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Jill Stein On Fire: "Crooked Corporate Democrats! Waste of Votes! Traitors! Monsters!"

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WOW! Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is on fire! After previously blasting Hillary Clinton, accusing her of basically being a scary psychopath who “would start World War 3 with Russia“, Jill is now warning liberal progressives not to throw away their vote by supporting corporatist Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton because she is a “two faced public and private position, corporatist who takes Wall Street special interest big donor money, traitor who would betray you, a crook who controls the media, a monster and your votes would be wasted on her” in what is basically a summary of what Jill Stein said.

Don’t waste your vote on corporate Democrats. #InvestYourVote,” Stein wrote on Twitter on Wednesday:

“If Trump’s campaign is flailing, does a “spoiler” vote even exist anymore? Don’t waste your vote on corporate Democrats.”

Stein then retweeted a statement from the Green Party’s official Twitter account which read, “It’s time to #InvestYourVote in building a people’s party – not waste your vote on corporate party candidates that continue to betray you.”

“Unlike the Democrats and Republicans, we don’t cuddle up to Wall Street and special interests with our ‘public’ and ‘private’ positions,” Stein added in a separate tweet, referring to the recent WikiLeaks revelation that Hillary Clinton said that politicians need to have “both a public and private position” on every issue:

“Unlike the Democrats and Republicans, we don’t cuddle up to Wall Street and special interests with our “public” and “private” positions.”

And she’s right the Republicans are in the same boat! People like Paul Ryan, John McCain, there’s no doubt about it, they are just as corrupt as the Democrats. Its only Donald Trump himself who is not bound to any Wall Street special interests and who doesn’t accept donations from big banks, but other Republicans are just as corrupt as your average Democrats. That’s why GOP elites are not endorsing Trump. Trump himself is also at war with the GOP establishment.

Stein observed that “corporations were originally chartered to serve the public good, but they’ve become monsters that dominate our government.”

Stein has previously explained that the liberal progressive agenda–on health care, crime, climate change, trade, etc.– cannot be accomplished under a corporatist like Hillary Clinton. Stein argued that a Clinton presidency will simply be the continuation of the policies supported by Washington’s “uniparty,” which is controlled by special interest donors–and will not in any way advance the goals of liberal progressives.

Seeming to borrow Trump’s moniker for Clinton, Stein also attacked DNC chair Donna Brazile for her “crooked” behavior– providing Clinton’s campaign with a question in advance for a town hall as Clinton was trying to defeat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary:

“Invest your vote in a movement party, not in more crooked behavior from the Democrats! PodestaEmails4 http://thehill.com/media/300427-emails-donna-brazile-gave-town-hall-questions-to-clinton-camp-in-advance “

Stein is a Harvard Medical School graduate, a mother to two sons, and a practicing physician, who became an environmental-health activist and organizer in the late 1990s. As the Green Party’s 2012 presidential candidate, Stein holds the record for the most votes ever received by a female candidate for president in a general election.

While third party Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has received quite a bit of media attention throughout this election, Stein said that she has experienced a virtual media blackout. Stein urged supporters to help her “#BreakTheBlackout from corporate media.

Stein suggested that the reason for the media blackout stems is because she is an effective messenger against Washington’s “uniparty.”

“I debated @MittRomney in 2002 and was declared the winner by viewers. After that they locked me out of the debates,” Stein tweeted. “The Democratic and Republican candidates + @GovGaryJohnson refuse to debate me because they’re scared. #OccupyTheDebate”:

“Help us #BreakTheBlackout from corporate media – go to http://Jill2016.com and sign up to join our team! #GreenTownHall”

WOW! Her anti-Hillary rants have been really strong lately! Its nice to finally see someone else take on the crooked Democrats with such anger. Seeing Trump doing all the ranting all by himself is really nice but now its even better. Perhaps the two should meet and discuss some sort of alliance. Jill Stein could be an effective messenger to the Bernie voters. Perhaps Trump could make her the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency or something, since she’s Green.

In exchange Jill should of course drop out and ask her 2% voter base to vote Trump. She should also keep bashing the Democrats and target Bernie Sanders’s people to vote Trump. Wouldn’t be such a bad idea, wouldn’t it??

Yeah, it’s too far-fetched… we agree!


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3 Responses to " Jill Stein On Fire: "Crooked Corporate Democrats! Waste of Votes! Traitors! Monsters!" "

  1. angrywhiteman says:



    Just Search Twitter for “#HillaryTracker” “#WhereIsHillary” and you find this picture

    When you are at it, please watch:
    Hillary’s America/Chronicles Shocking Documentary/Movie!!
    Clinton Cash
    Lying Crooked Hillary

    Donate $10, 35, 50 or 100, anything will do https://www.donaldjtrump.com/

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  2. Littlebitm says:

    imagine a party so priviledged that they will steal the election from their own members and consider themselves to be the better choice

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  3. Matthew Mixon says:

    we must create a new political party or support other parties other than the main two if we ever hope to create real change in our country

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