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Even Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein who has similar socialist ideas to Bernie Sanders is now warning America NOT TO VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON because she will START A NUCLEAR WAR WITH RUSSIA!

Unlike fake socialist Bernie Sanders who betrayed his supporters and keeps doing so even after more devastating info is coming out of Wikileaks, Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein will not be selling out to Hillary this election season.

Letting it loose on social media, Stein denounced Hillary’s candidacy for POTUS, saying, “a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war.”

While Jill Stein is certainly no fan of GOP candidate Donald Trump, a position she made perfectly clear during an interview with CSPAN, she said Hillary would bring a calamity on the world that Donald Trump won’t.

It is now Hillary Clinton that wants to start an air war with Russia over Syria by calling for a no fly zone.

We have 2000 nuclear missiles on hairtrigger alert. They are saying we are closer to a nuclear war than we have ever been.

Under Hillary Clinton, we could slide into nuclear war very quickly from her declared policy in Syria.

I sure won’t sleep well at night if Donald Trump is elected, but I sure won’t sleep well at night if Hillary Clinton elected. We have another choice other than these two candidates who are both promoting lethal policies.

On the issue of war and nuclear weapons, it is actually Hillary’s policies which are much scarier than Donald Trump who does not want to go to war with Russia.

He wants to seek modes of working together, which is the route that we need to follow not to go into confrontation and nuclear war with Russia.

In the same interview, Jill Stein also slammed the Clintons for their economic policies, expanding wars, massive bailouts of Wall Street, offshoring of US jobs and praised Donald Trump for his opposition to NAFTA and the TPP. It almost sounds like an endorsement though we don’t wanna rush to conclusions.

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