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Mexicans Beat California Woman in Her Yard for Trump Sign Then Proudly Post Video Online

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A group of Hillary supporting Mexicans drove around Lemoore, California to steal Trump signs. They both drove from where they live, in Hanford with their car, specifically to steal Trump signs.

One young blonde white woman resisted their thievery so they beat her in her own front yard. One of the Mexican thugs, video recorded the whole thing then proudly posted the video online. The two thugs have been identified as Angel Mendoza and Rolando Vega but they are still free and posting on Twitter like nothing happened. No police visit, no anything, YET.

Angel Mendoza claimed on Twitter: “All he did was record a nigga sock a girl tf y’all brazy for thinking it was me that smacked her.” but his previous tweet clearly shows that he was involved:

He also tweeted multiple times “F**k Donald Trump nigga” using the exact same hood-language like the thugs in the video.

Rolando Vega’s Twitter account says that he is from Hanford California which is only 8.5 miles away from Lemoore.

In one of Angel Mendoza’s tweets he warns his thug friend Rolando Vega that white people are trying to get them arrested over their videos. Rolando Vega changed his Twitter handle from @AsvpStreaker to @ExplicitRo and also changed his Twitter account from Public to Private. Many, including the American Mirror believed that he deleted his account altogether but he didn’t he just changed his handle.

A third person, a Mexican woman also seems to be involved with them in a second video, she is heard giggling in the car while they proudly continue to steal signs and sing “F**k Donald Trump”. Its possible that the woman’s name is Thalia Denise though its not a fact, just a speculation.

Why aren’t these thugs in jail? Obama’s America.

Of course, this will never make any headlines in the disgusting mainstream media.

Hundreds of Trump supporters have been assaulted this year and thousands have lost their Trump signs (including me).

They corrupt media will NEVER report on this violence. The leftist violence needs to be addressed and Hillary Clinton needs to be legally held responsible for inciting her supporters to HATE and violence. Her supporters are literally HATEFUL bigots. During her speeches she hangs huge “Love Trumps Hate” banners, brainwashing her supporters to HATE Trump and his supporters.

Hillary needs to be held responsible because her leftist voters violence is getting out of control and she is inciting to civil war because it won’t be long until Trumps supporters have enough of it and start responding and fighting back and then, its hell on Earth.

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  • Dindo Nuttin

    Wire the signs to an electrical current. Either that or shoot these thugs.

    • valleygirl1981

      The latter sounds the best.

  • marco

    this is are land orale we keel u gabacho bichz


    Mutts born in Mexico in the USA committing crimes talking likes blks who come from Africa.

    Yeah I feel your pain?….WTF!

  • Nick Jaos

    White people look like feet.

  • valleygirl1981

    It’s a good thing the stupid Mexicans’ IQ’s are so low that they incriminated themselves. They need to be locked up including the woman laughing. They went to that city to trespass on others’ properties, steal property, and to commit bodily harm if anybody tried to stop them, it was more than one crime. Premeditated all the way. These feckless idiots are dangerous and need to be taken off of the street.

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