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NEW Wikileaks Emails Confirm Project Veritas Videos as 100% AUTHENTIC

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James O’Keefe III’s Project Veritas was proven right again by CNN and WikiLeaks.

A video released by O’Keefe earlier this week showed Hillary Clinton and the DNC actively planning and executing violent protests at Trump events.

The Hillary campaign and DNC organized violence at TRUMP RALLIES!

Additional information to support these allegations was released by WikiLeaks this past week as well.

Per the video below, Wikileaks emails describe the planned anti-Trump protests by Democrat leaders.

CNN covered the planned anti-Trump rallies and you can see the signs match EXACTLY the same messages that were discussed in the Wikileaks emails.

And the same protest leaders from the Project Veritas videos are seen leading these anti-Trump rallies.

Ted Cruz among all people was the first to demand a criminal investigation into the Democratic Party for large scale Mafia-style collusion, corruption, violence and voter fraud! WOW just WOW! What happened to Ted Cruz??? Has he hit his head and seen the light?? Doesn’t he know he was supposed to be a vicious evil traitorous snake??? Has he forgotten that he and that other rat Marco Rubio blamed Trump himself for the Chicago violence back then?

Maybe is he playing the game Paul Ryan and John McCain played, pretend to be on Trump’s side, earn Trump’s endorsement only to get reelected in Texas as a senator, then show off his true colors allover again? Who knows… but we applaud him for standing up to the Dems. However this does NOT get him off our RINO Blacklist! Do NOT reelect this Republican In Name Only!

During his glorious Gettysburg speech, Trump vowed to sue for defamation all the women who falsely accused him of all kinds of sexual allegations after the elections are over. Along with those women he also said that he will sue the media for spreading these defamatory lies. Trump stressed that he will sue them regardless of if he wins or loses.

Shortly after Trump’s Gettysburg speech, James O’Keefe tweeted this to Trump:

“Don’t file that lawsuit quite yet, @realDonaldTrump, more video coming that HRC was personally involved in directing what happens at rallies.”

3 hours later James O’Keefe tweeted again to Trump, adding that this third video will also include Donna Brazile along Hillary Rotten Clinton:

Anything happens to me, there’s a deadman’s switch on Part III, which will be released Monday. @HillaryClinton and @donnabrazile implicated.

The new Wikileaks email ID 8282 reveals that those signs used by agitators and instigators of violence were all directed by the DNC.

  • GOP + Trump: Dangerous, Divisive, Deceitful
  • Reject the Trump-Ryan Agenda
  • Dump Trump
  • Love Trumps Hate (HFA tagline)
  • Say No to Bigotry / Say No to Trump
  • Trump + GOP = Make America Hate Again (I like this one the best)

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