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Anti-Defamation League Declares War on Cartoon Frog Pepe

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As ISIS continues to build its global presence and Iran launches new weapons of mass destruction targeting Israel and the West the anti-Defamation League has declared war on a cartoon frog.

Yes. Sadly this in NOT a joke.

The Anti-Defamation League released a statement this week condemning “Pepe the Frog.”

And we’re supposed to take this far left group seriously?

Ezra Levant at The Rebel reported:

It’s dangerous days for Jews around the world. Muslim anti-Semites have swarmed into Europe bringing violence against Jews. “BDS” has normalized Jew hatred in the US and Canada.

It should be a busy time for a group called the Anti-Defamation League, which is dedicated to fighting back against anti-Semitism. So last week, the ADL launched a major campaign against the most pressing threat to Jews:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today identified “Pepe the Frog,” a cartoon character used by haters on social media to suggest racist, anti-Semitic or other bigoted notions, as a hate symbol. It has been added it to ADL’s online “Hate on Display” database.”

You’ve got the Islamic State encircling Israel, and Muslim terrorists putting IEDs into garbage bins in New York and New Jersey.

But you’re taking a run at a cartoon frog that people share on the Internet for jokes?


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3 Responses to " Anti-Defamation League Declares War on Cartoon Frog Pepe "

  1. Jay says:

    Does the author even recognize the ADL as the quintessentially Jewish ethnic interest organization?

    And last I checked, ISIS & Co. weren’t causing Israel the slightest inconvenience. They spend most of their time attacking Izzy’s enemies. Strange.

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  2. Johan says:

    The ADL is just another spawn of the Zionist hierarchy set to destroy the Goyim and rule the world in the name of Satan.( Ref: Barbara Learner Spectre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7ldT3YL2Kw). For centuries they have sworn to take revenge on the superior race and now in accordance with the cooperation of BLM/Black inferiority and Marxist socialist hegemony.

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  3. Edward_Teach says:

    The adl is a terrorist organization that spends all of it’s time pointing their finger while they rake in the money.

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