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Hillary Clinton Asks Trump to Give her a Presidential "PARDON"

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SHOCK! Hillary Clinton “accidentally” bumped into Donald Trump at the Catholic Al Smith dinner in New York today and subtly asked him to give her a presidential pardon for her negligence/crimes. Her reply to Donald Trump after she bumped into him was “pardon me”.

Trump, a smart guy, understood her subtle message and replied to Hillary that he will think about it, telling her: “Let me talk to you about that after I get into office.”

Hillary smiled when she heard Trump’s reply.

Hillary seems to be getting scared of a potential Trump presidency, where she fears being prosecuted and brought to justice for her many crimes, with her biggest scandal being the 33.000 deleted emails from that basement server of her.

Barack Obama has already pardoned Hillary Clinton on this and Loretta Lynch also instructed Obama appointed FBI director Comey not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump however threatened to bring Hillary Clinton to justice during the second presidential debate after she annoyed him with a couple of personal attacks. You know, the usual Hillary attacks: “sexist, racist”.

Now if Hillary would be brought to justice she would be found guilty and undoubtedly be locked up for the rest of her life.

When Donald Trump openly talked about it during the Catholic Al Smith dinner speech, she started laughing and clapping like crazy because she was embarrassed that he would actually tell the ordeal to the public, disguised as a joke, but of course if he were to actually pardon her, he couldn’t do it secretly because then his supporters would be enraged and feel betrayed because they are actually expecting of Trump to “lock her up” as they shout at his rallies, so Trump had to tell it to the public and let his supporters know in advance that it might be possible for him to forgive Hillary Clinton, but the problem is that he should have conditioned her and make a deal.

For skeptics who might think that she just simply apologized for the bump in, it means that you are a child living inside a cartoon or something. Its not like these two candidates meet frequently and these sort of things can happen. They only met like 4 times this entire year.

And the choice of words she used is no accident as when you bump into someone, you don’t normally say “PARDON ME”, you would say “EXCUSE ME” which has a completely different meaning.

Trump gave her a very intelligent spontaneous response but he should have also conditioned her by saying: “Hillary, I will pardon you but only if you order your media off my back, order your polling agencies to stop showing fake polls with me loosing and if you don’t steal a single vote on November 8th!”

Of course he doesn’t have to actually keep his promise and give her a presidential pardon after he wins, though a promise is a promise and he should probably pardon her if she abides by his demands.

Here’s the video, see for yourself:

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