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2016 FULL BLACKLIST of Republican Traitors that Need to be Removed

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For the first time ever we are publishing a list of #RINO cuckservatives who need immediate removal or replacement. For those of you who do not know what RINO means, RINO stands for Republicans In Name Only. Those evil RINO bastards are in fact Democrat agents with liberal values. Democrats seem to have invented their ultimate weapon to defeat anyone and always stay on power. Their weapon is simple and the oldest tactic on Earth since the ancient times: agents, infiltrators and saboteurs. This is exactly what these RINOs are. Democrat infiltrators posing as Republicans. Maybe it is time the Republicans infiltrate the Democrat party with some ultra-nationalists posing as “principled Democrat liberals”.

Most of them almost always brag about their “conservative values” though none of them even understands what conservatism truly is. What exactly is “conservative” in wanting to open the borders and fill America with millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico for example?

Conservatism means preservation of your country, tradition, culture and religion. With mass immigration open, not only you CHANGE your existing values but you are actually unconserving your country. Massive immigration changes your way of life, your traditions, your job wages and so on as more and more migrants move near you, they become your neighbors. They will work for less money thus encourage your existing salary to decrease as your employee will tell you “Hey do you see Rodriguez here? He works for $1500 a month, I can no longer pay you $2500, either you accept 1500 like him or I will replace you with his brother.”

These people bring their music and their clothes fashion, their food cuisine and other traditions. Muslims will bring their religion too. None of these changes are “conservative” by definition. These are liberal values no different to the Democratic Party’s values.

So, enough is enough! Trump won’t be able to change much in America with all of these cuckservatives running wild and doing whatever they want. If you want real change, you have to also remove or replace all your cuckservative RINO Republicans!

This list will be UPDATED in time BUT, getting off this list is truly impossible. They would have to drop to their knees and kiss Trump’s feet and apologize in order to get off this list. This list is in no way endorsed by Donald Trump. Maybe he agrees with removing the RINOs on this list or maybe he doesn’t. This list is our (EU Times) idea and proposal.

Please help us improve this list by adding RINO names in our comment section. You should also specify the reasons for why you believe the new RINO should be on this list. So give the name + reason in our comments below.

Please understand that its not like the end of the world. Most of these RINOS have counter-Republican candidates. Vote for their counter-candidates! They can’t be any worse then the list of scumbags below!

So, here’s the list of Republican traitors who need urgent replacement, removal or avoidance in the Senate, Representative or as Governors:

Martha Roby – This congresswoman called for Trump to drop out. She withdrew her endorsement! LOL! Nobody asked for it in the first place. If it were for you or others like you Trump would never have become the nominee! Trump was elected by THE PEOPLE, not but the congressmen and congresswomen! She said Trump is unacceptable. She also said “I won’t vote for Trump” and “Hillary Clinton will be president”. What about you focus on Hillary you RINO? Vote her out! She is unacceptable!

Bradley Byrne – This Alabama representative isn’t any different from Martha Roby. He also called for Trump to step down. He said: “Donald Trump is not fit to be President of the United States and cannot defeat Hillary Clinton. I believe he should step aside and allow Governor Pence to lead the Republican ticket.” Sure! Trump worked his way up and spent all the millions of dollars so that Pence can eat the party cake! What a psycho and lunatic! If this guy would have been more like his Alabama colleague Jeff Sessions, he wouldn’t be on this list. Mr. Sessions proven himself to be a true nationalist! Bradley Byrne proven himself to be a RINO! Replace him. There must be better alternatives!

John McCain – This guy has always been inconsistent and a true cuckservative. Now he’s with Trump, now he’s against him, now he’s with Trump, now he’s against him. A truly unstable madman. He’s done nothing to advance nationalist or conservative values. In fact the low-life worked against governor Jan Brewer when she tried to do something with the migrants in her state of Arizona. This “hero” endorsed Hillary Clinton by unedorsing Donald Trump. Now if this isn’t a Democrat RINO infiltrator, then who is? Replace the fake hero with a real hero.

Jeff Flake – Please replace mister special social justice warrior SnowFlake himself! This guy has been nothing but trouble. Arizona is a freaking border state. It can’t have cuckservatives like this guy and John McCain representing it. And then you wonder why America so full of illegal immigrants. Replace Mr. snowflake.

