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Another Bush friend, Former NH governor John Sununu endorses Trump

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In an interesting turn of events, former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu formally endorsed Donald Trump, according to Politico. This comes as the list of Bush family friends and former Bush administration appointees flock to endorse Donald Trump en-mass while the Bushes themselves remain silent and refuse to endorse Trump.

Trump’s campaign released a statement saying Sununu backed the billionaire businessman and referred to him as the only candidate “who can bring bold change to Washington.”

“I support the Trump-Pence ticket for their pro-growth agenda and commitment to protecting American interests,” he said. “Republicans, independents and smart Democrats need to come together to elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence,”

Sununu called Trump “dumb” in the past and argued that he is going to “ruin the Republican Party,” according to the Boston Globe.

He also begged fellow Republicans not to go on a suicide mission through his op-ed article, “Don’t drink the Trump Kool-Aid,” which appeared in the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina also endorsed Trump just a few weeks ago as Trump’s endorsement list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.


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