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Zimbabwe dictator Mugabe supports Filipino president Duterte's Obama Insult

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Recent comments made by Filipino President Duterte where he labeled President Obama the “son of a wh*re” overshadowed the outgoing leader of the free world’s G20 jaunt. It appears another head of state is jumping into the fray, adding further insult to injury.

According to Zimbabwe Today, reporters asked Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday his thoughts on Filipino President Duterte’s comments.

Mugabe replied, “Instead of being obsessed with me to the extent of planting false information about my death, the Americans should help their President to prove that what is being said about him is entirely not true”, basically saying that Obama has to prove he’s not the son of a wh*re.

Mugabe then went on to rip American foreign policy, while defending the Filipino President.

“You all know that Americans have appointed themselves the policeman of the world, and that is why they go around bullying everyone, but in that Filipino chap, they have met more than their match… it shows that everyone is getting fed-up with the Americans. Duterte should not even apologize… apologize for what?”


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