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21yo Jihadist UK Refugee posing as 12yo "child" Threatens To Kill His Foster Mom & Her Kids

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A “12-year-old refugee child” threatened to murder his foster mom and her children after being outed as a 21-year-old jihadist.

From The Sun & from The Daily Mail:

A FOSTER mum who took in a child refugee has told of her horror after discovering he was a 21-year-old jihadi.

Kind-hearted Rosie welcomed Jamal into her family after social workers said he was a 12-year-old orphan who had fled Afghanistan.

But she became suspicious when she noticed how hairy he was, and how adept he was at firing a rifle.

Jamal was rumbled when a dentist estimated he was a decade older than claimed. Taliban material and child abuse images were later found on his mobile.

This is what these “child refugees” pouring into the UK look like:

The dentist must have just been a xenophobe, because those are clearly some of the most helpless, innocent, small and vulnerable children I’ve ever seen.

When Rosie and husband Pete, 57, took in Jamal they all switched to halal meat.

…He roomed with a boy, aged 13. Two girls, 12 and 14, were also in the house.

Alarm bells rang when the family went swimming and Rosie’s 13-year-old commented on how hairy he was.

At a climbing centre he shimmied up ropes with ease, and at a shooting range he stripped a gun before firing it.

On a bus to college he was told to get off by a driver who didn’t believe he was 16. Rosie, who lives in the South East, said: “It’s ridiculous how everybody else could see it but not the social workers.”

Migrant 'children' coloring 1st grade books.

Migrant “children” coloring 1st grade books. Can you believe this??

Professors are teaching these Afghan and Syrian

Professors are teaching these Afghan and Syrian “children” here how to color. This photo is from Passau, Germany. So as you can see the same thing is happening in Germany as in the UK. Notice how one of the “kids” has drawn an ISIS flag.

Jamal’s behaviour worsened. He put the 13-year-old in expert holds, demanded cash and got calls from unknown numbers.

One day he claimed he couldn’t pray because there were too many posters on his wall. The interpreter told him, “What do you mean? Allah doesn’t mind?”

His last words to Rosie were: “I’ll kill you and I know where your children are.”

She added: “I can’t say he was a terrorist but I do think he came from a training camp. He was a great actor.

“Every day I check the car, and that all the house windows are shut. I panic because I know he knows our routine.”

Wow, xenophobic much, lady? He was just “sharing his culture” of jihad with you, what’s the problem with that?

Since being arrested for an alleged assault, Jamal has been turned down for asylum but is appealing.

Glad to hear they’re taking the time to give him an appeal considering all he did was lie about his age and threaten to kill the family which gave him a home.

Perhaps Lily Allen can take him in.


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2 Responses to " 21yo Jihadist UK Refugee posing as 12yo "child" Threatens To Kill His Foster Mom & Her Kids "

  1. James T. Kirk says:

    From the British Empire to this….Slow clap guys….BRAVO….

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  2. rh2 says:

    Unless the British people can get rid of all the globalist traitors among them, they can kiss their country good-bye! It’s just so unreal what’s happening in the UK. Crazy doesn’t begin to describe it. Deliberately importing adult Allah Mo-Fuks, but describing them as children, is beyond normalcy. What drugs are the country’s “leaders” taking to make such ludicrous decisions? Is it Saudi money-lots of it-that is warping their better, patriotic judgment? Whatever it is that’s causing the collective insanity of British politicians, it has to be stopped once and for all. . . RIGHT NOW!

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