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Hillary Clinton’s “Sudden Move” Of $1.8 Billion To Qatar Central Bank Stuns Financial World

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An intriguing Ministry of Finance (MoF) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that elite Western bankers were “stunned/bewildered” a few hours ago after the Bank For International Settlements (BIS) registered a $1.8 billion transfer from the Clinton Foundation (CF) to the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) through the “facilitation/abetment” of JP Morgan Chase & Company (JPM)—and for reasons yet to be firmly established. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, the Bank for International Settlements is the world’s oldest international financial organization and acts as a prime counterparty for central banks in their financial transactions; the Qatar Central Bank is the bank of that Gulf State nations government and their “bank of banks”; JP Morgan Chase & Company is the United States largest “megabank”; and the Clinton Foundation is an international criminal money laundering organization whose clients include the Russian mafia.

With Hillary Clinton’s US presidential campaign Chairman John Podesta having longstanding ties to the Russian mafia and money laundering, this report continues, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) maintains “complete/all times/all ways” surveillance of him and his criminal associates—including both Hillary Clinton and her husband, and former US President, Bill Clinton, and who are collectively designated as the “Clinton Crime Family”.

On Saturday 15 October (2016), this report notes, the SVR reported to the MoF that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta met with JP Morgan Chase & Company CEO Jamie Dimon at Clinton’s Chappaqua Compound outside of New York City—and who, in 2009, both President Obama and Hillary Clinton allowed to break US laws by his, Dimon’s, being able to buy millions-of-dollars of his company’s stocks prior to the public being told his JP Morgan bank was receiving a Federal Reserve $80 billion credit line—and that caused JP Morgan’s stocks to soar and that have had an astonishing 920% dividend growth since 2010.

Within 12 hours of the Hillary Clinton-John Podesta-Jamie Dimon meeting at the Chappaqua Compound, this report continues, the BIS registered the transfer of $1.8 billion from the Clinton Foundation to the Qatar Central Bank.

To why the Clinton Foundation transferred this enormous sum of money to Qatar, this report explains, is due to the longstanding ties between this Islamic neo-patrimonial absolute monarchy and then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who “oversaw/managed” the “massive bribery scheme” that allowed this Gulf State nation to secure the 2022 World Cup—and that the Qataris were so appreciative of they donated millions to the Clinton Foundation, and incredibly, in 2011, gave former US President Bill Clinton $1 million for a birthday present—bringing Hillary Clinton’s total “cash grab” from these Persian Gulf sheiks of $100 million—all occurring as recently released secret emails revealed Hillary Clinton’s knowledge that both Qatar and Saudi Arabia were, and still are, funding ISIS.

To what Jamie Dimon “related/said to” Hillary Clinton that caused her to suddenly transfer $1.8 billion to Qatar, this report notes, revolves around his JP Morgan bank being told by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in April (2016) that this “megabanks” master plan to save itself had “serious deficiencies” that could “pose serious adverse effects to the financial stability of the United States”.

Two months after the FDIC’s warning letter to Jamie Dimon, in June (2016), this report says, he cryptically “sounded a warning” that the United States sub-prime auto loan bubble was nearing collapse and stated that “someone is going to get hurt”.

Unbeknownst to the American people, MoF experts in this report explain, is that just 8 weeks ago multiple warnings began to be issued that the United States $1 trillion sub-prime auto loan bubble was beginning to collapse—and that this past week became so severe the Bank of America issued a recession warning telling its elite customers that “this market is scary”, and the British-based multinational banking and financial services company HSBC, likewise, issued a “Red Alert” warning all of its clients warning them to “prepare for a severe market crash”.

With one of the first “victims/casualties” of this sub-prime auto loan bubble being the German global banking giant Deutsche Bank that is “nearing its doom” and laying off tens-of-thousands of it workers worldwide, this report grimly states, the American mainstream propaganda media is failing to allow the people of that nation to know the full extent of this looming catastrophe—who unlike Hillary Clinton who has just protected $1.8 billion of her wealth, will be left defenseless once again at the hands of their elite rulers.

As Wikileaks secret Hillary Clinton emails have now proven that the US propaganda mainstream media is now totally controlled by her, and who continue their blackout on the “Clinton Crime Story of the Century”, this report continues, the absolutely horrifying statistics released this week showing that an astounding 35% of American who have been brutalized by the Obama-Clinton regime these past 8 years are so buried in debt they can no longer pay their bills is, likewise, being kept from these most innocent of peoples.

