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Bill Clinton's Son Danney Williams Holds Surprise Press Conference Before 3rd Debate

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Danney says, “Most of Arkansas knows, I go anywhere and people say, ‘There’s Bill Clinton’s son. He Looks just like him!’”

Danney said he has known about his father since he was 9 years old.

Danney said the reports of a previous paternity test were inaccurate.

The mainstream reporters are attacking Danney!

His friends raised money for their trip to Las Vegas.

Danney says Bill Clinton delivered presents to him when he was a child!


Danney says he knows the man who raised him is not his father!

Danney says he wants to know his father. “I want to get to know him!”

Media continues attacks! “You’re damaging the Clintons!”

A blonde Daily Beast reporter asked Danney Williams the same question like 100 times: “Why come out now and not a year earlier?”, trying to imply that it was a hit piece, but has she asked Trump’s fake rape accusers the same question??? Why come out now and not a year earlier? Of course NOT! No one did!

RACIST REPORTERS berated Danney and his companions! They asked the Arkansas man and his friends:

– Who flew you here?
– Where are you staying?
– Did your mother sleep with other races?


The media reached a new low tonight. They attacked him for damaging the Clintons.

Danney nicely asked Bill Clinton to provide a sample for DNA testing but he also threatened the to sue Bill in case he refuses to provide a sample. Paternity suits are usually easily won and the parent will be forced to provide a sample to either prove or disprove the claim.

The attorneys who came with Danney claim that Bill, actively blocked by Hillary Clinton for political reasons, has failed to make good on child support obligations since Danney was born.

“Today I have authorized my attorney’s George V. Gates IV of New Orleans and Bruce Fein of Washington, DC to file a suit in New York State where my father lives to get a judge to order a court supervised test,” Williams said in a statement released Wednesday at a press conference.

“It is also our intention to name my stepmother, Hillary Clinton in this action,” Williams’ statement continued.

Here’s the full press conference:

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2 Responses to " Bill Clinton's Son Danney Williams Holds Surprise Press Conference Before 3rd Debate "

  1. research2ok says:

    All the reporters treat Danney like he is an enemy because they obviously support the Clintons…regardless of the possibility that Bill Clinton may be the paternal father of this man.If the shoe was on the other foot, if it was Trump as the suspect , they would be in the opposite corner, obvious pre-judgment showing here.

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  2. J P says:

    Dude if paternity says FALSE. You are not his son and he sure as hell isn’t your father. Just another propaganda.

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