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Clinton Devastation! Wikileaks Julian Assange Trolls the World

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Julian Assange celebrated 10 Years of Wikileaks with a big, huge epic TROLLING! #OctoberSurprise anyone? Julian said “Did you think I’m gonna release breaking info at 3:00 AM? Buy my book!” Hahaha OMG that was classic…

After announcing that he will release information sufficient to indict and lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest, Julian Assange basically trolled the media. He just mumbled about random stuff, giving nothing, not a single leak, for now.

Julian Assange did however promise that a wave of upcoming leaks will spread out regularly over the next 10 Weeks, on wars, oil, arms movements, Google and US election related stuff which will be released before November 8th. First publication is expected to come this week. Assange added that he will not give a specific date or hour on his future releases so be on the look out.

The whole thing was still super funny! Many journalists in America stayed up late until 4-5AM to get Assange’s big bombshell but what they got instead was classic epic trolling instead, keeping everyone awake for nothing.

Well it doesn’t matter anyway if he will release more info or not, Trump will win WITH or WITHOUT Julian Assange because its not about “he said she said and he did she did” stupid arguments. It’s about the economy and illegal immigration and the two candidates are very different on that.

As soon we published this story our site was taken down. Only within a minute of after we published the story! We weren’t able to determine the method used or the perpetrator and where it originated from because it happened too fast. The attacker immediately stopped after we rebooted our firewall and detection system. Its as if he perfectly knew when to stop. This was definitely a professional hit and not just some random amateurish job. NSA? Clinton team? Who knows…

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2 Responses to " Clinton Devastation! Wikileaks Julian Assange Trolls the World "

  1. paz says:

    Did Assange cut a deal with Clinton in exchange for his life? Very disappointing, but I do empathize with his position.

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  2. Robert Broska says:

    What is “breaking News” about this outdated article. Assange has been removed from any position of power months ago with his abduction.

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