And rather than the US propaganda mainstream media warning the American people of their economies looming destruction, this report concludes, they have, instead, begun a “systemic mainstream misinformation” campaign to manipulate the presidential election polls showing Hillary Clinton leading—but that stands opposed to actual (but unreported) polls showing Donald Trump leading.

Critical Note: A highly classified SVR amendment to this MoF report states that upon Qatar receiving Hillary Clinton’s $1.8 billion earlier today, one of that sheikdoms royal places was “ordered emptied” in preparation for the “early November arrival” of a “high value” dignitary—Hillary Clinton perhaps?


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  • Greg Bryant

    The Clintons, George H.W. Bush, and the CIA have been working together since their drug smuggling operations at Mena, Arkansas back in the 70’s which was part of the Iran/Contra weapons for drugs deal. The U.S. produces weapons but doesn’t want its citizens to have any so they trade them for drugs which they’re all too willing to sell to Americans. This is truly organized crime and the citizens of the U.S. have been suffering at their hands for half a century, but since they control the press, few people know about it. I remember though.

    • Michael L

      Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas not Bush.

      • Greg Bryant

        Bush was vice president under Reagan and former head of the CIA. Clinton was Governor of Arkansas. Together they were flying cocaine into Mena, Arkansas and weapons into Central America.

        • Greg Bryant

          The whole funding of rebels deal like Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL has been going on for a long time. Watch the videos on YouTube about the Mena Connection, the Mena Cover-up, CIA drug smuggling, etc.

          • Greg Bryant

            I apologize, I said the 70’s, but Iran/Contra was the 80’s. My bad.

        • Michael L

          Do you have even an ounce of proof that any
          Bush was involved in this wing nut conspiracy
          theory of yours? Roger Clinton is on audio saying
          “…my brother has a nose like a vacuum cleaner…”

          Sounds like the Clinton’s did this alone.

          • Greg Bryant

            Off the top of my head, I only remember that Barry Seal, the main smuggler had George HW Bush’s private phone number in his pocket when he was gunned down and that George W Bush was flying around in one of the planes that Barry Seal was using in the smuggling operation, other than that I’ll have to go back and refresh myself because I know that’s not good enough for you. Get back to you later. Oh, but the whole thing was about smuggling guns into Central America in exchange for drugs and I guess you figure Arkansas was backing the Contras. I’ll have to think about that one.

          • Greg Bryant

            Oh yeah, and Barry Seal was assassinated after threatening George HW Bush that he would release a video of George W. and Jeb Bush picking up 2 kilos of cocaine at a Florida airport which Barry had flown to them from Mena. It was filmed as part of a DEA sting, but DEA wasn’t pre-warned that it was the Bush kiddos receiving the drugs. You know what really burned me personally was that George W. was a known cocaine user in Texas when I lived out there but when he became Governor he did away with all the drug treatment plans Ann Richards had set up and advocated just locking up drug abusers. What a hypocrite!

          • Greg Bryant

            I believe I remember the execution rate in Texas skyrocketing under George W.’s leadership. Is it any wonder he killed so many as President? He seems to like it.

          • Greg Bryant

            Trump has distanced himself from the mainstream Republicans. He’s an outsider to the corrupt Washington power base and that’s one of the reasons people like him.

          • Louise Samysam

            Yes. Trump is not a real Republican. He only went with them because he knew that independents never get anywhere. It’s always between the Reps and Dems. So he infiltrated them. He’s really an independent.

          • Louise Samysam

            Impossible. Anyone can say anything. Doesn’t make it true.

          • Michael L

            I heard the audio of Roger saying it.

        • Jordan

          I met a woman who said she used to be in the cocaine smuggling business working for them. She got tired of the work and being addicted, quit it, and she started being clean for several years until a car accident left her with neck injuries..thinking she’d better be safe than sorry, took tramadol for pain instead of narcotics, and it killed her liver… that was a couple years ago, and I haven’t seen her since. Big Pharma, and the FUCKED UP government……..

          • Louise Samysam

            Big Pharma is as bad. More people die of pharmaceuticals than anything else.

    • eaglesoars

      Mena airport. You know, back then, when Robert Barteley (I think that was hisname) was the editorial page editor of WSJ he wrote editorial after editorial about that. I thought he was out of his freaking mind.

