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Arrogant Hillary Laughs When Trump Says Gays Thrown Off Buildings During Debate

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Minute 9:40, Hillary Clinton thought it was HILARIOUS when Donald Trump mentioned gays being tossed off rooftops during the final debate. This woman is really sick! She’s a psychopath!

ISIS hurled two gay men from rooftops in July 2015.

The men were stoned when they hit the ground.

ISIS fighters read out loud the charges to the crowd before the executions.

Then they blindfolded the men and tossed them off the roof.

The head of an international gay rights group told the United Nations that ISIS had executed at least 30 gays since taking power in Syria-Iraq in 2014.

Yes Hillary it must be funny for you! After all, Omar Mateen’s father of the Orlando shooter who slaughtered 50 gays in the Pulse Night Club attended your speech in Florida and you didn’t block him, throw him out or even condemn him.

Hillary appeared like an arrogant bastard throughout the entire debate who laughed almost every time Donald Trump was speaking. It was funny to her when he was talking about the drug lords and illegal aliens who randomly commit crimes. Hillary laughs, she thinks its funny or Trump’s stupid or something. GZdt7jYynQ” target=”_blank”>See for yourself at minute 2:30. She laughed when Trump was talking about kicking out drug cartels, murderers, rapists, not your everyday Mexican and she finds it funny. Can you believe this?

So here’s a couple of photos with those gays being thrown off buildings by ISIS. These are just a couple of KNOWN and taped examples, there are hundreds of documented examples and probably THOUSANDS UNKNOWN. Who knows how many more were executed like this without taking photos and videos and putting them online?

This particular case must be really funny to Hillary Clinton, check this out, this man was thrown off a building for being gay:

He survived the freaking fall from that super high distance!!!!!

Only to be stoned to death by “peaceful” non-ISIS Muslims standing around watching, who Hillary wants to bring to America. She says she will vet the refugees? How? How would she know that one of the guys who she wants to take in, isn’t one of those guys who stoned this poor soul??????

Same story with the following 2 photos, the man was thrown, survived the fall then stoned to death by locals:

Same story with this guy, survived the fall, then stoned:

Here’s the amount of money Hillary took from these Middle East countries:

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One Response to " Arrogant Hillary Laughs When Trump Says Gays Thrown Off Buildings During Debate "

  1. Don De says:

    By Don De
    The Democratic voting liberals in America that believe Hillary will protect the rights of our Gay Communities had better reconsider if they plan to vote for her. She IS NOT interested in protecting you and this is evidenced by her close association with the Islamic Muslim Nations that execute gays by throwing them off rooftops, stone them to death or torture them then execute them by cutting their head off their body like an animal in the slaughterhouse- JUST FOR BEING GAY!! THIS FACT CANNOT BE RECONCILED! She is ONLY interested in the Islamic Muslims Nations that have a vested interest in her Clinton Foundation, NOT your interest as a gay person and a member of our American community. She supports them, NOT you! She is a political WHORE that will do anything to keep the billions of dollars flowing through her Clinton Foundation Family Business and she then has the audacity to laugh last night in the debate when confronted with that fact by Donald Trump!!. She is only pandering to you for your vote and will literally sell you out at the first opportunity!

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