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CLINTON LEAK: Fake Anti-Trump Polls, Declare Election Over, Groping Hoaxes

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Breaking all possible news! Interrupt everything else you’re doing and read this!

Such dishonest people.

We all knew the corrupt media polls were BS.

Now thanks to Wikileaks we know our assumptions were correct.

The media was working with Hillary Clinton to release bogus weighted polls that show Hillary ahead of Trump.

And then step two was to declare the election over.

This was always their plan.

They are shameless liars and the corrupt media is their willing partner.

It has gotten so bad that now even Clinton staffers and insiders have decided to stand up and expose the level of corruption which has become intoxicating in the Clinton campaign:

In the leaked confidential document we are seeing how the Clinton campaign is colluding and conspiring with the media in a desperate attempt to steal the election from Trump! Here are a few of the fascist tactics they use:

Poll-flogging (Effect RAGE) – Barrage with high-frequency recent polls. If countered with pro-Trump polls counter with friendly (538) averages. Avoid “Brexit” arguments. If target is hooked move to swing-states (FL/PA) and declare election over. See Poll-Elasticity folder for furhter statistics.

Concern Trolling (Effect DESPAIR) – “All the women can’t be wrong.” The concern is that even without proof, the court of public opinion will convict. (Here they are referring to those skanks who falsely accused Trump of groping and whatever, they were all paid for and pushed forward by the Clinton campaign.)

Concern Trolling (Effect DESPAIR) – Trump should have prepared for the “Liberal Media” and the author is upset that “We should have seen this coming.”

Disinformation (Effect FEAR) – SJWs will dox posters and get them fired with claims of raaacism (3a’s for emphasis). Provide evidence with sock-account.

Shouldn’t this gangster conspiracy against GOP be punishable by JAIL? Are they allowed to do that?

Have you noticed how the entire media is whining over how evil Trump is for threatening to sue the skanks who falsely accused him of groping them without evidence? The DEMONcRATS knew its all fake but they keep thrashing him regardless and are now bashing and thrashing and hating him for freaking wanting to sue them!? So let’s get this straight! Those evil skanks are allowed to falsely accuse someone of rape, destroying his image, his dignity, fame and even his family relationship and he shouldn’t sue them because according to the DNC presstitute media, he’s evil for wanting to defend himself?

Have you noticed how the Demon-Ratic Party also slammed Trump after he said during a speech that these women who accused him of groping, “would not even be his first choice”. The DemonRats are whining on TV “oohhh now he’s degrading WOMEN (as if in ALL WOMEN, not just those accusers, nope, “WOMEN”) on their looks! see how evil he is!” Can’t someone even acknowledge that they are not his type or his kind of match? While they can freely lie and defame him of groping???????? WTF is wrong with America? Mass psychosis?

All those who are colluding right now, should take a time out and a deep breath! Use your imagination for a few seconds and picture a November 8th with Trump victory. Remember, all pundits have already excluded the scenario of Trump becoming the nominee during the primaries and he proved them all wrong. You can’t possibly totally exclude this scenario…. unless you’re mentally deranged… now imagine for a second what’s gonna happen to you? The laws are already out there against what you are doing but they are not enforced. Trump is a man of the law, his motto is “Law and Order”, not chaos! Unless you wanna go to jail you should immediately stop and repent your corruption and collusion.

As for all our readers, GO OUT AND VOTE! Ignore everyone and everything! Ignore all the noise as Trump simply said it on multiple occasions. Slap the corrupt establishment in their arrogant faces by voting Trump!

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