  • bonni✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Tax Evasion???

    • Pop_Korn

      Since she donates all of her income to charity (the Clinton Crime Foundation) taxes aren’t a worry for her. It is mostly escape funds to avoid prosecution while living like royalty.

      • Brian

        LOL. 8% of it goes to actual charity.

        • Danfire

          Less than that!

          • Louise Samysam

            Ask the people of Haiti. Clintons make me puk. Especially the pedophile part.

  • hadit

    This explains in simpler terms ….more like a haven to escape to…wonder why the Clintons recently purchased the home next door to them tho’? That would not compute.

    • Partysover

      As a decoy?

  • hadit

    Jim Comey’s brother would know. He does their taxes.

  • Ahmed Abbassi Hijama


    White Christian men who repent and convert to Islam and fight against USA will be forgiven and rewarded with 4 women of choice to be their wives!

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    • Lisa Bragg Leavitt

      LOL —what do the women get? 4 useless men?? who wants to be that woman? ewwww

      • Ahmed Abbassi Hijama

        4 men for 1 woman??????????? no! only 1 man! in Islam women can have only 1 man!

        Koran Tabari IX: 25
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        • Glenn Galloway

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        • Jordan

          You see, he only wants to make her pregnant. He enjoys having sex with other men, namely children, preferably his own sons.

          • Jordan

            and the occasional chicken or goat when they don’t have access to their children…Just wait for the time when the anti-matter weapons sweep across you. Screw nukes, we have better.

        • Louise Samysam

          The Dark AGES are long gone. Why do you still live in them? Only perverts want 4 women. Your women don’t want you. They are nothing but slaves. How would you like to be a woman and have to live like they do? Or do you ever even think about that? It’s called empathy and caring and love. I suppose your kind knows nothing of these things.

    • Samir

      Forget about it brother! Do not waste your time with كفّار! Soon الجهاد will be upon them!

      • Louise Samysam

        So you’re one of them too. You people don’t learn. You can’t make people believe what you want them to believe anymore than we can change your beliefs. Ever ask yourself why you believe what you believe or if it makes any sense? I doubt it. You were raised with that belief system and it’s all just brainwashing. If you had any critical thinking skills, you would ask yourself if there is any logic to it. What would you even want 72 virgins for anyway? Why can’t you just live and let live? Is it because your illogical religion tells you to kill everyone who does not believe as you do? You have a few billion to kill if that’s what you believe. If you like killing so much, why don’t you go kill those bastards who are keeping the world in slavery? You know those filthy rich satanists that run the world. If you did that, at least you would accomplish something good and free your people and ours. You’re in the 21st Century; not the Dark Ages;or haven’t you noticed?

    • Biff Marty

      Why the fuck is no one banning those Muslims??

      • Jasmine

        Because they value free speech… just saw it in their top “About” page

    • Richard Haven

      fuck off goat shagger mohamed was a nonce and allah sucks pigs dick

      • Louise Samysam

        I read Mohammed was a pedophile too. No wonder they are too. Lets emulate our idol. Sickos. Makes me want to say the F word but I’m a lady.

    • Joey888

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      • Joey888

        Psalm 91 is my FAVORITE!

    • rascallyrabbit

      How Neanderthal, how true, though sarcastic! Islam DOES offer sorta what you say, and shows how Islam thinks of women, as lesser than. Islamists will never know true love, in a relationship based on trust, love and devotion. Islamists depend on fear alone. This is my husband’s and my 50th year of marriage. Know you are a hoaxster, but hope people who read it, realize how sad and true Islamic “love” truly is.

    • Glenn Galloway

      Islam is a group of boys that want to have sex with animals.
      They are homosexual pedifiles, with sh*t 4 brains
      Thank God for the 2nd ammendment. Protection against fools. I thank Christ Jesus
      Ahmed abbass pajama: you and your butt buddies can just dream on… beast lovers u are

      • Jordan

        I am homosexual, but I’m no pedophile.. and what I heard from friends who served the military during the Afghan war is HORRENDOUS….. they had children in remote areas of the desert.. no idea how they got there or sustained themselves… taking turns… full of disease. Glad to know they didn’t report on it, but got rid of the mess, so to speak. It’s one of the reasons there are so many with PTSD (especially from Marines) after that war. Seeing how sick these sons of bitches are. They hide in secret on Mondays for “man-hump Monday”, yet want to call out “fags”? Come on, Allah, strike those infidels down! Someone will.

