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Top Cucks Joe Biden and Tim Kaine Call For Mass Genocide of White Americans

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American Vice President Joe Biden claims White Europeans will be a minority in America in 2017. He says “it’s the most important thing we can be proud of” and that “unrelenting” mass non White immigration is the “source of our strength.”

Hillary Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine also said White Americans should put themselves in positions where they are a minority.

Just two days ago, The Hill reported on Tim Kaine’s Soviet sympathizing mentors such as Karl Marx and his conversion to communism.

No public backlash… apparently calling for mass extermination and complete wiping out of an entire race of people is trendy and cool these days, as long as they are white of course.

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Top Cucks Joe Biden and Tim Kaine Call For Mass Genocide of White Americans, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


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  • Lone Ranger

    The guy went full retard as usual.
    His place in hell is well secured, just my humble opinion, hope he will gets an ananas stuffed in his ass by adolf on a daily basis, and just to be clear, I hate nazis as well, marxist libtards, nazis and jihadists can suck donkey dick, and adolf gets his daily ananas routin as well, Im pretty confident about it…

    • Feriss.H

      I wouldn’t count on the hell, and certainly not with ananas – too mild. It would
      be more reliable to make him pay for treason in this Earthly world. With the greatest
      pleasure I would personally present him hell. I have plenty of ideas how to
      “explain” him what the hell is.


    Please God kill these mother fucking traitors .

  • valleygirl1981

    Wow. Many politicians will do or say absolutely anything to stay or attain power and win elections. They proudly tout that they have imported mass Third World immigrants/refugees, but, I would be they would never allow their white children to date or marry one of the millions of brown people they so merrily they speak of. They are smiling nd happy ONLY because these masses of brown people translate to millions of more votes on the tally for their brain dead, Democrat-Islamist-KarlMarxistCommunist Party. The Communist Party has come out and endoresed Hillary Clint and Caine. In relation to this story, Judicial Watch discovered that the Obama Administration spent $10 million recently getting “immigrants ” registered to vote in November. Why would that cost anything? There is not a fee or charge to register to vote. The only requirement is that the person registering be an American citizen – and this is likely where the 10 Million comes in. How, exactly, was the $10 million dollars spent? The devil is in the details, I’m sure. An accounting of this would be in order. But, we know they haven’t one and if they had, it would be falsified.

    • LarryNC

      Well said, Valleygirl.

  • Feriss.H

    It’s hard to comprehend that such epic idiotism exist. These two morons should be put down immediately and their brains dissected in hope to find how such mental anomalies are possible. If cause could be identified, all future embryos should be tested in the early phase on Biden-Kaine moronism and mandatory aborted.

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