Marco Rubio – This freshman senator is a member of the Gang of 8. He wants Amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. Wow that’s so conservative! He said that after the primaries, he won’t run for reelection as a Florida senator. He lied, of course he’s running. He’s a career politician and if given the chance he would show his true colors in a heartbeat! Even though he endorsed Trump, he’s still a RINO cuckservative. Do NOT reelect this douchebag! Surely Florida has better options to offer!

Mark Kirk – Senator Mark Kirk is a weasel who just called for Donald Trump to drop out. He also called for GOP to “engage rules for emergency replacement”. Got some newsflash for you RINO! Trump was ELECTED by 14 million Americans in a record number of votes for the primaries! You can’t “replace” him! What about the people of Illinois replace YOU instead?

Mitch McConnell – The funny looking Turtle-Man Mitch is definitely no Republican. His state colleague Rand Paul is no true Republican either, maybe Rand should go join Gary Johnson in his Libertarian Party, but with that said, we’re not going to include Rand Paul on this list because he does seem to have some good Republican ideas such as being against the Fed, fighting against abortions, being against neocon foreign wars, etc. Keep Rand in by reelecting him at least for now. Mitch McConnell on the other hand needs a replacement. He has no conservative, Republican or nationalist values. No America First with him for sure!

Susan Collins – My God! This woman is a communist. She’s not even fit to be in the Democrat Party, let alone the Republican Party! She voted for many Democrat bills but the most despicable one is when she voted for the communist Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor! No wonder she doesn’t want to endorse Trump. Trump wants constitutional justices, she wants communists and she calls herself a Republican! She’s a RINO and a saboteur! Vote her OUT OUT OUT!

Ben Sasse – God! Its a shocker this guy calls himself a Republican! Really! This guy has been a NeverTrumper since the beginning in June 2015! A true cuck who stood by his RINO cuckservative principles! All of these guys need urgent replacement and removal but this guy probably deserves it more than anyone. Its a no-brainer to replace this beta-male cuck! Nebraska if you have any tiny bit of self-esteem just remove this RINO Democrat senator.

Joe Heck – What the HECK is wrong with Heck? :) This RINO was booed on stage while disavowing Trump! What the HECK would HECK expect? A praise? He’s forgetting that there are only 2 options: Trump or Clinton! This isn’t the primaries Heck boy! Its either Trump or Clinton! You can’t talk trash about our nominee and expect a praise! Vote him out! Out out out! Get the heck out of here Heck!

Dean Heller – Yet another RINO. Mr HELLboy here said back in May 2016: “I vehemently oppose our nominee.” When asked if he would vote for Trump he said: “No, but what I’m committing to is voting against Hillary Clinton”, whatever that means!? Probably he’s gonna vote for 3rd Party Gary Johnson or what? He also pointed out that voters in Nevada have the option of voting for “none of the above”. Replace the RINO! Get him out!

Kelly Ayotte – She said she would not vote for Trump since August 2016, now in October, only 1 month away from the presidential elections, she reiterated her rejection of Trump. Nice! She’s a scumbag feminist RINO. She posted on Twitter that she’s an “American first”?? WTF? This very term was invented by Trump and you stole it from him. It it weren’t for Trump you wouldn’t even know what America First is. Anyway she added that “Trump degraded and ASSAULTED women”? Who exactly did Trump “assault”? Do you even know what assault is? Of course not! She’s a social justice warrior! Trumps horny talk when he was excited about a woman he liked badly, is interpreted by Kelly Ayotte as “assault”! OMG! She’s the queen of all RINOs! Shes definitely lost, go to Hillary! Remove this feminist RINO saboteur!

Scott Garrett – Replace this RINO as a NJ Representative! Not even Chris Christie likes this guy! He’s a scared spineless cuck! This guy must be afraid of his own shadow.

George Pataki – Former New York Governor Pataki is a sick joke. He’s anything BUT a Republican. This joke of a Republican, called on Trump to drop out in the middle of October just for a freaking tape leaked by the Clintons where Trump wanted to score with a hot chick like some 11-12 years ago. He said: “Trump is a poisonous mix of bigotry and ignorance.” He talks Hillary’s language. “Biogotry” Pataki? You’re lost boy, the Democrats lost your leash, we hope they’ll find it. He never once called on Hillary to drop out. Just goes to show you his true colors. Avoid ever voting for this guy like the plague! Do NOT reelect establishment politicians like this guy ever again!