        • Louise Samysam

          Hypocrite sickos. Funny how it’s only men. Women aren’t even allowed to be human. Our animals are treated better.

      • Louise Samysam

        pajama. haha

    • judy

      TROLL-TROLL- Go back in your hole! This, folks, is what Hillary’s stolen money is buying….brainless blather from some Arab!

    • stellar1

      Fuck you…

    • Jordan

      I know several in the military who went to Afghanistan, who explicitly stated that MUSLIM MEN declared Mondays “Man Hump Mondays” in secret. They would find you in tents with children infected with several diseases, covered in herpes and boils…. they shot your nasty asses point-blank. No paperwork necessary, and moved on. Remote tents out in the middle of nowhere in the desert just to have sex with kids and the same sex. Think GOD or “Allah” doesn’t see that? Stupid-ass. I can tell you this, Christian, Muslim, etc. The pure will and intentions of people will destroy you. Thoughts, intention, and concentration can destroy anything, and I’m focusing mine on you. You’ll never succeed. Allah will soon be something in the history books… yet another false idol. Allahu Achuuuuuu… excuse me, I sneezed. You go along and screw children, chickens, goats, and keep hoping you’ll be in charge one day. You won’t, though. All your hopes and dreams crushed. Die and live in complete non-existence.

  • Amy Chen

    Has anyone figured out how much money she and her husband sold this country for? And how much money she and Obama got when she was Secretary of States?
    Hillary and Obama sent the deadliest missiles to Qatar despite 27 members of Congress’ urging them not to. This weapon deal resulted in the shot down of our Chinook helicopter and the deaths of our Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other American heroes. She and Obama gave $1.7 billions to Iran without consulting with Congress, so that Iran could arm the Yemen rebels who recently attacked our Navy ships 2 times in 4 days.
    Hillary knows full well the money she and her husband made from corruptions over decades won’t be safe in US banks if Donald Trump won.

    • Joe Buckstrap

      The “attack” on the USS Mason was a false flag Gulf of Tonkin redux. Even the Pentagon has admitted that there is no evidence that the USS Mason was under attack. It appears that the US took out the rebel’s anti-aircraft radar after its Coalition of Terror partner, Saudi Arabia, bombed a funeral days before, sparking worldwide condemnation. The US regularly refuels Saudi jets as it goes about its bombing raids killing Yemeni civilians with US-issued ordinance. Law of War legal experts say that this makes us complicit in war crimes and acts of terror. Both Saudi Arabia and Qatar are known supporters and suppliers of ISIS and al Qaeda, terrorist organizations predominantly armed with US weapons.

      Ambassador Stevens was doing his job when he and some CIA agents were attacked at the Benghazi Embassy compound. Under authorization of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Stevens and the CIA were using the embassy as a weapons clearinghouse for terrorists in Libya. Things got out of control because another thing we were doing was stealing Libya’s gold, two containers of which were set to leave from a Libyan port to pay for heavy weapons to terrorists we were importing into Syria with help from our Coalition of Terror partners, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

      You should try to overcome your cognitive dissonance and do some research. The truth is out there if you seek it in the open intelligence community.

      • jaw444

        It wasn’t a real embassy compound, right? Wasn’t it a nominal “diplomatic missions,” a front for the CIA annex to implement the weapons thing you were talking about? the stuff i read said they were also preparing to transfer Libyan weapons to Syrian mercenaries to take up arms against Assad, by way of Turkey (by ship)–the amount of weapons was huge and they were awaiting the destruction of the Gaddafi government and military to take possession of them for shipment to Syrian “rebels,” which seems to have included any group offering to take up arms against Assad. It’s a poor country and i’m sure there were a lot of people who needed a decent paying job for which no training was needed. The rest is history. A once beautiful and politically stable country, in a gradual process of political reform is now in chaos, and now i’m talking about Syria. Libya is already taken care of, no government, the best kind of Arab oil country, gold even better. If not for the Russians, i think Syria would be in that shape too. Definitely not in Russia’s best interest, so things are evolving unpredictably. I had just read that it wasn’t really a real diplomatic agency, there was no diplomatic staff there (we didn’t hear about any Americans getting killed except for Stevens, Sean Smith the computer tech guy and CIA guys, right? It’s not like there was a diplomatic support staff there. But there was a good sized CIA compound that was staffed and well armed. Understaffed for armed attack apparently. That part is suspicious.

