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Imam Beaten on LIVE TV with a Shoe For Saying Women Don’t Have to Wear Burka

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A Sydney imam was attacked and beaten with a shoe while live on air on an Egyptian talk show after saying women do not have to wear the burka.

Mostafa Rashid was discussing whether Muslim women should wear headscarves when Egyptian lawyer Nabih al-Wahsh took off his shoe and beat him round the head with it.

Keep in mind Egypt is considered to be one of those “moderate” Muslim countries. What would happen in one of those secular radical countries such as Iraq or Afghanistan if an Imam said the same thing on Live TV? Have his head chopped off on air?

Jihad Watch reported:

Imam beaten with shoe live on Egyptian TV show for saying Muslim women don’t have to wear veil.

Here is yet another indication of why we don’t see more genuine and sincere Muslim reformers.

“Shoes and Chairs Go Flying in Egyptian TV Studio When Debate Turns into ‘Freestyle Wrestling,’” MEMRI, September 26, 2016:

TV host Mohamed Al-Ghiety complained of exhaustion and of low blood pressure after his two guests, Egyptian lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh and and self-proclaimed “Mufti of Australia” Mostafa Rashid, got into a physical fight following an exchange of insults between the Islamist lawyer Al-Wahsh and Sheikh Rashid, who is known for his ultra-permissive fatwas, including one that permits the consumption of alcohol. Although the show went off air after accusations of apostasy and mental illness were exchanged, Al-Ghiety returned to the set after a 13-minute commercial break, and aired the footage of the brawl twice, with running commentary. The program aired on the Egyptian LTC TV channel on September 26.

Rashid, a moderate professor of Sharia Law, was previously condemned a few years ago after he stated that alcohol was not forbidden by the Quran in small quantities, while admitting that holy teachings prohibited being drunk, he said there was nothing wrong with having a small social drink.

The beating starts at minute 2:03

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