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Amish People Endorse Donald Trump for President

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Thousands of voters lined up in the rain to see Donald Trump in Manheim, Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Including Amish voters…

Several Amish voters attended the rally to support Donald Trump.

Here’s a video posted in September of Amish for Trump in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

This is unusual because Amish don’t get usually involved with politics, apparently some backed Bush a few years ago but that’s it, none supported any other candidate, they didn’t support Mitt Romney, John McCain, Obama or any other candidate, either Republican or Democrat and none of them certainly came in support for Hillary Clinton.

Amish are traditionalist Christians and probably more Christian than any other Christian in the world, including Pope Francis. Amish live by God-given Biblical rules, that’s why they don’t get involved into politics because they want to avoid human-made rules.

I always believed that if God was to destroy the Earth and unleash another apocalypse on it like with the case of Noah, everyone would die except for the Amish because they are the holiest and purest people on Earth.

Now if these people support Trump, we can safely say Trump is a good Christian. Definitely not pure and without sin like the Amish but a good man.

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2 Responses to " Amish People Endorse Donald Trump for President "

  1. rh2 says:

    The Amish are a good people who understand that there’s only one credible Presidential candidate: Donald Trump! Like other people, they also carry the signs with ‘Make America Great Again’. What they mean by that, consciously or not, is to make America something it can never be again, and that is overwhelmingly White! They yearn for an America of the fifties and early sixties where non-Caucasians were few and barely visible. The US really felt like a White country then. Everything seemed wonderful and the future looked promising. Now of course the country is something completely different with racial disharmony an ongoing theme, and fueled by a rabid anti-American ( read: anti-White) President.
    No, America will never be ‘Great’ again, but it CAN be better than it has been for the last 7+ years under the alien President Obama.

    Trump/Pence 2016!

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  2. skreamer says:

    I didnt know the Amish were racist Jew lovers!
    But i do know they are massively brain washed!

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