      • Amy Chen

        The Pentagon demanded our troops to pay back the bonus/reward money given to them decade ago for reenlisting for deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. The FBI and the State Department made deal to declassify Hillary’s classified emails to make them irrelevant to ongoing Benghazi investigation. She deleted 33,000 emails when Congressional Committee subpoenaed her for them. She turned in emails but there wasn’t any from Ambassador Chris Stevens, and said that the Ambassador didn’t have her email address. Everyone had her email address except the Ambassador she sent to Libya to clean up her mess?!
        Obama, Bill and Hillary and their corrupt establishment must answer to Americans about their treasons and corruptions!
        Anyone who knowingly helped them carry out their evil agendas against America is guilty as well!

        • David Kirk

          Use the repatriated funds from the Clinton embezzlement to PA the funds given to hillary to pay back our government for the bribes paid to the military to go fight in the middle east and also to give back the money that has already been paid back by the military to our government….geeeezzz..all those elected officials in the nation’s capital and no one noticed the $20,000,000,000 that was being stolen and split up between all those people??? IT IS DISGRACEFUL….WHAT DO THOSE PEOPLE DO ALL DAY???,

      • CruxAustralis

        I’ve always had a suspicion that Ambassador Stevens either discovered something unsavory about what was going on in Libya or was standing in the way of Hillary’s plans there and therefore became a liability to Hillary. The US military based in Sigonella, Italy, or in other US bases could have intervened as they would usually do in similar events. They were told to stand down several times knowing exactly what the consequences of such orders would be. Another giveaway was that the Libyan groups supported by the US were told to retreat from that area and allow the attack to happen. The simple fact that Hillary tried to use a dumb movie as an excuse for the attack when she was perfectly aware of what was really going on is an indication that she was covering up her elimination of Ambassador Stevens.

        • Louise Samysam

          Another possibility is the Stevens was in on it. We’ll probably never know.

          • CruxAustralis

            Agreed. My suspicion was that he found out about the illegal weapons shipments scheme to the Syrian opposition and either wasn’t on board or actively opposed it. But you are right, he may have been on it. No way of knowing now.

    • Whatagirl

      first thing Trump would do is FREEZE her assets and she knows it

      • Amy Chen

        And order the Qarar Central bank return that $1.8 billions!

        • Louise Samysam

          Bring all military home and then send them to go get it and Killary too and Billy boy too. Give Haiti what was donated for their Relief Fund and give the rest to Vets, the sick, the poor, the homeless and fix the infrastructure. Also take back the money given to the banker scum bags as a bailout. Also just as an ad in; stop importing everything from China. Especially the cheap garbage they make.

      • Louise Samysam

        Freeze her too.

  • Ahmed Abbassi Hijama

    No one can save you from us! Your Trump is lossing by 12% and I am so happy, we are celebrating!!!!! PARTY! Hillary is our friend, but she has not yet seen the light, she is not yet wearing a burqa. She will in time! I offered you 1 chance to repent and change and you did not want it! Its your loss not my loss! And if nobody can be saved from you then you know what is next yes???? READ This is what is coming to you!

    Koran 58:5
    Those who resist Allah and His Messenger will be crumbled to dust, as were those before them: for we have already sent down Clear Signs and the infidels will have a humiliating Penalty.

    Koran 8:39
    So fight them until there is no more infidels and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world).



    • judy

      I respect nothing you say, you baby-raping infidel!

      • Tim

        Stop picking on baby rapers and stop going to petting zoos I’m tired of you raping and goats. Goats for kids to play with. I can’t wait till the anaki come back and enslave the Muslim race because they’re so primitive and haven’t progressed past the caveman thinking mindset.

        • Louise Samysam

          They still live in the Dark Ages. Hard to believe in the 21st Century. Unbelievable that people in this day and age believe such trash. Have they ever even thought to question if what they believe makes any sense at all? Mindless brainwashed slaves. You have to be pretty brainwashed to strap a bomb to yourself and blow yourself to smithereens and kill others along with yourself. And to believe you will have 72 vestal virgins as a reward. Unbelievable how stupid that is. Anyone with a bit of esoteric knowledge knows that the whole point is to get away from pleasures of the flesh in order to raise your level of consciousness to a higher level. The difference between a religion and a cult is the amount of people who believe and accept it’s teachings. All religions are basically cults. Seek spirituality and Divine Source aka God aka All that is aka Divine Creator instead.

