they have suffered much because of their unbelief in GOD out of ABRAHAM, ISACC AND JACOB came Israel but Israel will not rule the world until JESUS CHRIST comes back to save Israel from being destroyed and when that happens there will be judgement on this earth and the JUDGE will be the LORD and GOD JESUS CHRIST, the great I AM as HE told Moses to tell Israel who sent him back to Egypt to Lead them to the promise the Land. So if you are Jewish why are you so hateful you should rejoice because of your GOD who Loves His people. I am Brother Leonard. Shalom.

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