John Kasich – Replace the current governor of Ohio. This guy ain’t no Republican. He’s worse than Ted Cruz! He just stood there in the primaries even though he had no chances, remember? He was the last to drop out! Cruz actually dropped out before him. RINO? Naah it’s too soft for this guy. He isn’t just a RINO. He’s a cuck! A true Democrat running under GOP ticket! A true saboteur in the real sense of the word. He signed the pledge. Only he and Bush didn’t honor it. Everyone else ultimately honored the pledge to support the nominee. There are only 30 days until the election yet he’s spending time criticizing the Republican nominee instead of criticizing Hillary Clinton. VOTE HIM OUT! Out out out out out!

Charlie Dent – The “Republican” cuckservative called for Trump to “drop out”. He asked GOP chairman Reince Priebus to “stand up” to Donald Trump and “ask him to withdraw” in October, only 1 month prior to the presidential elections. Not only it would be impossible and too late to do that but the scumbag representative doesn’t understand that Donald Trump was ELECTED by a record number of American voters. Nobody cares about you Charlie Dent, go cry in some corner or go watch your wife gang bang some black guys, everybody knows you’re a cuckservative. This “man” thing also said that he “hates Donald Trump’s policies” on making America a friend of “Russia, his NATO comments” (making NATO countries pay their share), and basically everything Trump stands for. These are EXACT QUOTES! VOTE this RINO OUT! OUT OUT OUT!

Lindsey Graham – This guy is a neocon RINO. He just loves his wars! This Bush “Republican” guy is so obviously a traitor, there’s no need for any further description, remove him from the Senate!

John Thune – This senator just likes to be in the news I guess. He was the first RINO senator to ask Trump to stand down. Vote John Thune out if you wanna Make America Great Again! We don’t need any more RINOS!

Bob Corker – This RINO condemned Trump for being your average American numerous times. He’s a RINO who voted for TARP and Indefinite Detention of American Citizens without Trial among other things. Vote him out!

Lamar Alexander – This guy has been “distancing himself” from Trump since day 1 back in 2015 as if anyone asked for his support. Go support your communist justice Sonia Sotomayor whom you voted for! Lamar, a derivation of the Lamech name, the scumbag descendant of Cain also refused to call Trump “the nominee” up until the very last day. He was still hoping that some RINO could come and make a last minute snatch! Probably like Ted Cruz and what he did, during the convention. Cruz would have been Lamar’s wetdream. Lamar is a slimy infiltrator. He knows how to trick his sheep. He’s not a obvious RINO like Paul Ryan or John McCain or Lindsey Graham but he’s not a true Republican that’s for sure. Vote him out!

Ted Cruz – Even though he finally endorsed Trump, this traitor needs to be replaced with another Senator. Perhaps Rick Perry would do the trick.

The BUSH Family – Avoid these people like the plague. None hold any public office yet but in case they will seek a govt job in the future, remember that they are on this list. Needless to say there is nothing conservative about any member of this family, those evil bastards stabbed Ronald Reagan in the back and they are now refusing to endorse Trump. Jeb Bush signed a pledge to endorse the nominee. He didn’t honor it. He’s a traitor.

Mitt Romney – Well he’s a moron, I mean mormon! You won’t get better choices in Utah because Utah is a moron, I mean mormon state. Mormons are pretty similar to Muslims is you ask me. They believe their “magic underwear” will help them go to Heaven where they will become gods with thousands of virgin wives. Laughable. As for Mitt Romney, like father, like son. Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney was also a scumbag. Mitt did the same thing to Trump as his father George did to Barry Goldwater in 1964. Total betrayal. Don’t forget that in 2012 Trump stood by Mitt Romney, endorsed him and even donated to his campaign but this is how Mitt Romney paid Trump back. Mitt Romney is Judas who betrayed Jesus, reincarnated. Avoid ever electing a ROMNEY to a public office no matter how beautiful they lie to you. Its a family trait, all Romneys have Judas and pharisee blood in their veins.

Mike Lee – This clown asked Trump to drop out and let someone else run. After all the work he did and all the money his spent from his pocket? The very proposition itself is repugnant! VOTE OUT this clown! If Utah isn’t as cucked and if Mormons aren’t as retarded as I think they are, then prove me wrong and vote out this clown from the Senate!

