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Lester Holt ILLEGALLY Wore Earpiece During Debate

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The first presidential debate happened on Monday night and millions of viewers were furious when it became clear that Lester Holt had rigged the debate for Trump.

Now, Holt is finding himself in hot, hot water after this video just leaked.

This was originally reported by Truthfeed and showed that Holt wore an earpiece while moderating the debate.

THIS IS ILLEGAL. It was reported PRIOR to the debate by Fox News, Newsmax and many others that earpieces are going to be banned for whatever purpose they are planned to be used! Scumbag leftist website Snopes.com promoted by Google by always ranking first in their search results (use Yandex.com much better), as usual branded the story as “FALSE” claiming that earpieces were allowed! No they aren’t!

The Federal Election Commission does not allow moderators to wear earpieces. Holt blatantly violated the rules.

This came after the Denver Post released his poll that showed that more viewers thought that Holt did a terrible job moderating the debate.

67% of people thought that Holt was a bad moderator and only 33% thought that he did a good job.

*** Do you think that Holt was a terrible moderator? Yup!

But it doesn’t matter. Check out the latest Trump rally. He won that debate in the eyes of the people. Seriously, you could probably fit 30 of Hillary’s rallies in this 1 Trump rally.

Share this if you think that Hillary Cheated! Make it known patriots! Comment ‘HILLARY CHEATED’ below in the comments!

Then share this! America needs to know that she cheated.


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