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Glenn Beck Endorses Hillary Clinton: "Is a Moral, Ethical Choice"

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That’s the spirit! Glenn Beck the “hardcore Republican”, founder of The Blaze has basically just endorsed Hillary Clinton for president saying “Is a moral, ethical choice.” It might come as a shock for some of his readers on The Blaze, though not many of his readers will probably be that shocked since most of them have been slowly prepared for this day ever since Ted Cruz, Glenn’s Personal Messiah dropped out.

For any other alt-right, nationalist website and news organization this isn’t shocking one bit. We always knew Glenn Beck is an outright Democrat. He’s not even a RINO, he’s an outright Democrat. Nothing about him has ever been Republican, Conservative or Nationalist.

So check out his endorsement of Hillary Clinton which he posted on his Facebook page:

Every person, each of us must decide what is a bridge too far.

Mike Lee has obviously reached that point, where the moral compromise his party is asking him to make is simply beyond what is acceptable.

It is not acceptable to ask a moral, dignified man to cast his vote to help elect an immoral man who is absent decency or dignity.

If the consequence of standing against Trump and for principles is indeed the election of Hillary Clinton, so be it. At least it is a moral, ethical choice.

If she is elected, the world does not end…. Once elected, Hillary can be fought. Her tactics are blatant and juvenile, and battling her by means of political and procedural maneuvering or through the media , through public marches and online articles, all of that will be moral, worthy of man of principal.

Her nominees can be blocked, her proposed laws voted down.

The alternative does not offer a moral person the same opportunity. If one helps to elect an immoral man to the highest office, then one is merely validating his immorality, lewdness, and depravity.

But it’s OK, at least it is not her! Right??


Lee’s call for Trump to step down and withdraw from the race is respectful to him and to the process.

Trump stepping down does not guarantee a Clinton win, but it does guarantee that the Republican party still stands for something, still allows its members to maintain thier own self respect and that it still has a future.

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