    • phone2000

      LOL silly the polls are fake to discourage Trump voters real polling shows he wins in a landslide…U need JEsus Mohamed is a murderer in hell and Allah is a pagan moon god ..Look it up-your people used to worship over 300 gods…Allah was one of them …all conterfeit ! Jesus is Lord of all !!!

    • winmatt53

      You fkn wish

    • Tim

      Muslims are pedophiles. Ask any 12 year old muslim boy who he has to sleep with and it’s usually daddy.

      • Louise Samysam

        Nice pic you have of Michael. BTW: I hate pedophiles above all else.

        • Tim

          yeah they should be put to death and thanks mike sure is hung.

    • Badger

      Oh dear. Thank you for that timely warning. What do I have to do to convert?

    • desertspeaks

      a la snackbar, get me some fries, bitch!

    • gangelia

      You have no idea what America holds for you ! We do not bow down to any foreign nation, bring your sorry ass over here and meet some real Americans ! We are ready to send you go get your 72 virgin Men ! A gun behind every blade of grass ! Oh and most of you will be shot by woman, how will that work for you ! In GOD we trust and Jesus will be back one day and you will bow and confess your sin ! I pray you find him before you come to America and we find you !

    • constitutionminded

      If allah is so great and powerful, why are you folks getting your butts kicked in Iraq, why do your leaders have great wealth and the rest of you live in poverty, why don’t you rule the world already? If he is that powerful why do you people have to kill people of differing views? Can’t he change their minds? Asking for an infidel friend.

    • Dieter Wichert

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    • Lainie Ann Winkelman

      Don’t count on it FOO.

    • ddd kkk

      Allah snack bar to you too Habib. You are simply a Goy to me, we enslave you all.

    • Vi Qiong

      Are you human? Why do you need to dominates others? Do you have any good to offer humanity? Look around you. Are you living in utopia and others living in hell? Or is it the opposite? Stop the hypocrisy. You either have made a bad choice or born into one. Islam is the curse on humanity.

    • eaglesoars

      It is now January 14 2017. Six more days. Go back to humping goats and stay where you belong or that stupid black rock you worship will be turned to ash

  • FreudianSlip

    Is it Halloween already? Hilarious comments from 7th Century illiterate cult followers of the moon god, a minor backwater deity for stupid dogs.

  • Matthew Mixon

    I can’t say that I’m surprised, this is actually exactly what I would expect her to do

  • Tim

    1.8 billion….stolen from American taxpayers and charitable donations.

  • Michael L

    Two hours of ALMOST connecting the dots that Reagan
    was a cocaine distributor is not convincing.

    • Louise Samysam

      I don’t know. I always thought Reagan was one of the good guys but now I hearing he was a pedo too. How sick these people are. Is there one of them that isn’t a pedo? Seems to all be about drugs and perverts.

      • Michael L

        Stop listening to baseless accusations from
        those who wear aluminum foil hats.

  • Diane Ginder

    Shes doing this cause shes gonna lose and then try to jump the country so she cant be sentenced!

  • Badger

    $1,8 billion. That’s serious money. How on earth has she managed to amass that much?

    • desertspeaks

      6 billion missing from the US state department and 6 billion that went missing for Haiti.. NOW YOU KNOW!


      Easy – 94% of the clinton cash went into her mattress.

    • FreudianSlip

      Allegedly Clintons have taken in over $9 Billion.

  • desertspeaks

    QATAR HAS NO EXTRADITION TREATY WITH THE US! gee i wonder why the clintons transferred 1.8 billion to Qatar central bank??

  • badintense

    when President Trump declares them to be enemy combatants under the NDAA extradition is no longer a problem. no judge, no jury, just predator drones.

  • Chip

    No worries…. Navy Seals can snatch-and-grab anyone from anywhere on Earth… =D

  • FreudianSlip

    Where are Eric Braverman & Neil Robert Brown missing since on or before 10-13-2016? Alleged both Clinton bag men for Clinton Benghazi & Middle East arms deals, Haiti missing funds, Mexico petro takeover, Argentina money laundering, 3rd world natural resources grabs.

