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Hillary & her Spokesman: "F**K YOU Trump", ZERO Media Outrage

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Hillary was caught cursing Trump during the debate, she dropped the F bomb when she thought the camera wasn’t filming her.

The above clip from the debate happened as Trump was talking about health care. Hillary wasn’t willing to interrupt Trump, but she was pretty willing to show what she thought of the Republican nominee. So, how did Hillary handle the loss? In the most Hillary way humanly possible: by cursing out Donald Trump. The F bomb was discovered by The Conservative Tribune.

It was a rough night for Crooked Hillary. She lost. Trump tore her to shreds and Hillary’s spokesman Jesse Lehrich tells Trump to “Go f*ck yourself!” on Twitter in the middle of the debate.

Absolutely ZERO media outrage… is it any surprise? America needs to punish and teach the establishment a lesson. Too much arrogance. They think the American people are stupid, show them you are not! Whenever Trump sneezes, its 24 hours of constant Trump-bashing. Hillary on the other hand, she can do anything she wants and always gets a free-pass. No bashing, no criticism, nothing.

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2 Responses to " Hillary & her Spokesman: "F**K YOU Trump", ZERO Media Outrage "

  1. Abe says:

    I don’t see it, but I believe it!

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  2. AndreaNY says:

    Only people we have seen voting for this POS are those social justice warriors that keep showing their true colors by running their jaws spewing their stupidity.

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