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Trump Promises Israeli PM Netanyahu to Make Jerusalem Capital

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Next US President Donald Trump spoke in a historic meeting with Israeli Leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday.

They met at Trump’s home. Trump and Bibi at Manhattan.

Trump told the Israeli leader that as president he will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The current capital of Israel is Tel Aviv but due to having Jerusalem partially occupied by Palestinians who call it “al-Quds”, its impossible to get the city recognized as Israel’s capital without the US President’s intervention so Netanyahu is definitely happy about Trump’s support.

Obama, the most anti-Israeli president in US history, made the same promise to Jewish voters in 2008 but he was lying.

Obama supports the Iranian regime over Israel. He has given over $100 billion to the terrorist regime in Iran.


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  • anymouse

    Must bow to the Zionists to be POTUS. Bow down to the one you serve.

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  • skreamer

    they should hang themselves with those stupid ugly ties …..but they’ll just pump out another clone!

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