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Julian Assange Just Dropped A BOMB On Hillary That Has Her Crawling On The Floor!

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How fake is Hillary Clinton? The media helps her get away with her political fakery. Let’s consider this as an example. The newest Wikileaks release shows an email chain that shows just how much the media works for her.

But, It’s an entirely different thing to see it written out so clearly in front of you. Here is an email talking about how Hillary was given the questions by Chris Hayes at MSNBC.

[…] HRC is going to call into Chris Hayes’ show this afternoon to do her tax hit. How does this look to you guys? (link to email chain)

Chris Hayes then lied about the interview and said that it was pre-taped with Hillary. Here is a video that exposes their stinkin’ lies.

Here is Hillary’s full response. You can see her reading it word for word to Chris Hayes above.

“As you know Chris, right now, the super-wealthy and big corporations use every trick in the book to game the system and avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes. It’s not right. So today, I proposed adding a new “fair share surcharge” on multi-millionaires and closing loopholes to make it harder to game the system. (I’m also pushing for the Buffett Rule, which sets a minimum rate for those at the top, and other reforms like closing the carried interest loophole that allows some hedge fund managers to pay a lower rate than teachers or a nurses.) I’m proposing every idea I can to finally make those at the top actually pay their fair share.”

*** It is happening! We are reaching communist levels of propaganda!

It is disgusting. Everyone in the media is working with Hillary. They are like an arm of her campaign. But I know that American patriots are tired of this B.S. Aren’t we?

*** Share this 1 million times. Americans need to know that Hillary thinks that they are just tools to get her elected. (h/t Heavy, Infowars)

She doesn’t even think you are that sharp of tools.


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