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Gary Johnson Can't Name a Single Foreign President

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Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson struggled to answer a basic question Wednesday during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

After being asked for his favorite foreign leader, Johnson admitted to having an “Aleppo moment” when trying to remember the name of former Mexico President Vicente Fox.

“I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment in the former president of Mexico,” Johnson said.

When challenged to clarify which former president of Mexico he was referring to, the Libertarian candidate simply stated he was having a “brain freeze.”

Matthews quickly shifted the question towards Johnson’s running mate Bill Weld, who unflinchingly pointed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a notable foreign leader.

In what appears to be an attempt to downplay the gaffe, Johnson tweeted that he still couldn’t come up with an answer almost 24 hours later.

Johnson’s latest Aleppo moment follows his embarrassing interview last month in which he bizarrely stuck his tongue out while discussing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The 3rd party candidate also became visibly irate in late August after an interviewer used the term “illegal immigrant.”

A vote for Gary Johnson is wasted vote, vote for Donald Trump, the only true and real non-establishment change candidate!


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