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FLASHBACK: Bilderberg APPOINTED Hillary Clinton President Since June 2015

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Back in 2015 June 11-14 the Bilderberg group met in Telfs, Austria at the 5-star luxury Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol hotel where they discussed about many international plots on how to rule the world the way they want to. Among the subjects, was guess what: “US Elections” and its even stated in the Wikipedia page.

In their secret meeting they have decided to APPOINT Hillary Clinton from the Democratic side and Jeb Bush from the Republican side so that now on November 8th, 2016 you would have to choose AGAIN between Clinton and Bush just like in the past. Two corrupt internationalist families with very tainted backgrounds who can easily be controlled and manipulated into doing everything the Bilderbergers want, via blackmailing of exposing them if they don’t obey their orders.

No, this isn’t a pro-Trump/anti-Hillary hit piece, this story is a historical factual evidence and a reminder of the events that took place back in 2015. The video above and the reports about Bilderberg backing Hillary Clinton as the future president PREDATES Donald Trump. The first report about Hillary Clinton being appointed by Bilderberg was released on June 8, 2015. Donald Trump announced his candidacy 8 days later, on June 16, 2015! So this isn’t a lie to defend Trump now! This was reported before he even announced he is running! Alex Jones wasn’t defending Trump in that video, the video is from June 9, 2015! Trump wasn’t even running that day and even after he announced, it took Alex Jones a couple of months until he finally endorsed Donald Trump because his first option was initially Rand Paul. So the video, the report is pure factual evidence of the Bilderberg picking Hillary as their next president and it has nothing to do with Trump. Infowars wasn’t the only one talking about a Clinton vs Bush scenario already handpicked by Bilderberg. Global Research, Intellihub, Western Journalism, New York Post and many other were talking about it waaaaay before Trump announced he’s running!

As in the case of the Democratic party we have already seen the popular vote meant nothing and that the election was clearly STOLEN from Bernie Sanders. They tried to pull the same strings with Donald Trump, they wanted to steal the election from him. RNC member Curly Haugland said this back in March 2016: Voters Don’t Decide Candidate, Establishment Does and Delegates are Unbound and this in April 2016: RNC: Even If Trump Gets 1237 Delegates Doesn’t Mean He’ll Be Nominee

RNC chairman Reince Priebus said that the candidates aren’t elected, popular votes mean nothing, the candidates are “TRYING TO JOIN US” in March 2016: RNC Confirms Rules Changed to Prevent Trump from Winning Republican Nomination

With all of this plotting going on, Trump finally had enough and in April 2016, Trump threatened to fire RNC Chairman Priebus if he continues to conspire against him. The establishment conceded and pretended to endorse Donald Trump, only to bomb him later with their “unedorsements” because of a pussy tape leaked by guess who, a freaking BUSH! Billy Bush who is a member of the Bush family!

Trump announced he is running on June 16, 2015 only 2 days AFTER the 2015 Bilderberg meeting in Austria. Clinton and Bush were already chosen. First they laughed at Trump, they thought he doesn’t stand a chance against their selected future Republican nominee Jeb Bush in whom they invested HUNDREDS of millions of dollars, but as time went on and Trump strategically targeted Bush in his attacks, Bush became irrelevant so the Bilderbergers were forced to move on to support Ted Cruz, John Kasich as a way to prevent Trump from winning, because they saw Donald Trump is self-funding and is against their internationalist agenda of world domination. For the first time money didn’t matter, hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted in campaign ads on Bush, Cruz, Kasich with no effect whatsoever, so they resorted to stealing like the case of Iowa where Cruz stole the state from Trump by stealing from Ben Carson a couple of points, Utah where multiple ballots were handed to Cruz voters, Colorado and Wyoming where the election was canceled altogether and so the people were starting to protest and even threaten riots at the RNC in Cleveland! So they eventually had to back down and stop the steal.

They couldn’t believe it that Trump, “a buffoon, clown, simpleton” and whatever other terms they used to describe him in the media, was beating them! But he did and not only he defeated everyone else but he was nominated with the most votes ever. 14 million people nominated Donald Trump as the new Republican leader. A record number! Everyone fought back, the Bilderbergers couldn’t do anything and now Clinton is their last stand, their last line of defense. This is exactly why the entire media, polling agencies, establishment Democrats, establishment Republicans are colluding to defeat Donald Trump. Even the Obamas are panicked and campaigning for Hillary non-stop. But the people are ready again to stand ground, fight back and defend their candidate. And the establishment better be careful this time because here’s what JFK said: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable!” and if they’re going to steal the election, its going to be “inevitable”.

To simply describe Trump in a few words, he was an unpredicted, unanticipated and unplanned black sheep which appeared from the middle of nowhere and ruined the Bilderbergers globalist plans. Trump is for them a major loss which translates in trillions of dollars. They are desperate and they are hitting with everything they can at the Donald. They’ve even tried to assassinate him a couple of times and there’s no doubt that they will try it again if he wins the presidency. After all it wouldn’t be the first time, political opponents have been slain or attempted to be slain in America since Abraham Lincoln, the GOP founder himself, James A. Garfield, William McKinley John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

Hillary Clinton herself attended the 2013 Bilderberg as a off-list VIP along Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands with and she was caught on camera and exposed at the time.

1 year later, in 2014 a man confronted Hillary Clinton about her Bilderberg connections and as usual with all the establishment politicians, first she denied, then she refused to further talk about it, then her security kicked him out:

Connect the dots and ask yourself, are you ready to accept an APPOINTED and SELECTED president? Are you willing to allow BILDERBERG to appoint your president and decide your fate and your destiny for the next 4 years? AGAIN???

For your own amusement you should also watch this video about Hillary Clinton’s Bilderberg appointmen and how Hillary is planning to assign illegal immigrants to vote for her (2015 video):

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