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Pedophile CAUGHT ON CAMERA Joe Biden Threatens to PUNCH Trump

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In a normal society, in a normal democracy, Joe Biden would have been locked up a long time ago for being caught on camera molesting a minor girl and proposing to her to have sex. The whole ordeal was caught on camera!!! In a normal democracy, the girls parents would not even have to file a complain to the police. The police would AUTO-NOTICE ITSELF on the issue and investigate on its own without a formal complain from the parents. YES Americans this is exactly how the police functions in Europe and in the civilized world.

Now KNOWN PEDOPHILE Vice President Joe Biden who was CAUGHT ON CAMERA ACTUALLY MOLESTING A MINOR GIRL AND PROPOSING SEX TO HER, just gave the so-called US “authorities” another reason to be locked up and have the key thrown away so he can rot in jail for the rest of his life! He just THREATENED to beat Trump up with some coded language “I wish we were in high school, and I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish.

Listen to this, US VP Joe Biden was caught on camera with a hot mic whispering in the ear of 13-year-old Margaret Coons, the daughter of Democrat senator Chris Coons: “Come on, make me look better. By the way, do you have any idea how horny I am to have a 13-year-old girl standing right next to me? Talk to my daughter Ashley about the film. You’re a good looking girl!” The freakish VP is then heard loudly saying, while looking down at the girl: “Nice to see you guys, see you back home I hope!” And this isn’t the one and only time Biden is caught on camera groping children and being a predator. All you have to do is to search the internet for “Biden pedophile” and you will be stunned of how many examples you will find.

Uncle Pedo Joe not only threatened to beat someone up who just happens to be the freaking frontrunner presidential candidate and not just some random guy, but he also INCITED ALL THOSE DUMB YOUNG KIDS listening to him, TO VIOLENCE. He basically told them that its OK to beat people up, just take em behind the gym where no one can see you, bully them and beat em up!

Joe Biden made those remarks regarding Trump’s pussy tape from some 11 years ago where he only said that he took a hot chick to furniture shopping and then he wanted to bang her but he eventually didn’t because she didn’t want to. Hoe Biden said that the whole thing was “a textbook version of sexual assault”. WTF??? Flirting and hitting on someone of the opposite sex, “sexual assault”??? Is this pedophile grandpa on heroine??

Ohhh the horror! A grown up man wanted to have sex with a grown up woman! The horror! Ohhh my gosh! We should stop procreating people! No more sex and no more DESIRE to have sex. TOTAL abstinence! The lack of shame Joe has is unmeasurable…. look who has decided to lecture on morals and purity of all people, a freaking pedophile who should have been locked up a long time ago if there was any kind of “authority” or “rule of law” in America. But there isn’t, it’s chaos, its a jungle, a banana republic. People in position of power can do anything and get away with it.

The mainstream media won’t condemn Joe Biden on his dumb irresponsible remarks and have no doubt about it.

In closing as an observation from us, a European news organization, we would like to tell our American readers that WE BASICALLY SEE LITTLE TO NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE US MEDIA AND THE STATE MEDIA OF KIM JONG UN’s NORTH KOREA.

Sorry to say this guys but what you have its just pure state propaganda, very similar to what they have in North Korea! The only freedom you still have compared to North Korea, is the internet. You won’t have that for long either since Obama gave it to the UN. Trump could take the internet back but you have to elect him first.

Our European media is also corrupt and TENDS TO BE one sided, but its nowhere near as corrupt as the media in America. You guys really need to change the system by electing Trump and locking up some of those above-the-law corrupt bastards such as Clinton, Biden, Comey, Bush, the head of CNN, New York Times and a bunch of other freaks.

With that said, I bet Trump could beat Joe anytime, he’s much taller, stronger and powerful than he is.

Here’s the actual video of Joe Biden being you average pedo who you would avoid at any cost normally but in the US is “the esteemed Vice President of the United States”:

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  1. Exposing Milabs says:

    I didn’t realize that was his own quote, just a meme for how it looked. He’s disgusting. Too bad she can’t talk about it. If she could, I’m sure Uncle Joe would find himself with a perfectly timed accident.

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