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Trump Visits Little Haiti In Miami, Reporters FLEE When Clintons Get EXPOSED

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The Haitians in the audience have some newsworthy things to say about their experiences. Too bad The Media (D) didn’t stick around to hear it. No one in the media even mentioned Trump’s visit to Little Haiti out of fear of inciting the TV viewers to watch the video online and hearing about the Clintons thievery in Haiti. Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani accompanied Donald Trump and also held a small speech. Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate EVER to visit the Haitian community.

These people LOVED Trump. They cheered for him, he sat quietly as they told their stories.

It was an absolute love-in.

That would have chafed the media badly enough.

But the audience had something ELSE in common. Complaints against the Clintons, who — to hear these people tell it — once they got their money, were never seen again.

It turns out, they’re not very popular for their handling of Haiti.

The have evidence they want to see followed up on. Against the Clintons.

Does any of this sound familiar? Lots of the money sent to ‘Help” Haiti didn’t ever reach the poor people.

They claim it found its way back to Washington Lobbyists. And then to the White House.

Then there was how they claim Hillary screwed over the Poor People of Haiti. Haiti wanted to raise DAILY minimum wage from $3 to $5 a day. Hillary put an end to it.

When it was obvious that the audience was piling on Hillary, and had nothing but love for Trump?

There was no news there ‘worth reporting’… nothing to make Trump look silly, or racist, or hated.

So they left early.

The camera followed them out of the room, scurrying like the rats they are.


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2 Responses to " Trump Visits Little Haiti In Miami, Reporters FLEE When Clintons Get EXPOSED "

  1. Stormy says:

    Two wonderful men, Donald J. Trump and Rudy Giuliani .

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  2. Diana Sawyer says:

    This video needs to go viral.

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