    • Robert Cox

      Its For There Water Also The Bush Crime Family Is Up To its Eyeballs In Corruption Along With Dick Chaney And There Are International Warrants Out For Bush & Chaney For War Crimes !~~!

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Perhaps its time to confiscate her passport and ground her plane. Does the U.S. have an extradition treaty with Qatar?

    • Robert Cox

      Its Over The Arms Deal Qatar Gave The Clinton’s Billions Now They Want It Back !~~!

    • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      No. No extradition treaty…

  • richard schlinder

    For five decades I have followed the direction of the United States government. The trend was and is power to the Elites and socialism. In my mind,the end was set.TOTAL government control over all citizens. I was so convinced that ten years ago I retired to a foreign country.There is a lot involved and I am not trying to sell the idea. What I am saying is my life style has improved to the point that now with 20/20 vision behind me,it was the right move for me. The trends are set to continue in making U.S. citizens slaves to the government except for the possibility of a Trump win. There is that much at stake. I do wish you all well.

    • dm

      Amen. I too left the country I love 11 years ago for another. Unfortunately, the power elite cannot allow Trump to win or take office. America and its people are in for very perilous times and most t have a clue. No one inside e country wants to elieve how bad things really are.

      • richard schlinder

        dm Thanks for your reply. So you must have been watching events as I had been for decades. Both of us came up with the same conclusion. I hope your last ten years has been as satisfying as mine. I have had a much lower over head here than I would have had in the U.S..
        No matter who wins the Oval Office,the U.S. still has hell to pay because of their debt.America will not disappear but it will be half the country it used to be. I still have family there so I keep an eye on things. I have provided a place for them if they decide or need to get out. Life is good! Chao.

        • dm

          Again. Amen to all the above. Luego!!

    • zyworski

      It all started in 1979 when the Treasury was selling notes at 19% interest and it ended in 2009 30 years later when the money from those notes could be used to buy up the stock market for pennies on the dollar. I have been watching for 40 years and it is satanic.

      • richard schlinder

        We can also blame those 360 economist that signed the anti-Trump letter. Fifty years ago ,those jerks adopted the Keynesian propaganda of economics. “Just borrow our way to prosperity”. There is no way to move out of our debt except for collapse.

    • eaglesoars

      You can come home now. We did it!

  • baruchzed

    The Clinton’s also just bought an estate in the Maldives…also no extradition treaty…they are preparing to flee. Let’s hope they are stopped and held accountable for their actions.

  • Draco

    This is a HOAX website, morons!

    • FMAWG

      You may be right. It may be a hoax but can you direct those who seek truth to sources that will help sort truth from fiction? Not everyone who opposes Hillary for President are morons. Thanks in advance.

      • W Paul Marseglia

        Criminal feathers flock together

  • Ahmed Abbassi Hijama


    ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!

    • Donald Howard

      Now what would a bunch of bloating corpses need with money or women for that matter?. Especially women, you marry prepubesent girls because you can’t handle a full grown woman. You know perhaps you Muslims might consider converting to Judeism or Christianity at least you would find out what it feels like to be on the side that isn’t getting it’s ass beat for a change.

    • Conservative Witch

      Islamism is sick and depraved. If I were king, I’d put every one of you on an island in shark-infested waters and let you kill each other off.

    • Ray Brown

      Fuck you goat humper, pedophile ,asshat punk ass bitch boy.

    • Ray Brown

      You suck donkey dicks and mohammed was gay!!

  • Conservative Witch

    No extradition from Qatar.

  • zyworski

    You know that we are actually watching a coup right here in our United States. There may not be tanks in the streets, but the intelligence apparatus of the US is in full revolt and it is they who are behind the Wiki Leaks revelations. The Clintons are so repulsive and repugnant that a decision was made to stand up to them.
    If you don’t believe what I am saying Google Steve Pieczenik and see what you get. Steve is a former Deputy Secretary of State under multiple administrations and comes with a tremendous amount of credibility. It is a crying shame that we are going to get stuck with Trump, but who the hell is Tim Kaine, and since when did we start letting criminals appoint our presidents?

  • sdfgdfsg


  • Vivian

    Yeah, I remember as SOS when she wanted to make sure all Swiss accounts of wealthy Americans were sufficiently frozen and taxed/confiscated.

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