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Somalis considering fleeing back home: ‘Safer there than in Sweden’

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Mohamed Dame is on the run in Sweden, after having been threatened by criminal gangs in Gothenburg. Now he’s considering fleeing back to his more peaceful homeland.

“We are at war, there are weapons and drugs everywhere.”

– It’s like a war zone, he says about the Swedish suburbs, to the Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

NRK has in several reports described how the Swedish society has completely lost control of the country’s so-called exclusion areas, or no-go zones, which are instead taken over by criminal immigrants in gangs.

Among others, NRK interviewed Mohamed Dame, who immigrated to Sweden from the Somali State of Hargeisa in Somaliland when he was six. 20 years later, he is “on the run again,” but this time in Sweden, writes the Norwegian state broadcaster.

– It’s like a war zone. You never know who might get shot. Shootings can appear anywhere. Now there are more weapons than ever. There is more drugs than ever. There is more insecurity. Everyone is afraid. I dare to speak the truth, there are not many who dare do so, says Dame.

He worked as a civilian employee of the police, and a group of criminals accused him of having turned them in. After being threatened with murder and surrounded by armed youths, he is now at a secret location with his children.

The situation escalates further because the police refuse to go hard and use force on the criminals, according to Mohamed. Many others have been forced to flee the suburbs but there are a few who dare to speak out, he says.

– Many have fled with their children. They are afraid that their children or themselves will be killed.

Unless society regains control of Sweden, Mohamed considers to flee back to his homeland of Somaliland, which he currently perceives as safer.

– I might move back. I do not know. But I do not want to move around in Sweden. I want to feel secure.


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2 Responses to " Somalis considering fleeing back home: ‘Safer there than in Sweden’ "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Thats what you get if you let marxist libtards ruin your country with their jihadi toyboys.

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  2. LewGD says:

    QUOTE – “Unless society regains control of Sweden…”

    Normal (if there are any) Swedes have FIRST to REGAIN the society and then they have to REMOVE from the society utterly insane Left-Turds and REPATRIATE substantial majority of “refugee”-infiltration. Of course, they should not forget the AshkeNAZI snakes and their organizations like Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies and already “legendary” – Barbara Lerner Spectre.

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