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Who Won the First Presidential Debate? Poll - VOTE NOW

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The first presidential debate took place tonight at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. So far according to ALL polls, Donald Trump won the debate by at least 2 points. Who do you think came out on top?

Trump fared better than Hillary in most polls across the web. Out of more than 30 websites, Hillary only won in the NBC News, WCVB (Boston) and the CNN/ORC polls.

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Who won the three US Presidential Debates 2016?

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Who Won the First Presidential Debate? Poll - VOTE NOW, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings


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    He trashed her ,the next time he will knock her out .TRUMP 2016!

  • Susan

    Obviously this is a Trump website sponsored by the Basket of Deplorables. Keith Obermann was correct when he said that 100% of Trump supports are Deplorables. He appeals only to those who are emotionally immature and intellectually challenged.

    • rh2

      Yeah, sweetie. We are deplorably deplorable with the emotional make-up of children and the brainpower of peanuts! We can’t all be as grownup as the fans of the adorable, wonderful, oh-so-honest Hillary Clinton, now can we?

      Cheers, Susie, until we deplorably deplorables will meet with you again!

    • Lone Ranger
  • Abe

    Holt started out lying about what a wonderful recovery we’ve had. Trump should off jumped on that right off the bat! He didn’t. DJIA started out weird today Can see the handy work of the Plunge Protection Team in action. Next Monday the USD will no longer be in the SDR basket. There’s so many bubbles ready to pop, it will be like balloons in a shooting gallery! We can only hope some of the delusional in wonderland will pop too!

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