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Ford Promises to Bring Jobs Back to USA After Secret Meeting with Trump

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The CEO of Ford Motor Company, Bill Ford, announced today that he and Trump had a top secret meeting in Trump Tower after Trump relentlessly attacked Ford for moving their small car production to Mexico.

Ford told the media,

“I’ve had a very good meeting with him. He’s a very good listener and he knows the facts.”

But the good news does not end there! Moments after revealing their secret meeting to the world,

“Ford Motors announced that it will be bringing 100% of all labor production of the Ford Bronco back to the United States!”

Don’t worry guys, there is no need to boycott Ford Motor Company anymore. Donald Trump just fixed everything in a single meeting and he is not even the president YET!

Okay, sure, it may not be the same as them bringing back all of the small-car production, but if Trump can do this while he is running for office, imagine what he will be able to do as President!

To throw a little cherry on top:

“Ford also announced that they will be cutting absolutely ZERO American jobs when they make the move down to Mexico!”

Thanks, Mr. Trump! Your leadership is already improving America in ways that Hillary Clinton couldn’t do in her 30 years in politics. Now all we gotta do is sit back, strap in, and ride this Bronco straight into the White House.

This shouldn’t shock anyone. On the contrary this is normal for Trump. Trump is a natural born leader. He will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


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