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Reason of WHY the FBI reopened Clinton Investigation Decoded

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Some of you may wonder and ask yourselves WHY has the FBI reopened the the Clinton email case. Anthony Weiner is just the surface reason.

FBI Director James Comey saw the mutiny within the FBI with many FBI agents revolting over his decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton back in July 2016.

So here’s the bombshell: Comey decided to reopen Hillary’s email investigation because he is fearing that he will get arrested and put behind bars for corruption and collusion in case Donald Trump wins.

He reopened the case, to create an escape route in case Trump wins. Its quite simple actually. James Comey did not provide any recent proof he stumbled upon and neither will he until the election is over. Yes he’s technically not allowed to but he could just indict Hillary in a second if he truly wanted just for lying to the FBI or wiping the server to get rid of all the evidence after receiving a congressional subpoena.

So if Hillary Clinton wins, Comey will simply close the case and declare that nothing substantial was found after all and it was a mistake to reopen the investigation, just like he did before.

If Donald Trump wins, he will finalize the investigation and put Hillary Clinton behind bars, then he will tell Donald Trump: “See? I was fair and I wasn’t corrupt! I DID arrest her after all and I did my job!” hoping to get away with what he did during the first investigation.

Make no mistake about it, this isn’t coincidence, Comey surely fears Trump’s retribution, the decision to reopen the investigation came just 1 single day after Trump called the FBI corrupt and called for a reopening of the investigation, see for yourself.

Trump is a pretty tolerant guy so this may actually work out for Comey. Trump wrongfully forgave many people! For example, after having an conflict with Paul Ryan and John McCain refusing to endorse Trump back in the primaries, Trump finally decided to forgive Ryan and McCain and ENDORSE them right before the Wisconsin congress elections. If Trump wasn’t soft regarding some of those traitors, he would have endorsed Paul Nehlen instead but he didn’t and it was a mistake as we now know.

Comey however will have to look authentic though and he will have to prove to Trump BEFORE the elections that he is truly on to something and that this isn’t just a political move. Don’t expect for Comey to go to hard because he’s well aware that if he goes too hard on Queen of the Underworld Hillary and she wins, then he will rot in jail for the rest of his life because Hillary is the revengeful type.

Just to prove the case that she is revengeful, look at what she did after Trump slammed Bill Clinton as a rapist during the 2nd debate. Before the 3rd debate even started, she paid a couple of skanks to go out and publically lie, falsely accuse Trump of raping and groping them. During the 2nd debate she was looking at Trump with hatred while he was speaking and she was looking like she was thinking to herself things similar to this: “Ohh yeah? F**k you! Wait till you see what I’ll do to you next time! You’re gonna regret this!” And YES she was even seen on live TV telling Trump “F**k you!” during the 2nd debate. Hillary was infuriated because Trump brought Bill’s rape victims up during that debate, but most people didn’t catch it! She was clearly infuriated and already plotting revenge in her mind.

So with that said, don’t expect Hillary Clinton to get indicted BEFORE the election. It’s not gonna happen. Comey is a weasel appointed by Obama. Basically he’s a Democrat. The funny thing is that even though he’s a Democrat in disguise, fellow Democrats are already calling Comey “traitor”, “Russian agent” and “Putin puppet” on Twitter. Everyone who disagrees with them must be a Russian agent these days. They really love their conspiracy theories. After all isn’t John Podesta interested in aliens, UFOs and Area 51? You can’t make this stuff up. Really funny stuff to watch those crazy liberals going full psycho.

But even if Comey is playing on the safe side with both candidates, Hillary would definitely sink her fangs into his neck for reopening the case, should she win. Even if he does NOTHING to her and just closes the case after a Hillary victory, she would still take her revenge. It’s in her character, she’s revengeful and besides its a classic mafia tactic, leave no traitor alive or among your ranks. She would at the very least replace him.

Additionally Comey wanted to calm down an FBI which was facing a full pitchfork revolution from within with many agents being angered by this. Jill McCabe, the wife of the FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe who investigated Hillary Clinton, received a $675.000 “donation” (bribe) from Hillary Clinton. The agents were angry. So this move to reopen the case was also strategic with his agents. It will calm the waters down for a while. If Hillary wins he will just tell the agents to go F themselves and look for a another job if they don’t like it, if Trump wins and Comey indicts Hillary after the election, the angry agents will be pleased.

Hillary probably has something on Comey on which she could blackmail him with but it won’t matter because IF he will do his job and arrest Hillary shortly after the election, Trump will be pleased and keep him on as the director. Yes, Hillary surely has something on Comey. Have you noticed how in her first statement regarding the reopening of the investigation, Hillary said this?: “The director himself has said he doesn’t know whether the emails referenced in his letter are significant or not. I’m confident whatever they are will not change the conclusion reached in July.

Whatever they are??? No matter what crimes they may reveal? So it doesn’t matter how bad they may be, she is CONFIDENT, it will not change his decision not to indict her. Why is she so “confident” one may ask? Because Hillary subtly sent a message to director Comey with that statement. It was something like “I don’t care what you found and if you do something to me now, you’re gonna regret it! I still own you, remember?” She basically reminded and threatened Comey with whatever she has on him. How come most American pundits didn’t catch this, is beyond us!

James Comey would prefer Hillary to win though because that’s why he didn’t indict her during the first investigation, but he’s gotta defend his ass by preparing for a different scenario, like a Trump victory so that’s exactly why he reopened the investigation now.

Trump will win in a landslide and Comey will most likely be fine should he prove himself worthy before the election and actually do something.

Expect more of those two-faced people to come out and do the same in the next days. Expect event he likes of CNN, New York Times to stop bashing Trump as everyone will have to prepare for the possibility of a Trump victory, out of fear of a huge retribution in case they don’t change. Remember those libel laws CNN?

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