Jon Huntsman & Orrin Hatch – Same story as with Mike Lee. Avoid them!

Barbara Comstock – Virginia Representative Barbara Comstock urged Trump to drop out. She said Trump was “vile and disqualifying”. The only one vile and disqualifying here is you Barbara! Go join the Democrats and leave us alone will you? Why not call Hillary vile and disqualifying for all her scandals? Remove her! Let her run as a Democrat.

Paul Ryan – The true definition of a RINO. The people of Wisconsin had a chance to replace this RINO with Paul Nehlen but they blew it. You should vote for his Democrat rival instead. Ironically Democrat Ryan Solen is more conservative than Paul Ryan, his platform is more similar to Trump’s platform in many ways: infrastructure investment, no privatization of Social Security, term limits, simplifying the tax code, raising the minimum wage, balancing the budget, making college tuition more affordable, tariffs instead of free-trade and a single payer healthcare system. Ryan Solen can’t possibly be any worse than Paul Ryan on immigration.

Scott Walker – Spineless, clueless, useless. When the wind blew against Trump’s direction he was against him. When the wind blew in his favor he was for him. He switched and switched. Really useless. This man has zero Republican ideals, just replace him.

Reince Priebus – This dirty weasel was a traitor from the very beginning when he said live on TV that “the people aren’t voting for the nominee and their votes mean nothing” and he basically said that it’s his duty to APPOINT whoever he wants as the nominee. Now he also double crossed Donald Trump out of the blue with that horny “pussy comments” tape from 2005. He knew it was about to get leaked, said nothing to warn Trump, furthermore he slammed the nominee for something done like 12 years ago while he’s silent on Bill Clinton’s RAPES and Hillary’s intimidation of his rape victims. Truly despicable. Too much cuckoldry going on in Wisconsin. I actually think this is a Democrat stronghold masquerading as Republican state. There’s nothing Republican about this state. Reince Priebus is a backstabber. He needs to be replaced as the chairman of the Republican Party, after all why not? Wasn’t the Democrat chairman replaced recently? Remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

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6 Responses to " 2016 FULL BLACKLIST of Republican Traitors that Need to be Removed "

  1. angrywhiteman says:



    Hillary is back in
    seclusion again. Her campaign has announced the she’ll be going into seclusion
    for up to two weeks and will likely make very few more campaign events. It’s
    obvious that she’s sick, her health is failing and the
    “establishment” that is desperate for her to be president is relying
    on the media to make it happen because she sure doesn’t have the energy to do
    it. It seems to me they’re desperate to secure her presidency BEFORE the next


    The timing of this
    idiocy and yet more incriminating leaks isn’t shocking. It wreaks of a
    distraction. However I believe it’s worth noting that the GOPe
    “nevertrumpers” are up to their neck in this one, it isn’t just the
    Dems. It appears they’re making one last huurah in an effort to get rid of
    Trump. It’s no coincidence that all the GOP schmucks had a press release ready
    to go for this.

    Time for Trump too air out the clintons dirty washing!

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  2. angrywhiteman says:

    #BigLeagueTruth Team!

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  3. Despicable REM1875 ✓cetifiable says:

    In Texas the squishy republican that needs to go is john cornyn not Ted Cruz. Cruz fights for conservative values at least.

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  4. Betsy weick says:

    Am very sad and disappointed over Comstock, Thune and Ayottethat supported but no more. Reinvent has always been a dweeb and I never expected anything from him than what he has done and that goes for his good buddy Ryan.

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  5. Betsy weick says:

    Reibus not Reinvent. Is anyone going to investigate the peculiar podium, the inserts in her ear and Holt’s? Or the strange pack and wire on her back? What on earth is going on.?

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  6. Granny Good-Law says:

    Trump is doing America a favor, even if he doesn’t win. He’s exposing the snakes among us and wolves in sheep’s clothing both in politics and religion. If your CongressCritter endorses Hitlery, she probably has some steamy, perverted video on him/her. If your fav “Christian” televangelist says she’s going to ‘stand in the gap’ for Shillary, she’s probably an MK Ultra mind control robot. If your talk show guru says that the HellaryBeast is a ‘moral and ethical’ choice, beware. He has no moral compass and no idea of right and wrong.

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