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Violent Hillary Supporters Almost Kill MEXICAN Trump Supporter, Media Silent

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Scumbag, filth of the Earth, Hillary Clinton’s Black Lives Matter Demonrats savagely attacked a Hispanic Trump supporter named Feras Jabro for absolutely no reason at all in El Cajon, California. The attack was savage, multiple Hillary thugs encircled the man, kicked him to the ground then they kept hitting him while he was down. All while almost everyone else was laughing and cheering. If you guys remember a few months ago, a Trump supporter sucker-punched a violent black protester at a Trump rally after the protester was showing the middle finger to everyone, the media just kept screaming like psychopathic lunatics for days to come: “Trump is violent, he is inciting his followers to be violent, his supporters are violent racist rednecks” blah blah blah!

The media and some Demonrats even called for the arrest of Donald Trump himself because that man punched the protester.

The “reason” behind the attack was his MAGA hat (Make America Great Again) which is Trump’s campaign motto but you can’t really call that a “reason”. Since when should you be afraid in a “democratic” country to wear the hat of a presidential candidate?

From then until now, the Demonratic Party supporters have attacked several Trump supporters and badly beaten them up, including women, cops in San Jose California, cops in Chicago Illinois, jumped on police cars and set them on fire, Mexican supporters and even black supporters have been badly beaten up JUST FOR BEING REPUBLICANS AND TRUMP VOTERS.

The Trump supporter victim appears to be of Mestizo heritage. Isn’t this a racist attack? Hate crime? The man was terrified, laying on the ground begging the violent baboons for mercy: “Please, please, please, yo yo yo yo yo, I just wanna leave, I’m sorry, I just wanna leave”. Shortly after police officers arrived, some media scumbag tried to blame the assault on the victim himself, he asked the man “Why did you bring a Trump hat?” Feras replied “Sir, that’s a terrible question to ask… I’m a Donald J. Trump supporter, I have a First Amendment right to wear whatever hat I want to wear.”

Feras Jabro then said to his own camera: “I would have absolutely been shot, murdered, something would have happened because I was ganged up roughly by about 300 people here.”

Why isn’t anyone screaming “VIOLENT HILLARY”? Why isn’t anyone calling for Hillary’s arrest after this? All of these Black Lives Matter thugs are Hillary voters and supporters. Please imagine for a second, picture it in your head the following scenario: Some random 300 white KKK supremacists, encircle a black or Mexican man then savagely attack him… Media reaction?? Please imagine it in your head, picture it for a minute or 2. Here’s their expected/predicted response of such a scenario:

Trump is guilty and it’s his fault for the attack because he is secretly and subtly encouraging these racist groups with his reckless behavior and his aggressive tone, his temperament is unstable, raysist and sexist. RACIST NAZI HITLER TRUMP NEEDS TO BE SENT TO A DEATH CAMP AND GASSED! He is literally Hitler! Trump gassed 666 Trillion Jews and turned them into soaps and lampshades. Trump is “worse than Hitler”. Poor black/Mexican victim! NAZI TRUMP! He is secretly behind the scenes leading the nazi space aliens, reptilians from hell, he is also owned by demon Putin. That’s right, he’s a Russian agent! Putin is the grandchild of Hitler himself and Trump is worse, he is a 666 legged cockroach alien nazi inside of a malfunctioned android body who wants to take over the world so he can drink everyones blood because he’s also a zombie vampire hybrid.

This is what the media has become! This is the exact unexaggerated response of the media that we would get in such a scenario, with CNN leading the pack. You think this is a joke? These are actual media headlines, see for yourself. This is what the media is! If you have any living neuron in your brain, unsubscribe your stupid mainstream media now, including FOX and subscribe to EUTimes immediately. Make a donation/contribution and help us grow our operation so that in time we can replace the corrupt dinosaur press!

You have to live in fear for supporting a presidential candidate these days. And America is calling itself “True Democracy”? And they want to spread this “democracy” throughout the world, FORCEFULLY? Such as in countries like Syria for example? Is this what true democracy looks like? Then thanks but no thanks you may keep it for yourselves and shove it up your behind!

Thanks to these elections the level of filth and corruption in America has been exposed like never before. Now the world can see the real America with their own eyes. If Trump wins, he needs to clean up the system and mass arrest thousands upon thousands of scumbags who deserve to rot in jail for the rest of their lives. If he doesn’t do this and unfortunately there’s no indication that he would but if he doesn’t then his candidacy was in vain. The corruption in the media, the DNC Wikileaks scandal and collusion, the FBI case of Hillary which was left unpunished, Bill Clinton’s private meeting with Loretta Lynch and so many more examples.

The level of corruption and immorality reached Biblical proportions a long time ago!

This is unforgivable, everyone there should be arrested and jailed for a few years, including those who didn’t do anything, exactly for this reason, for not doing anything, for not intervening to save this man’s life. In normal countries, this kind of abominations are called “complicity to battery” but not in America anymore! Gone are the days of logic, reason, tolerance and civility. Now everybody has the Jungle Fever, don’t look at me or I will attack you, don’t wear a hat or I will attack you. Everybody sensible these days and resorts to violence like 1 2 3, so easily! Shame shame shame! The Founding Fathers who came from an era when men were civilized GENTLEMEN, must be spinning in their graves!

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3 Responses to " Violent Hillary Supporters Almost Kill MEXICAN Trump Supporter, Media Silent "

  1. valleygirl1981 says:

    The violence, dishonesty, corruption and anti-Americanism that comes out of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Hillary Clinton supporters is unprecedented, unspeakable, and unacceptable in the United States. Clinton supporters think they have an inherent rights to beat up, intimidate, point loaded guns, shout, yell, insult, hurl rocks, bottles and eggs, put their hands on or any other type of assault on Donald Trump’s supporters. Their behavior is not punished by the police or the media it seems. I went to a Trump rally where after it was over savages were standing outside with their flags representing the Third World shit holes they ran away from, ready to fight, attack, and attack they did. I have never seen anything like this in the U.S. Clinton supporters do not believe in freedom and are definitively not patriots of the U.S.A. All they want is free stuff from the U.S.A. and welfare checks, food stamps, Section 8 and Medi-Cal are the only value they place on the U.S.A. Third World citizens and descendants of the Third World, and American liberals are Godless, anti-Christians, These savage communists need to sit in jail for a while, and hopefully they will start to believe that assault and murder are against the law. And if they do not learn this then they will definitely go back. Because these idiots are clearly brain dead liberals and wild savages who cannot control their compulsion to commit violence, they should not be free to roam freely in our communities across our great land.

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  2. Johan says:

    Unfortunately the barbarism and savagery displayed by Hillary’s democrats and personified by the Black Lives Matter scumbag thugs are also prevalent in other so called civilized societies. The same demonic and warped mental climate is often promoted by academia trash!

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  3. David says:

    What a complete fucking fraud story! The lunatic who did this needs to be sued! look this Jasbro jerk up… he’s not “MEXICAN”, he’s not Black. He is Arab Conservative Catholic faction from a foreign sect who went out looking to cause trouble to a peaceful rallyof people who were in mourning because a white cop shot and killed another African American citizen, in this country for about 20 years.
    What a laugh this bullshit story actually is! The entire story is a staged fraud!

    This disgusting staged story was origianally put out online by the “Seattle Daily Digest”.
    After I exposed its complete fraud and hoax story, “seattle” has removed it all from their “website”, and blocked all persons having a view different from theirs.
    Perhaps this is also what this website is all about as well?

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